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A Minute with Maria – 2/25/2022

by Feb 26, 2022

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Game Theory and Ukraine


Maria goes over the Russia-Ukraine Game Theory.  The takeaway… only Russia and Ukraine can achieve the best resolution for both countries and the world.


  1. Biden Administration – Win/Win situation.  Russia invasion allows Biden to reinvigorate the Russia-Russia narrative, which Democrats will tie to Trump (though based on the Durham investigation it was a complete fabrication).  Also allows Biden to extort the Ukrainian leadership to clean up past “questionable” activities (some say corruption) by the Biden family in Ukraine.  If Ukraine staves off Russia, Biden will take credit for supplying armaments and the stage will be set for Ukraine to join NATO.  No mention will be made of events leading up to Russia’s presence in Ukraine (U.S. incitement in the overthrow of prior Ukrainian leadership, the canceling of long term port lease, pushing Ukraine to join NATO, sending armaments that began to change the balance of hardware power, etc.)
  2. China – Win/Win situation.  If Russia successfully takes Ukraine without response from NATO or the West, China will be emboldened to take Taiwan in an amphibious/air Blitzkrieg event.  If Russia loses the Ukrainian event, China wins as Russia becomes more reliant upon the CCP for preservation, effectively making it a vassal state to China.
  3. Russia – Win/Lose/Optimal Draw.  A Russian win in Ukraine pleases Xi who will rely on Putin when China invades Taiwan.  If Russia loses, they become a large vassal state to China using Russia to do its bidding.  The Optimal Draw scenario is for Russia to offer terms of peace that requires: 1) neutrality, 2) for Ukraine to disarm, and 3) that Ukraine never join NATO thereby reducing the threat of NATO in Ukrainian territory.
  4. Ukraine – Lose/Lose/Optimal Draw.  If Russia wins, Ukraine will be subjected to continual efforts by the West to subvert Russian control of the territory leading to years of turmoil, economic stagnation, death, and depression.  If Ukraine wins, they preserve sovereignty only to be folded into the larger NATO structure leading globalist control of their country.  The Optimal Draw scenario is for Russia to offer terms of peace that requires 1) neutrality, 2) for Ukraine to disarm, and 3) that Ukraine never join NATO.  This scenario allows Ukraine to become the Eastern European Switzerland, which will have huge economic, political, and social benefit to Ukraine.
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  1. John Young

    Has Russia ever backed down from any invasion? I don’t think so.

  2. Deborah Seneff

    I hope Russia’s talks with Ukraine will be profitable and that it will not be a part of NATO and the globalist agenda and that military aggression will stop and NATO would abide by it’s Cold War promises. Bible prophecy taking place before our eyes for sure