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DANGER: Philippe Argillier Warns of Looming Terror Attacks as Vincent Bolloré Funds Dangerous Corruption

by Oct 31, 2021

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RDH President, Philippe Argillier, joined Stew Peters for an EXCLUSIVE interview. Argillier revealed the corruption being actively funded by French Billionaire and media-funding mogul, Vincent Bolloré, who’s propping up Eric Zemmour creating imminent danger for American Citizens.

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  1. CheeMiss

    See Philippe, this recent warning from you is exactly what all of us have be warning you about. By giving these despicable shadow gov’t billionaires time to stop destroying the people of this world and become more humanitarian, your just giving them time to create more devious plans to hurt humanity.

    It’s time to take the gloves off and release all the info you have on them. They need to be arrested immediately!

    • F.

      He’s got nothing. He uses Stew and Maria as his media tools for his political aspirations. He’s bluffing and he’s not good at it. He gave everyone the instruction on how to release the data: ” If something happens to me the data gets released”.Those elitists are really stupid. People don’t need you and your games with media tycoons, Phillipe, people need only your data to be released and someone, at some desperate point, will follow that instruction.

    • Judy Kay Hudson

      I agree. He needs to put his “money where his mouth is”. If all these horrible things are going to happen he needs to release the information.

      • Maggihead

        Eric Zemmour does not hate Islam. He hates Islamic LAW/the sharia which is against non-muslims, women in general & apostates. He’s trying to save France from being Islamitized. Please read the Qur’an before you attack Zemmour. My website is a portrait of the sharia manual.

        • Luke

          Agillier: “Terrorist groups have nothing to do with Islam.” Here is where I start to doubt Agillier. He’s clearly not aware that violent Jihad is part of Islam. The prophet himself said he is made powerful through TERROR. Just Google. Messr Agillier, keep your fight to what you understand. Not what you assume. You are as deluded as the shadow government like Obama & Bush that Islam is a religion of ‘Peace.’ Please. Do your research. Here is a description of what Jihad actually is: to submit the world through the sword.

    • Rob

      Checking Everyday from NY. Please continue to keep the information coming

      • Laura

        Forget about it…He doesn even candidate to presidency, as he claimed….so it’s good, but not the best; it’s something, nut not enough.

        • vmurphy

          plz clarify ? who is he? Arguiller? He sounds fine. why are we becoming like Dorsey and Zuckerberg? plz. clarify thanks

    • Ves

      Exactly. These people are murderers. Not potentially, but actually. They don’t deserve any second chances. It’s like not pressing charges against a rapist because you feel sorry for them, and hope they have a change of heart. In the mean time they just keep rapeing others. It’s lunacy. Just because they are not liking with bullets didn’t make them any better than a common street thug.

  2. Becky

    Thankyou so much Philippe. I trust you with all of my h art

    • Diane

      I am praying for you, Philippe. I am praying that God would be with you and protect you and all the people fighting for what is good and true in the world. The French people and language is dear to my heart, and I pray for the healing of America and France and for a string alliance between the two countries. I pray for safety and that good would win and that someday I will be able to return to the beautiful French country side. ❤️??❤️

  3. Michelle

    I pray for the safety of everyone I’m America and around the world. We need more people with power and a conscience to put a stop to all of this evil. As civilians we look upon our military and I pray we still have good men and women in our military to end this. This has gone on to far and seems to go even further. May god bless us all.

    • Bud Wilson

      All these interviews seem to be the same. Reminds me of the old Sugar Bear commercial.
      ” I have something yummy for my tummy and you can’t have any ”
      Respectfully “Time to put your money where your mouth is”

      • DNL

        It’s fascinating to observe the difference in approach of people who actually accomplish things (like the powers which hold us hostage right now), since these people always aim for a long-term strategy. They plan, make strategic moves and are in for the long run. That’s also the difference between rich and poor people, who get suckered in, manipulated and easily distracted.
        The powers which suppress humanity are actively working on the end-goal are going back to Babylonian times (do the research on it) and the humanity went along, because they just want instant results, get their quick bandaid and don’t plan longer than a week ahead (not even until their next paycheck). How long ago was it when the databanks where acquired, according to Phillipe; September? Now the the same people who watched everything going down for decades want instant results again and weeks seem already too much to ask for to be patient. Meditate on that for a second. Patience is a virtue and because of our lack of it, we’re in this entire mess. Instant gratification has always distinguished the inferior from the successful.

      • Cora

        They are the similar because each host has a different audience, he sorta has to start over every time

      • Nick

        Yeah not sure if he’s full of it or not I mean if he could even just prove he’s a billionaire then I’d have more faith . Seems pretty sure of himself but I have seen this type of person before many times since Libs stole the election where they act like they have all the info but signed a NDA

    • Susie

      The cabal seems to be moving right along, regardless of the databank leverage of Philippe. The MSM here in the U. S. will see the real truth that has been concealed when the databanks are released to the world. The information is the Truth that will stop the cabal’s movement.

      • RonE

        The MSM is NOT going to broadcast any of this – they are bought and paid for. Let’s take over ALL local tv and radio stations and start reporting truth. The sheep will never get it unless it comes from their almighty 6 oclock news.

      • Bud

        I think most of us find the interviews interesting but frustrating at the same time because we see no solution or plan of action.
        Updates I’m sure would be helpful.

  4. Mary Elizabeth Kuykendall

    Philippe needs to be wary of Donald Trump. He may be compromised. I recommend he investigate the information about Trump at and and . Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies has been fighting and investigating the shadow government for over a decade. Mark Zuckerberg stole his technology to create Facebook. Recently he has been collaborating with Tyla and Michael Gabriel in investigating the “shadow government.”

    • HC

      Mary, Trump isn’t compromised. I think you’re either easily duped, or a troll.

  5. Deidre Macht

    What about COP in Glasgow they are cooking up a disaster

    • JayLib

      I have listened to several videos with this guy. Regrettably, so far, it’s a lot of promises and no evidence of meaningful action. It’s sending to me like Qanon — except with a face (albeit, an unfamiliar one) this time.
      For me, the bottom line is: if his claims are true, why does he need our buy-in and our help? He should simply go on doing what he claims he’s doing. The proof will be in the pudding.
      We have heard millions of promises of deliverance, and have nothing to show for it.

  6. Jean-Marc Bertrix

    The journalists, in France, are 95% socialist or communist. Most of the tv or radio are possessed by the state or people whose the state is a the biggest customer (Bouygues). Bolloré’s TV Chanel, comparatively, is very small. Thanks to him, there will be maybe 10 or 15 conservative journalists in France. Bolloré is a true catholic. Zemmour, in France, is compared to Trump, and said to be at the right of the right, because he loves France, he says France must not become a muslim country, muslims hate France (it’s not the French who hate muslims), they have created many no-go zones in the suburbs of the big cities. Muslims are also responsible of terrorism, so he wants to stop immigration. He is as dangerous to the Americans as Trump was dangerous for France ! French people like it because he speak their language, because he is not a politician, and he is not corrupt. So, Zemmour is the man who can stop the socialisation of France, so just the opposite of what Argillier says who just repeat what most of the big media (which never invites him to explain his ideas, but they invite the communist party), and the French’s left says of Zemmour to destroy him (racist, hate women etc). Because they are very afraid he could beat Macron. I am sorry, I can’t take Argillier seriously anymore. Maybe, Stew, you could look at Argillier’s presidential programme : socialism.

  7. Jack

    We love you Philippe Argillier.
    God Bless you.

  8. HC

    It’s unfortunate that this Vincent Bollore guy is trying to stir up chaos in France, but let’s focus on what’s more important to Americans. Like the 2020 election, Covid, and the American mainstream media.

  9. Kate

    Why don’t you put an immediate end to the killing of innocent people on earth by this bioweapon named as vaccines. Don’t you think that saving human lives are the number one priority before fixing the corrupt system. We don’t have time left. As we speak, every minute people are dying with this poison being forcefully injected to kill them.

    You and me and all know that its killing people. With your so called “powerful databank” why can’t you first negotiate a deal to stop that happening first. The rest you can take your time. Otherwise you won’t have a population to rule as the president of the so called “clean corruption free” government you envisage.

    If you stand for a humanitarian cause, then saving every life counts and I haven’t heard of anyone talking about the bioweapon named as vaccine in any of these strategic discussions.

  10. Paul

    Has anyone seen or heard from Valerie Jarrett, who has been bunkered down in Washington D.C. with Barack Obama. She has been working with the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the USA for more than 30 years. I am sure you know that. They have sure been quite. These are the so called peaceful Muslims that you seem to be sympathizing with. I am not sure how to read you. Help US restore our Christian nation. ” One Nation Under Jesus “. I notice you stay away from that. You talk about sending light like a prayer. If that Light is not Jesus, then it is a false light. Without you pretending to expose your friends, Jesus has already really been exposing them. That is why this game is being played. Jesus has all the information He needs and thousands of hard working people, you might not know what that is, have been given that information already. They are already using it to save our country. We don’t need carrots.

    • djf

      People; read the Art of War..

  11. Pierre

    On this video, Philip sounds more like a progressive globalist than someone who wants to defeat globalism like Eric Zemmour in France.

    • HC

      Philippe does sound way too sympathetic towards Muslims.

      • Pierre

        Philip is also pro LGB, pro feminism, and for Black and Muslim immigration. No wonder he’s against Zemmour, a conservative who wants to stop replacement immigration, CRT, trangenderism in schools and all that nonsense.I don’t think Philip is the man we need to save the nation.

  12. Waaf

    I had my hopes up with this guy but it seems that he is just stringing us along.
    Obviously this Bollere’ fella isn’t too concerned by the databanks because he is he now buying up massive sections of the French Media so that he can control the message.
    If the databanks were so powerful why doesn’t he shut Bollere’ down immediately by using them and stop him in his tracks.
    It just does not make any sense to me.

  13. Charon Heuer

    Zemmour sounds more like someone who is fighting for the traditional values of the French, as well as moral values, immigration issues and the people’s right to freedom. How is that bad or dangerous?

    “Who is Eric Zemmour?
    Zemmour, 63, was born in a Paris suburb to a Jewish family from Algeria that came to France during the 1954-62 Algerian War. His father Roger was a paramedic, while his mother Lucette stayed at home.

    A graduate of Sciences Po University, he became a journalist after failing twice to join the prestigious Ecole Nationale d’Administration — the school of government that has trained most of the French presidents, including Emmanuel Macron.

    “Eric Zemmour became a television celebrity for his ability to debate. He is a polemicist who’s renowned for his extensive culture and his very good ability to defend and communicate his ideas. And he first had the reputation of someone who has a passion for oratorical jousting,” said political analyst Bruno Cautrès, of the Center for Political Research at Sciences Po in Paris.

    “And you know that in France, politics still works a lot on oratory talent — the ability to make speeches, to stir up great ideas — which I believe is important in French culture and in our political life,” the specialist of the French right said.

    Zemmour’s latest show on CNews — a right-wing television network that has drawn comparisons with Fox News — drew hundreds of thousands of viewers on a daily basis. In one show last year, he called unaccompanied migrant children “robbers”, “murderers” and “rapists”. The comments led him to court over charges of incitement to hatred. He has been convicted once for the same charge, with multiple other cases against him underway.

    But he had to step down from his role as a prime-time commentator on CNews after France’s CSA media regulator ruled last month that the 63-year old should be considered a politician, not a journalist, meaning his airtime should be subject to limitations.

    Zemmour has also been a prolific book writer with dozen political and historical essays published since the mid-1990s. The French Suicide: 40 years that defeated France, which instantly became a best-seller when it was published in 2014, blames France’s decline on the progressive legacy of May 1968. France Hasn’t Said its Last Word, his latest book, reportedly sold over 131,000 copies in just 12 days, according to right-wing newspaper Valeurs Actuelles.

    What are Zemmour’s political views?
    “Eric Zemmour is a writer, a journalist who, for twenty years, has been alerting the public opinion and our leaders to the fact that our country cannot cope with a completely deregulated immigration like the one we have known for decades; that security is the first of freedoms; that figures for petty crimes, attacks on property and people are skyrocketing and that soon, in France, we will have a serious problem with that,” said Antoine Diers, a spokesman for the Association of Eric Zemmour’s Friends. The group raises funds for a potential presidential campaign.

    The place of Islam in France is another of Zemmour’s leitmotiv. In a recent interview, he said “Islam is a civilisation incompatible with the principles of France,” and called to “frenchise the practice of Islam” in the country.

    “I would add that Eric Zemmour is rather largely what one calls a declinist, that is to say, the idea that France was better off before and that the power of France, the support and respect that France inspires abroad, its influence in international relations have only declined. And that without a surge of national spirit, France is poised to disappear,” Cautrès said.

    Zemmour is also known for his anti-feminist — critics say misogynistic — views. In his book The First Sex (2006) he slams “the feminisation of society” and promotes an essentialist vision of gender roles.

    He regularly denounces so-called LGBT “propaganda” and has compared a recent government initiative to facilitate the integration of transgender children in school to the experiments of Dr Mengele, a Nazi physician famed for his atrocities on concentration camps prisoners during World War II.

    While Zemmour’s views have their adepts, they have unsurprisingly drawn strong backlash in French society. A poll published in late September suggests he is the political personality inspiring the most “rejection” to French voters, with 59% saying they reject him.”

  14. Troy Robitaille

    Canadian here,

    I’m sure I speak for everyone around the world. Please put a stop to this. Millions of people have lost their jobs while you have the information to stop it. With all do respect Phillip, until we see dramatic changes you are no different than the ones doing all of this. You have information to change the world and for that the people of the world will love you for releasing it. Time to take immediate action and stop this.

    • TruthIs

      Amen Troy!!!!!!! It’s all B.S. until everyone has access to it. Ask Doug Billings.

    • Laura

      Considering the world we live in, no information is going to hurt the elites/cabal. Look how cristal clear is that Fauci should be in jail for genocide and 2 , almost 3 years later into this madness he is stil strongly in power. This tels much about this world…. also about a president clearly with dementia that thinks we are in 2020.

  15. Charon Heuer

    Maria, Phillippe: We need an update please.

  16. Becky

    Please we need updated!!!!

  17. Susie

    How about an update?

    • Jacque

      Yeah, it appears Maria Zack has just disappeared. A bunch of nothing burgers as usual.

  18. CheeMiss

    Maria, USA Congress with the help of RINO’s just pass their Marxist agenda. It looks like Philippe’s control of the data banks is not moving the needle one little bit.
    The world needs an update from both you and Philippe.

  19. Hopeful but Confused

    Where does #Italygate stand?

  20. Jeff A S

    Me personally is getting tired of all these people who say they have this and that. I know the 2020 election was stolen but there is all this proof and nothing is ever done. Sidney Powell is going to drop the hammer – nothing, Mike Lindell has all this proof – nothing. Now this French guy has all this proof and guess what – nothing. Servers found in Italy and Germany that flipped the election – nothing. I have always been a person of action, if I said I was going to do something – I did it or come out and explained what kept me from doing it.

    What are we waiting for- America to die because that is what is happening. The more time that is taken, the further America sinks which makes it harder to come back.

    Wait no longer people – if you have anything except hot air, let’s bring it to head so we can start to save America!

    • Truthis

      God Bless you Jeff…Amen Brother!

    • JayLib

      Exactly what I have been saying since interview number one with this guy.