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A Minute with Maria – 1/12/2022

by Jan 12, 2022

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The Leaked Department of Defense COVID Investigation

The Project Veritas release of a leaked Department of Defense investigation into SARS-COV-2 is staggering in terms its implications.  There are so many questions that need to be asked. Let’s dive in.


Origin of COVID-19

  • Who knew and how long did the government know about the origin of the COVID-19?
  • Who is Peter Daszak?
  • What is his relationship with Anthony Fauci?
  • Why was research that was too dangerous or controversial for DARPA to conduct paid for by U.S. tax dollars and performed in WuHan, China?
  • What concerned DARPA so much about the proposed EcoHealth Alliance research?
  • Did Anthony Fauci approve WuHan research involving what ultimately became the SARS-COV-2 virus? If so, when?
  • What is the Trusted News Initiative and was it used to suppress any alternative views or information about COVID-19?

Gain of Function

  • According to the document, the SARS-COV-2 spike protein is synthetic, wouldn’t this have been obvious to researchers early into the pandemic?  If so, wouldn’t this have made the lab leak theory significantly credible?
  • Why did the viral research in WuHan modify the virus to attach to ACE2 human receptors when it was originally designed as a vaccine for bats?  Who authorized this modification and when?
  • When was the virus aerosolized and who did the modification?
  • When did the Chinese government and other parties involved become aware that the virus was out of confinement?

Cures and Treatments

  • Why were known cures and treatments for COVID-19 suppressed?
  • Who knew possible cures and treatments were available and why weren’t they promoted?  Who discouraged their use?
  • The media appeared to suppress known cures and treatments, why? Did someone request they mislead people away from known cures and treatments so that vaccination was seen as the only option for addressing the virus?
  • Why was natural immunity discussion largely ignored?

Vaccine Efficacy and Cases

  • When did the government become aware of the limitations of the mRNA vaccines?
  • Did the government know that the vaccine would produce the same symptoms as the virus, if so, when? Who knew?
  • If the vaccine was known to produce the same symptoms as COVID-19, and send a replica virus throughout the bloodstream, then wouldn’t testing individuals that have had the vaccine produce positive results? If so, why didn’t the government tell news organizations that extreme case levels could actually be a result of the vaccine?  Did they let panic persist for some other reason?


  • How many people died around the world because known cures and treatments were suppressed?
  • How many people died as a result of lockdowns and other drastic measures because known cures and treatments were suppressed?
  • How many businesses and livelihoods were destroyed because known cures and treatments were suppressed?
  • How many rights and freedoms were taken away because known cures and treatments were suppressed?


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  1. Jacque

    I hope the truths keep coming out!!!

  2. A.M.

    Hopefully Dr Faux-chi will be choking on his words for a long time .. sen rand Paul has been a great patriot on this and if Dr David Martins lawsuit comes to fruition, hopefully he will drag Faux-chi’s boss down with him!
    Write your congressmen and Senators to Fire/Hold Faux-chi accountable. and Prosecute

    Appreciate Maria’s news efforts to shed light into darkness.

  3. Doc

    This is a depopulation event, orchestrated by the world economic forum, UN and major corporations….this is a planetary event…this is ALL public knowledge….they are coming for our children thru the clot-shots….insurance bean counters estimate with in 6 months 100000 daily loss of life….time for NICE is over….some old lions haven’t tasted” whole sale blood” in awhile,
    me its taken 55 years, but from what I remember I liked it…that’s not nice … suggestion is what ever aces you think you’re holden, play them NOW….killing kids…that’s my line in the sand , my hill to die on…and it wont be NICE

  4. Hopeful but Confused

    Where does #italygate stand?

    • kimo

      seriously, and the data bases? what is going on and why isnt felipe utilizing this to bring it all down with force, i dont want to hear no confrontation with these elites. if this is the truth tell him to bring the hammer down on all. how can he be like well, i dont want a confrontation but if you dont do what i say i have the data banks. just turn it over and end this mess. you will be a hero.

  5. Susie

    What is happening with the election fraud both domestically and internationally – i.e. “Italygate”?
    Are you still working with Philippe? What progress has been made in a broad sense. I know you can’t reveal specifics.

  6. Susan Mason

    Thank you Maria for all you do. We will win. God bless you.


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