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American Media Periscope: Clear and Present Dangers, Featuring Maria Zack and Philippe Argillier

by Oct 22, 2021

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Philippe Argillier and Maria Zack discuss the clear and present dangers we face with the Shadow Government.

They must #ComeClean


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  1. Laura

    “What yesterday seamed to be a conspiracy today it is confirmed by WHO website launched in 2015. This shows deaths and side effects from vaccine, interestingly enough that 50% of all cases are in Europe and 38% in North America. Is this holocaust meant to exterminate the western democracies?“- found on the internet… the number of cases deaths and side effects blows your mind

    • Jacque

      Do you think they will stop the Covid and vaccination fiasco any time soon?

    • Cherie

      Yes, planned. See Georgia Guide Stones, Klaus Schwab Global Reset, Gates stone engraved signage in front of Gates Foundation, says Population Control. Plus transhumanism, see robot dog in Hawaii giing temperatures. Also these robots carry guns. See Rockefeller Foundation. See Timetofreeamerica, clay Clark. But propaganda and Operation Mockingbird, CIA, have brainwashed Americans. Con artists their best, oldmoney, Vanguard. Gates owns most farmland in USA. Government paying farmers to destroy crops. All planned. CONTROL, TYRANNY.

  2. Jacque

    This seems to be a repeat of everything most of my us following have already heard. I am with the others that have said too much wasted time on talk… It’s time to get the action started!

    • Jacque

      I tried to delete my comment above. I listened more and I am glad that you are seeing things happen already! Wonderful news! Maria, can you try to touch base with us at least once a week even if it is just to say, everything is on track? You know how desperate we are for things to happen or to hear anything. I check this site a dozen times a day to see if there is anything new. I know you are busy and I am continuously Praying for you and Phillipe. I worry about his safety. (Your safety as well) Almost anyone can be “bought off” so tell him to even be leery around his own body guards. Don’t ever let your guard down!!

      • Q2

        Jacque I spend a lot of time working with people and typically their actions/reactions and everything in between… if you look close you will see agitation from this fella, Phillipe,… this is due to his anxiety towards putting this information out there. We could easily classify him as a liar or someone anxious to tell the truth… he is certainly telling the truth as he is easily disturbed by what he is saying… I believe he has all he needs to nail these people for their wrong doing but is a man of his word giving them the chance to comply. This is what we all need to be spreading world wide to get justice. Good luck and god bless

  3. Rose Stoll

    First and foremost, thank you for all your hard work for our wonderful world. I just wanted to comment on Philippe asking President Trump to come join him….
    I would think that he has to see the election results decertification happen first. The country would look at his moving forward as a take over. The stolen election information that Philippe has needs to come out so he can return as the rightful President. How can he move forward without the fraud being exposed?!?
    Why wouldn’t Philippe want to reveal the election fraud if he has it?!?
    Philippe said it may take 36 months! Our country will be gone by then…
    It’s almost to the point of no return already. How many more people need to die or get sick from this evil jab?!
    Let the truth one out about that! Something has to happen now….PLEASE
    Rose Stoll

  4. Rav

    The ‘too much wasted time on talk’ is great helping us all stay in the loop. Their attack plan sounds promising and I’m so glad they’re helping to keep the population in the loop they didn’t have to do this but it’s whats keeping us all strong. I’m sure there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes.

  5. Cherie

    Shared this with. PRESIDENT trump, said message for him, etc. Shared with Connecting consciousness in ohio, shared with friends. I urge everyone to share, share, and pray for all involved
    You are all outstanding

  6. CheeMiss

    Hi Maria,

    Would you please activate the CC feature at the bottom of the video and Auto-Translate feature in the cog wheel.
    Please make sure that you activate many languages so that people all over the world can read in text format, what is being said. Sometimes I can’t understand certain words that are being said, so I click on CC and choose my language and just read them. This system is great for global exposure, which I know that you are seeking.

    NEXT – When are the both of you going to put an end to the Fake News? Surely Philippe’s data banks have the goods on them to get them to cease & desist in lying and propping up the globalists agenda.

    And when are the both of you going to do something about the USA Judges who are refusing on hearing any cases about the stolen election?

    When do you think something will be done to stop the leaders of Canada, USA, Australia, etc., from forcing the covid jab mandate?

    We wonder why DJT still hasn’t contacted you. I thought that both Generals said, in your other videos, that they would get General Flynn to speak to him. btw: On Stew Peters the other day, title of video: Trump Endorsements HIJACKED, Base Becoming Extremely Concerned 1 day ago., it looks like Trump is still endorsing RINO’s and he’s still pushing the jab! So many people are upset with him. Both you and Philippe should listen to that video.

    • paul valanzuolo

      i agree on the closed captions also older pc not opening the pages anymore something changed

    • Jaymes Hyde

      yes please, some of us have had ears ruined in military

  7. Trevor Osborne

    The control of mainstream media needs to be taken out of the hands of the Shadow Government ASAP so censorship is eliminated and The People told the truth of what is going on. THEN, action can be accelerated exponentially!

    First thing they need to be told is Covid can easily and safely be controlled with IVERMECTIN.

    Second, to refuse vaccinations.

    Trevor | United Health Alliance

  8. Pierre

    There’s a lot of talk but no action it seems l How long will you wait, it’s almost too late already. If Philip is so powerful why can’t he make things happen right now bfore they push the vax mandate on everyone. He needs to go main stream, what is stopping him ?

    • Kasimira Baxter

      You have nailed it, Pierre!

  9. HC

    I understand that it will take awhile for the shadow government to wind down their interests. But there are three things that need to happen immediately:

    1) 2020 election decertified.
    2) Covid exposed and dealt with.
    3) Mainstream media exposed and dealt with.

    • Danny Salling

      Absolutely agree… there is no debating this.

    • frank

      LOL. I mean, I agree, those three things are horrific. But come on….you’re talking about a revolution. They should start one this week? How?

      • HC

        I don’t know about a revolution. But the truth needs to be exposed on those three things asap. Half of America (or more) are already aware of the truth anyway. Should the truth continue to be hidden from the left just to placate them? No. Let’s rip off the bandaid and be done with it. The minions on the left will freak out for awhile, yes. But do you have a better alternative? Serious question.

    • Gerrit van der merwe

      best comment of all

    • Elaine Lavington

      I totally agree with HC! All those items need to be dealt with immediately!

    • David Smith

      If only we had the luxury of selecting only these three. Once these narratives falls, the entire system crashes completely. All the normies Red-Pilled at once. Some are not going to do well. Pray for all concerned.

    • Donna J. Di Maio

      I am a Christian woman following Nations in Action. Because Marie is a Christian I know that she is hearing from the Lord. Amos 3:7 2Chr. 20:20 I have been folloing the prophets & they have been right on as far as what all has been said has already happened. God is allowing all this to happen in His time. He speaks through the prophets & they have been right on with all this coming out into the open. In scripture it says God does nothing until He tell the prophets first. Even certain things are done on certain dates. We do know that there are Evil people that have drawn certain people into some of these Horrible Evil things that are happening in this world. However nothing has happened unless God has allowed it for a reason & He does work ALL things together for our good for us who are called his children. We know that He has something that is going to take care of all this that is happening, only He can fix it & It’s all in HIs timing. It has been said it will be like turning a Page. This message has come from many prophets & we His children have been told latley to REST & LAUGH & EAT CAKE, iT ALL READy HAS BEEN DONE. (in the Spirit} We have prayed enough. I pray that Maria & all of them read this & come to know that HIs Word is True & they will be able to rest when its their time. After this is over there is going to come the Reivial like none of the others that have come before. Not till everyone has a chance to answer & chose God’s way while we are in Revival. Then will the full judgement come.

  10. Becky

    First of all I want to thank all of you!!! Without you wouldn’t have ANY hope!!! I watched a podcast this morning about La Palma volcanos. It seems as if they are designed they show up close as a grid of 15 or so. Podcast said this is not a natural thing, and was engineered to wipe out Africa Europe and eastern US. I certainly don’t know if this is true or not. Maybe Phillipe would know about this. I’m sure if true, it is black hat operation to bring in Marshall law and UN Thankyou.

    • HC

      The volcanos are natural, but of course the left will exploit any disaster to their benefit.

      • Robin

        Volcanos are natural….the formation/pattern of the many earthquakes on La Palma are not natural. , as seen on the European earthquake monitoring site yesterday.

  11. Christian King

    The Databanks are unpaid debt paper trails, that MIGHT contain incriminating information on the 38 Rulers as well.
    You can buy debt and all the documentation to prove its validity, but you can’t buy private business contracts to blackmail the 38 most powerful Rulers in the world. The sellers would leave themselves open to life ruining legal consequences.
    As such, it is most likely the Phillippe purchased debt with its associated paperwork, which in France is called La Databank.
    Phillippe said his Databank on its own is owed $3.7 billion.
    Not accepting $20 Billion MAY suggest the total value of the 4 Databanks even larger.
    Phillippe’s plan is the same one used by Aristocrats during the French Revolution(who were owed large sums by the Crown), which ended with them also at the Guillotine.
    The Databanks are the Fulcrum from the TV show The Blacklist, and it took Phillippe 7 years to come up with this UNIQUE strategy. I would have liked to have been a consultant in that cash cow think tank !

    Trump, through Operation Warp Speed, removed all safety protocols for the vaccination rollout in the U.S., giving the green light for many other countries to do the same.
    Trump has proven how easily he can be manipulated, so of course Phillippe will want a controllable Commander in Chief in his CLUB OF FRANCE.
    After all, Biden is playing that role for the 38 Rulers, and I must say it is working extremely well for them.

    Perhaps Trump is in a Databank ? WE WILL NEVER KNOW, because Phillippe said he will NEVER release the data.
    Instead, he will indicate through certain channels that he has information, and thus try to lure out some poor whistleblower to risk their lives and the lives of their families by trying to expose The 38. Who would be so stupid? NOT Phillippe !!

    All the 38 have to do is neutralize whistleblowers faster than Phillippe can trick them into speaking out. The 38 will make a public demonstration of the first few, and no one else will come forward.

    • F.

      I agree, something’s fishy. If the data were so incriminating we could see some signs of backing down with covid/vaccines/vaccine passports agenda. Instead, we observe a hard push forward.

  12. Mary

    Are you all sure of Trump’s “character”? … Trumps’s new TRUTHsocial may be questionable What is going on? Word is it is associated with a Chinese company and other questionable sources. See and .

    • HC

      The left is lying about Trump’s website and character.

      • Joanne Keepence

        Hi from Australia, thank you all for your hard work and determination to fight for us all. 2 years ago I knew something wasn’t right and everything adds up now. We all deserve to have our freedoms and rights as human beings. Never would I have imagined, so much evil and control but I know in my heart their plans are unraveling.
        I feel Australia is the test case for the world and needs to be stopped now so the entire earth can be free and prosperous. Thank you ? ❤️

    • Robin

      …also, why is Trump pushing the experimental genetically modified injection?? truthsocial site being established in 2011 is a flag to me.

    • Donna J. Di Maio

      I guess you have never read anything about Trump’s life. First of all you have beielve in God, and that He is the creator of all. Each life & from the begaining of Trumps life he was chosen like in the Bible. God knows which parents each of us will go to. And he was picked to go to the exact ones that raised him. And the Lord gives each one of us a feel will even though He controlled who we were to go to. Because God knowing what is best for us, he grew up & was taken by his parents to church. When Trump was growing up he was given his grandparents Bible. This was the one he was swarn into the Presidency with.
      So he had been brought up learning the Scriptures. In the Bible it say’s raise a child up in the way he should go & when he is older he will not depart from it. ( can’t remeber the number) I myself had to trust the word of God because I raised my youngest son up learning the scriptures & after him going though his twenty & thirtys & living out in the world just like Trump did. Trump like my son came back to God & was born again. In other words became a Christian. I trust a well known Christian man named
      Jim Dobson who is known by most Evangelicals. And he said he was there or aware when Trump was born again. And that’s all it takes is asking the Lord to forgive you for your sins & ask Him to come into you heart, those 2 things. Now when Trump was cheated out of his Presidency, this man Biden has not been chose by God & He has not Blessed his time & any of the rest that have followed him. This is what God has been telling the prophets I we have been hearing. Soon the Lord is going to be moving by His
      Spirit & Biden will be out & Trump will be back in. God does not give times & dates. We just have to use our Faith & Trust Him we know what He has said so we can rest but keep praying & Praising HIM.

  13. CK_

    My understanding is the COVID-19 hoax was largely done because the global economy is on the verge of collapse. The US debt is $28 trillion(!) and the interest is now so high that it’s impossible to raise interest rates now- despite higher inflation. The massive printing of money has led to the dollar becoming worthless. Pensions funds in Europe are broke now and US entitlements will be broke by ~2028. Governments worldwide are literally killing us off with the “clot shots” in order to save money!

    If these databanks are for real- then I hope the so-called “shadow government” and the deep state and the rest of the cabal will all go to jail and all of their assets (tens of trillions of dollars?) can be seized and used to pay off the massive worldwide government debts.

  14. Becky

    So Philippe is married to Marla maples! Trumps ex wife is that the reason trump has not met with him?!

    • HC

      Philippe and Marla are not married and do not have a romantic relationship.

      • Becky

        I said Philippe is married to trumps ex wife! Her name is Marla maples trump and Marla had a child , Tiffany trump!! So Tiffany and Philippes children are half siblings.. small world huh?

        • Becky

          I am mistaken sorry

        • Charon Heuer

          No, Philippe is NOT married to Marla Maples. His wife’s name is Prentiss and you can see them together here in a photo reported by Getty back in 2008.

          “HOLLYWOOD – NOVEMBER 18: Business mogul Philippe Argillier and his wife Prentiss arrive at the Black Eyed Peas’ Apl Foundation Launch Party at the Vanguard on November 18, 2008 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/WireImage)

          Headline: Black Eyed Peas’ Apl Foundation Launch Party
          Location: Hollywood, CA United States
          Date: Nov 18 2008

          In this photo (see link below) Argillier says he is with his wife and two children (his wife Prentiss is the one holding the youngest daughter). Marla Maples was a guest at his house along with the rest of those in the photograph. They are NOT related by marriage or any other means.

  15. Weng

    For those of us who reject the plandemic hoax and the mandated “vaccines” it is annoying to see self-promoting hucksters like Philippe Argillier appearing on alt media claiming to belong to a resistance group opposing Big Pharma tyranny. So now he claims to be the “president” of the “parallel government ” opposed to the shadow government and has even been in conversations with his ”’holiness” the Dalia Lama. Perhaps he thinks that improves his credentials in the eyes of some people. Has he been with anyone else?- perhaps Mother Teresa? So, he wants the deep state oligarchs to join him in his quest for saving the world. Oh, so they will just change course if he asks them nicely. His so-called “data bases” that he says he’s purchased contain all the cabal’s key secrets that he can use as leverage (aka blackmail) against them . How encouraging. Where does he keep his data?- on usb sticks in his top drawer?. This clown is either a monetising narcissist, or a Pharma sponsored shill paid to spread false rumours to bait genuine folks who have valid concerns about the Great (fascist/commie) Reset. By spreading this BS, ‘”President” Argillier is ridiculing his viewers and giving ammunition to the MSM to scorn any of the the vaccine-hesitant who swallow monsieur Philippe’s fairy-tale.

  16. Cao Cao

    Here ypu got this powerful billionair being part of this movement and you are asking for $100 donations from the viewer to operate. If you got a brain, you know this is all show.

  17. Shell

    Thank you all. This takes courage. It gives me a little courage. I’m terrified for the human race. In Queensland where I live in the most beautiful place, our premier has said on TV that she is building giant quarrantine facilities ‘for the unvaccinated.’ What? You can go online and watch her say this! Is this real or am I just having a dystopian nightmare? Doctors are being encouraged to refuse to see unvaccinated patients! What? If this continues, the world worth living in, ends. My heart is breaking. I want a beautiful world for everyone, where our best not our worst natures are encouraged to flourish. I so hope you can help this happen. If anything, I just love that you are a force for good. There are billions of people behind you.

  18. Pat West

    Re: Vaccine-caused autism in children. Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Rashid Buttar? He’s a former high-ranking American military doctor whose child was vaccinated without his knowing by permission of ex-wife . When the son became autistic as a result, he prayed to Allah for a cure, swearing he’d give anything in return for saving the beloved boy. The wish was granted. Today the son is in his 20s, healthy and thriving. Dr. Buttar is making good on his promise to God by making it his life work to expose medial malfeasance & heal others. Prayers always make a difference. However, I don’t know what medical help remains available years after onset. If any one can give you insight about possible medical help for James Grundvig’s son, it is Dr. Buttar.

  19. Joe Kelley

    I’ve been hearing some of this for some time now from several different sources and was wondering if it was all wishful thinking or not. Thank God, there are people with the resources and means to actually get this done. When I see these people swinging or hanging from the gallows or trees, I pray that it’s not their clones executed and that they themselves again go underground. Free the children and others in cages and chains and may God, Bless us all. Capt Joe Kelley.

  20. Lowell Thomas

    Looks like no one will take you guys seriously, and rightfully so.

    I guess this just leaves you two to LARP together.

  21. Shell

    There is no doubt that your hearts are in this. Please think of us in Australia. Our country has become a dystopian nightmare. The Queensland premier is building quarantine camps she says ‘for the unvaccinated.’ Can this be reality? I pray you have the power and knowledge to stop this nightmare. It’s not a left or right wing issue. It’s not religious. It’s a human catastrophe and we have lost our hearts. I’m heartbroken because my precious son had to get jabbed to pursue his flying career. He would never ever have done this. I’m not afraid of death. I’m afraid of living a nightmare and leaving a nightmare for the next generation. I offer my heartfelt wishes for you both to be able to do your good in the world. As soon as possible. If governments could be compelled to stop vaccine mandates that would be the first step. Stop the murder of millions. Thanks for the hope. I too check this page every few hours in the crazy hope that there’s some sign the madness may be stopping.

    • HC

      Shell, I’m so sorry to hear of what is going on in Australia. If Americans didn’t have the 2nd amendment we would be in the same situation as Australians under Biden. All I can suggest is peaceful resistance. Everyone in Australia needs to simply peacefully not comply with the mandates. There is strength in numbers.

  22. Karen L Bracken

    We need to repeal the Bayh-Dole Act which allowed people like Fauci to make millions off the back of the American tax payer.

  23. Irene Z.

    Philippe and Marla need to hear this video and then explain to the world once again, why they are taking the long route to end this globalist WW3 agenda !!!
    After hearing this video, why would any of these globalists stop their mission if they aren’t being held accountable.
    Philippe hopes to appeal to their conscience? They ain’t got one. Now what Philippe!

    World War 3 Has Already Begun & America Is Losing – FULL SHOW 10/25/21

  24. Face Savant

    Please check out the video on this link. String theory, interviews with whistleblowers, and the awakening, bible study. It’s really very interesting.

  25. Jacque

    I really hope something is in the works. Our Military is under attack from within. The Cabal is having the Deep State mandate the jab and those that do not comply are being dishonorably discharged. This is being done so our ENEMY can attack and we are defenseless! Some of the General’s in the Military are involved in this! They are getting rid of our Soldiers, we don’t have time on our side…. Pray!!

  26. Bruce Johnson

    When do you expect to have another update for us?

    • CJ

      I agree with comments from Truth Justice. You cannot negotiate with psychopaths and murderers. The cabal have no capacity for empathy and will continue with their plan regardless of these databanks. It’s already too late to save most people. Argillier supposedly has the power to help save humanity from this tyranny, but I don’t believe he will. Only we the people can save ourselves. If just 10% do not comply with the unlawful mandates it’s game over for the cabal.

  27. Truth Justice

    Philippe Argillier I want you to understand something. There is good in this world and then there is evil in this world. You talk about light, love and justice, but these things come from God. The Shadow Government does not believe in God, nor to do they have the same heart as God. You Cannot Reason with these People. They are sick and deranged and are responsible for millions being murdered and tortured. The only way to bring Justice is to Expose their true identity and their true evil nature. You Must Share With The World The Truth About Their Crimes it is the only way. The world needs the truth and once the world has the truth, the Shadow Government will be destroyed and never exist again. You talk about Justice and Humanity, then you Must Act on Your Words and Share the Evidence that you have. People are dying, children are dying because of them. You will be held accountable and be blood guilty for more innocent lives if you do not Act Now.

  28. David Baiche

    Philippe Argillier is a mythomaniac, a crook, an impostor or quite simply a patient. See the media from my country, France, which talks about him. Type Philippe Argilier Yellow Fly Rider vest. This man is sick …

    • Jacque

      I searched what you said and it didn’t say anything about Philippe Argillier.

  29. Mark

    Has anyone heard from Maria Zac?

  30. DCasey

    I believe that US Citizens have the right to know if President Trump has spoken with Mr Argillier. Our Generals first instinct is to “take it offline” and make discussions secret. I greatly appreciated that Mr Argillier came openly to the public, explained his intention, and set it out clearly in his letter. I believe the global Public is fed up with our politicians speaking in secret, and making secret deals. We need the truth. Our government was intended to serve us, but instead has served themselves. “Exposure” is a good word for our time. We are asking that your discussions with President Trump, our Generals, and everyone involved show their integrity by their open honesty to “We, the People.”

  31. Joanne tilghman

    Please, Please, Please give us an update on what is going on with you, and Phillip Argillier

    This has been way too long since we heard from you. Our country is being destroyed…
    You had all these promises, Obama was going to be arrested , Hillary and many others from all your information on the election.
    Phillip was supposed to be able to stop what is happening too, and it’s not.

    I believed in you, and I’m starting to worry that it’s like everything else we’re hearing , just some more months, then it will be in the summer something will happen, then it will be the fall, and then next winter. So sick of this game.

    If you just want money, let me know, at least I won’t get my hopes up…

    Where are you both,
    Please give us your information.
    We are going crazy with worry!


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