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America, Can We Talk: Italian Job and America’s Elections

by Jan 6, 2021

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Maria joins Debbie Georgatos on ‘America, Can We Talk?’ to discuss the breaking affidavit signed by Italian lawyer Alfio D’Urso another other key notes surrounding the theft of the presidential election.

Watch the full episode below:

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1 Comment

  1. Yancey Ellis Cobb

    I have followed up at my Local Registrar in Salem, Va concerning the election hack of 2020. Told them prior November Governor election and asked for full forensic audit of 2020. Salem, Va continued to use Dominion tabulators. Spoke at Salem, Va City Council concerning this attack on our United States. Realizing that by continuing to get our elections hacked , our US Constitution is in danger of becoming more easily ratified.

    Appreciate Maria Zack, as well as all the others who have exercised free speech to save this Nation. We need more Precinct Election Committee members in every local Town, City and County. Urge all Americans to get involved locally.