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Global Leaders Strategize on Ending the Shadow Government: Part III

by Oct 20, 2021

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The Strategy Sessions: Part III

The Path Forward.


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  1. Danny Salling

    2024? Bull Hockey – if they have the proof in italygate, then it is checkmate, Biden is done, NOW.

    So the proof is – Philippe does not have the proof, Maria does not have the proof.

    Philippe keeps saying he does not want any conflict. Sorry this is NOT good, shows he is more likely complicit.

    The changes need to happen ASAP, people are dying, people are censored, and bad stuff is happening to good people.

    • Philippe

      I totally agree with your comments.
      We may wonder whether they have real proofs and why not killing the shadow government before they kill us!

    • Cynthia

      I agree and I do not trust Phillipe or Maria. Maria has been around touting her first story in March of 2020. I can’t remember what it was, but has shown up with this french man who calls himself President of the counter-government. We are perfectly capable of fighting for our own nation. He can go take care of his own country. Who the hell does he think he is. I feel a snake in the house.

      • Cynthia

        Phillpe doesn’t have any shield in his data banks. Just so much crap. He wants Trump to buy his way in. Again Snake.

      • Jacque

        Maria has been doing amazing work! Why would he need someone to “buy in”, he is a billionaire already! Shame on you for talking like that to someone trying to help our Country! Hope God forgives you!

    • Jacque

      The proof of the election fraud has been confirmed and was given to authorities. They ignored it. Things aren’t easy when the deep state are controlling things and have all law enforcement and every court in their pocket! I agree with you though. Most of us won’t be alive in 2024 with the Cabal controlling things. We are out of time and need a major break through YESTERDAY!!!!

      • Jay Day

        Yes, but they have very limited military.. Why is Trump flying around in AF 1? There are already many arrests being made. Thousands of indictments and more to come…

        • DB

          Since when is Trump flying around on AF1? He is NOT! He flies his Trump jet, NOT AF1! Trump is NOT the President. An argument can be made that he is Commander in chief of the military via devolution and orders he wrote but that remains to be seen. As far as 2024 goes, we won’t have a country by the 2022 elections so if these jokers have something they damn well better come forward. Gen. M is no longer believable since he said HE SAW Pelosi’s laptop and special forces has it. That turns out to be B.S. Lie to me once and you are done.
          Maria was on a show recently injecting hopium that this databanks guy was going to force the cabal to expose themselves or else. We see that “or else” was B.S. as well. Sorry Maria, I have lost faith in you too. Mike Lindell has done more for the cause than anyone else.

        • djf

          JayDay, get with it. Trumps got control of the Worlds Interests..

      • William

        Is this the PJ I know. Light will win. Darkness has no chance against light. These are prophetic times and God is in control. Thank you Maria, Phillipe and our great Military leaders who refuse to bow to evil. Millions of us are out of patience to take this evil empire down.

    • frank

      You could have a video of Biden himself destroying ballots, what difference would it make? Who’s going to follow it up – the FBI, DOJ? Who’s going to tell the people, CNN? It’s not that simple.

    • CheeMiss

      Maria removed the comments window, so I have to post by replying to your comment. Sorry about that.

      I agree with your post. Philippe is talking about Trump & the 2024 elections. WTH?

      Translation – They’ve got no proof of anything! If they had proof, then they would be helping Trump to get re-instated NOW !!!

      This whole thing is just another PsyOp Opium to keep the plebs living on hope rather than taking action.


    • PJ

      Think long and hard here based on what is being presented by Maria Zack and Philippe Argillier. Please do not make any snap judgements.

      My guess is no one here can venture to guess what it is like to be a multi billionaire and a member of the elite top 38 richest families in the world. This group collectively controls trillions of dollars in assets. At this level these people became board many decades ago after accumulating all of their wealth, making money hand over fist, luxury toys / excursions and taste of raw power. Using various forms of extortion to get people below them to carry out orders turned into a more sophisticated hobby and morphed into some grand new world order plan. With extortion comes the use of Fear.

      Philippe Argillier sounds like a billionaire hybrid whistle blower with a different angle, his valuable databanks. Argillier wants for the 38 club to be transparent about what they have done, continue to do and encourage them to change history now, for humanities sack, all for the better good of man. Argillier will welcome additional whistleblowers at his level by offering to each access to his databanks. What Argillier is doing here is applying a soft from of extortion over the top 38 elite members. As the White Hats work hard to execute their stealth war plans to out the their power structures and take back our world, there is always negotiation between the top leaders of warring factions for some form of exit plan.

      Are the White Hats and the people of the world collectively strong enough to take on and topple the top 38 elites, death to us part? Are the top 38 elites determined and committed to ride out their storm with the White Hats and the people of the world in hopes they will still remain in power after all is said and done?

      In the bigger picture, this war is GOD versus satan. GOD will fight to protect all of his children, no matter what. What will satan do?

      • Maria

        Yes! God’s plan. And God will win.

      • Janet

        I totally agree with you. he is working his version of extortion, but their window of opportunity should be minimal. they have been destroying our world for thousands of years and deserve absolutely NO compassion. We must be firm and resilient. From what I read about their lineage is that they have been abusing their family members since birth, so compassion and kindness is not in their vocabulary. I feel within a week is more than enough time to give them, to back down or get taken out. we have so much to take down – NIH, CDC, UN, etc. they all need to be taken down along with big pharma. bring back the apothecaries and natural medications.

      • Michael Gancot

        This is the most sensible answer to this issue I have read so far!

      • Joe

        Everybody’s talking this and that sooner or later the time for talking will be over we live in this country because our forefathers didn’t just sit around and talk there may come a time for action.

    • Chuck Senior

      databanks vs. neutron bombs+D.U.M.B.S. = (latter wins).
      “his whole-i-ness dali lama” /= The King Of Kings.
      Delusional: “38” just stand-aside!
      “decentralized, volunteer, Triune-God-bound, mercenary army: Holy Ghost led” a viable threat.

    • Jesse Smith

      I totally agree, this has to stop now and all the deep state needs to be arrested.

      • Joan Wright

        Well. Does it help if all of this was premeditated starting 11 years ago or so? And there’s documentation that shows this? Like the patent lawyer for the ID2020 is Aedin Meagher. Who was brought into Austin Texas by a bunch of people who have invested in this takeover. ID2020 had about 50 high tech companies signed up to the tracking program. All are part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. For Corporate Global Governmence. They use Intel contractors for family law cases. Fake claims. Laundering money through Real Estate. It’s all part of the global child trafficking network. My emails are hacked constantly. But I kept the UN Conversation program plans with all the spreadsheets. Solar Winds is in Austin. And DHS is part of Vatican. Catholic Charities and DHS are bringing in the migration with all the refugee centers set up. There’s alot. That election was a fraud. S guy on the Hoover’s channel admitted to the landslide Numbers of Trump in an interview. Why would he do that. You can call me ASAP at 210 955 5559. Hopefully it will go through. If not 210 653 8971. Ask Jackie. I don’t care if you do or don’t. I’m just trying to help. I’ve been stripped of all my family in Texas due to threats. I have extended family in Sicily.
        Ok. Thx

    • Tee

      Three things stick out like a PsyOp. Why can’t one of the wealthiest men in the world meet with Trump on his own? Why isn’t one of the wealthiest man in the world funding this woman since she is facilitating communications with donors off her page? Us donors can’t do squat. Finally, why does Trump even matter? Trump is not the glue that will stop global communism.

      • RonE

        Good questions.

    • Truth Justice

      Philippe Argillier I want you to understand something. There is good in this world and then there is evil in this world. You talk about light, love and justice, but these things come from God. The Shadow Government does not believe in God, nor do they have the same heart as God. You Cannot Reason with these People. They are sick and deranged and are responsible for millions being murdered and tortured. Could Hitler be reasoned with? The only way to bring Justice is to Expose their true identity and their true evil nature. You Must Share With The World The Truth About Their Crimes it is the only way. The world needs the truth and once the world has the truth, the Shadow Government will be destroyed and never exist again. You talk about Justice and Humanity, then you Must Act on Your Words and Share the Evidence that you have. People are dying, children are dying because of them. You will be held accountable and be blood guilty for more innocent lives if you do not Act Now.

    • David Baiche

      Philippe Argillier is a mythomaniac, a crook, an impostor or quite simply a patient. See the media from my country, France, which talks about him. Type Philippe Argilier Yellow Fly Rider vest. This man is sick …

    • Cartier jenner

      I was so excited about the Phillipe situation, but then hearing him speak 3 times, I know it’s just bill. Let me understand the has databanks that can put a stop to this genocide that’s happening worldwide, but he’s not going to do anything until trump comes back or whatever. Hey no worries let’s just watch billions of people die, because you don’t want to take them down and your not going to release anything, so what’s the point of the interviews, oh that’s right you just want to be president of France. Well guess what buddy too late New World Order is here that’s a one world government and your not in it.

    • Yancey

      Maria Zack and Laura Trump submitted the proof to Congress Jan 6, 2020 in an effort to save this electionng

    • markie71 markie71

      ” So the proof is – Philippe does not have the proof, Maria does not have the proof.” Which explains why you are still here, eh?

    • Robert

      Danny, you are absolutely right. Phillipe needs to shit or get off the pot.
      Too many citizens of the world are being murdered by this satanic cult.
      These people will never stop until they are stopped !

  2. Giorgio Nizzola

    I have been following many videos on Philippe and his political mouvement on Very interesting. But you need to educate yourself as I did. Conflict is useless when you have evident proof… so if you are sure enough on being peaceful, but firm, maybe that means that you have enough proof to infuse respect. If they are willing to ignore this peaceful invitation, they simply risk public exposure… and maybe they know it. Taking chances?

  3. HC

    2024 is all well and good, but Trump needs to be reinstated ASAP. I want to hear Phillipe talk about that! Time is running out.

    • Ashlander

      Trump can’t run in 2024; the Constitution provides one can be elected President only twice (not serve two terms, but elected). He was. If he was nominated in 2024 we can all bet the court would all of a sudden decide that, yes indeed, Trump won in 2020l, but Pence and McConnell and other Republicans failed to press the issue.

    • Chuck Senior

      Trump surrendered. Get over him.

  4. Ken

    Are you serious? 2024 they’re won’t be any america left. This needs to be stopped worldwide rite fucking now millions are dying from these poison jabs

  5. Kim

    They are speaking in generalities. Obviously the American people do not know what intel is in these data banks but if it is so damaging why wait until 2024 when we will have no country to save. We need action NOW! The American people are awake and ready.

    • Cartier jenner

      It’s bullshit that’s why. And if it’s not he is just as evil as the rest of them, if he can watch billions die and do nothing.

  6. Philippe

    I am concerned that you may not realize this is a WAR where people are dying every day worldwide.
    No way to wait for 2024, we need ACTIONS NOW!
    Unfortunately even 2022 will be too late.

  7. Cheryl Papke

    I am glad that the American Constitution continues to be at the forefront! May God grant wisdom and direction to all of you

    • KEN


  8. Becky

    People are dying everywhere. They’re coming for our children next. It’s go time

  9. Brett

    I’m pleased that we have generals with steady minds who are concerned with realigning with the constitution. The Bible states that we’re moving to a one world government either in the near or distant future. I’m all for abolishing the shadow govt but I’m also for decentralizing power. I get concerned listening to Philippe suggest the creation of a world power. Also, I don’t expect our countermoves to be broadcast in case of deep state pushback but that seems more probable than connecting consciousness with these people. Praying!

  10. Allie Gamble

    The ONLY path forward if any of this is real is to give the databases to everyone in the world and let holy hell break loose. Anything less is just another hopium infomercial.

    • frank

      Emails came out that clearly implicate Biden (as “the big guy”) – and what happened? Nothing. Most people don’t even know it. It’s not that simple.

  11. Kathleen

    The wiki leaks, the Mccaffee files they have trilabytes of proof !!!what the Hell??? The government in DC is a failed corporation not constitutional do your research!!!

  12. Jacque

    I am wondering if the data banks have any vaccination information on them? Can they confirm they are actually bioweapons?

    • Chuck Senior

      I’m wondering if Trumpers/patriots/conservatives/second-amendment-supporters/Republicans get the same clotshot jab that Democrats get? IE.: Does the data bank reveal a multi-tier-targeting protocol for the bioweapon jabs?

    • Laura

      They confirmed already it’s a biowar…listen to the other 3 recordings.
      Is it just me or the website is not working well on the phone.

    • Bud Wilson

      Everything sounded so hopeful a few weeks ago and I was expecting something to come of all this. Pretty sure Trump and the military have all they need to take down the deep state. Not sure how the data banks come into play. Might be helpful to explain a plan of action.

    • tawanda

      read articles b;y ;Epoch times. YES. The plandemic is an intentional bioweopon. China has also been working w/all humans DNA from around the world. Purpose? more biowarfare.

  13. Dale Thomas

    More BS. 2024 NO. 2021 now. Another week of wasted days. Only 3rd graders might believe what you say.

    • Ashlander

      Yep, all this Frenchman crap has been a waste of time. I’m now afraid that Zack is a hustler too. And just between us, I wish Trump would declare that he IS President and start appointing his cabinet. Push has to come to shove. All talk and no action is killing this country.

    • Maria

      One other comment. Why trust Trump alone? I trust NO politician. Agree, elections are what got us in this mess in the first place. Also, Trump publicly espouses the maxxine.

  14. Michelle

    I believe in Maria, however this has gone on to long and needs to stop immediately. Phillipe may have the proof he claims, and if so these billionaires should not be held above the law. People are losing their livelihoods and causing damaging stress among families as well as dying and sickness. We are not and should not be looked as as expendable to the so called good guys. If you truly wanted to leave a humanitarian legacy to your family you wouldn’t wait to make a deal to prevent conflict. Do we truly have no people with authority left in the world to hold these people accountable? We don’t have anymore time. You all have the means to move and save American NOW! You have the databanks, you have all the connections and you have the people who so desperately need to be saved.

  15. Face

    What privilege you have to give criminals such a choice. While the entire globe is affected by such people and you want to entice them to change sides. What choice has humanity had? Mandates, food shortages, bioweapons, experimental injectables, propaganda from our trusted journalists, unlawful arrests, holding non criminals in prison, the list goes on and on. But yeah, lets give these criminals a choice,.Sounds like your humanity needs some work. And what information would you like us to spread, that you have information but your not willing to use it to help bring justice to the world ASAP.
    What’s next donations? I would like to take you seriously but its becoming more difficult with each video.

  16. Ernie

    I’m sorry but I’ve listened to your interviews, the time for action is now, not in 2024!!!!!!
    Seriously, 2024 is too late!!!
    If what you say is true and you have what you claim the time is now!!!!. The world can hack it!!
    I am in Australia, Australia has fallen and all you are doing is interviews, talk, talk, talk!!!
    Get real & do Something NOW!!!!
    Prove the power of your DATA BANKS NOW!!!
    Before more people die!!!
    What is up with you people!!!

  17. Danny Salling

    Saw on the news tonight… they are coming with the vaccine for 5-18 year olds… nothing that has happened with myocarditis and other ailments for the younger people is stopping them. Fauci said today we have to do it to keep us all “safe” – vax the population that is practically immune. He said children are asymptomatic spreaders… the CDC has already said many months ago that asymptomatic covid does not exist. Election and Covid FRAUD needs to be eradicated NOW

  18. Anonymous

    In homage to the statement that originated with the TV Series The X-Files, I can genuinely say that “I Want To Believe”.

    But, even so, I can find to consolation with the timelines that are appearing. Even if there is enough leverage with the contents of the Databanks to stop “The Shadow Government” in its tracks, we still have to contend with inertia and the multiple layers that have been set in motion.

    I do not know the contents of the vaccine, but the side effects I have witnessed in others are very troubling. Even in low-level government work, I have seen people develop chronic coughs that never go away, changes in baseline emotional state (towards anger and agitation), and what are probably neurological problems impacting the gait of one person in addition to multiple people who are unexpectedly out for cancer treatments.

    There are some who have not complied with the mandates that are in place, but we are currently on borrowed time.

    There is the issue of immediate health effects, immediate impacts to livelihood, impacts to employability, and within a month the vaccine mandates are likely to be extended to children.

    Delaying action, as other commenters have opined, will be fatal.

    Although elections are important, they seem like a premature concern. If the existing vaccine mandates are not removed and if the planned mandates are not averted, we are likely to face more death, more debilitation, and probably violent conflicts.

    If there is anything of value on those Databanks, there should be something that can create enough leverage to stop or substantially delay the enforcement of the vaccine mandates.

    If you are genuine and not a continuation of the “Project Trust” that has been in effect, I pray that this can be accomplished. If it cannot be accomplished, then I don’t think we will have enough of a nation left for the election plans to matter.

    God Be With You.

  19. Penny

    I call complete bull crap on this Philippe guy!!! We can’t keep waiting!!! Americans are dying because of this vaccine idiocracy! We aren’t
    Billionaires like this guy! We need President Trump back NOW!!!

  20. Penny

    We can not wait till 2024!!!! I don’t understand any logic in what this French man is saying! I can not believe that any American General could go along with what is being said here!!

  21. Brigitte

    In het begin van uw actie over de schaduw regering, klonk het allemaal goed.
    Maar nu is het vaag, het voelt als een elastiek.
    Er is nu al een voorspelling van de wetenschappers , in de komende 3 jaar er een sterfte van 2 miljard mensen, enkel door 2 jabs. Nu duwen ze met 3de en 4de boosters plus de verplichte vax , In godsnaam doe iets ipv te debatteren. Mensen vragen actie en resultaat.

    • Daniel Salling

      Translation: In the beginning of your action on the shadow government, it all sounded good.
      But now it’s fuzzy, it feels like a rubber band.
      There is already a prediction from the scientists, in the next 3 years there will be a death of 2 billion people, just from 2 jabs. Now they’re pushing with 3rd and 4th boosters plus the obligatory vax , For God’s sake do something instead of arguing. People demand action and results.

    • Charon

      Hopefully this is a correct online English Translation of your reply, just so those of who only speak English know what you’re saying which is spot on 🙂

      “In the beginning of your action on the shadow government, it all sounded good. But now it’s fuzzy, it feels like a rubber band.

      There is already a prediction from the scientists, in the next 3 years there will be a death of 2 billion people, just from 2 jabs. Now they’re pushing with 3rd and 4th boosters plus the obligatory vax,

      For God’s sake do something instead of arguing. People demand action and results.

  22. anothermother

    What about the atrocities the deep state has committed for years. Do they just have a group hug and sing Kumbaya? We the people want more than that.

  23. Bridie Hickey

    Time is not on our side…..we need action now…..the shadow government must be exposed and they mus t pay for their crimes against humanity. Why do you want to keep the data hidden on these people… many more people must die ….these people are criminals…they’ve got blood of millions of people over the years…..why would you ask them to pull back….this is a joke…..exposure is the only way….and they must pay….

  24. CheeMiss

    Finally the comment window has come back up.

    Surely Philippe knows that Trump will never win if the Dominion machines or any other type of electronic election machines are used.

    So why is Philippe not releasing his proof now?
    Why is Philippe talking about 2024 elections instead of exposing the 2020 theft?

    This is beyond bogus!!!

    • Chuck Senior France will become another Islamic State unless drastic measures change course. Argillier has more than his agenda to simply save France from being overrun by Islamization. Let him save France first, then talk about the 38 tyrants!

  25. Truth

    Phillippe, you need to either release it now and let the world go into chaos and rebalance, or wait till the have pumped enough of this shit bio weapon into people’s arms, then they will happily build their better world when the majority are left dying over the next several years….. pick your demon and what you can live the rest of your life knowing what you chose to sacrifice.

  26. Laurel

    2024 – NO It must be NOW – the country can’t sustain this evil agenda … much appreciated but we have lost continually be WAITING, delay tactics have destroyed us and become the swamp.

    Each day we wait another crumb falls to the shadow government. NO MORE TIME to lose. Too many people are being killed with vaccine mandates. MUST STOP shadow govt NOW.

  27. M Elaine

    I don’t understand why you would negotiate with mass murderers. They will take you down. Hello? Put the data banks on the blockchain, and expose to the world. This whole thing is nonsense if you ask killers to be in the parallel government. You need strong ppl that are absolutely certain of their commitment to the truth. Not wavering fools. If you can’t expose all now, at least start. Already you will have an impossible time getting the word out. This is Mormon any major sites.

  28. Angel

    Thank you Nations in Action, Philippe and Generals for your hard work!!
    For the people who are criticizing, what are you doing to help our Country/World?? Are you getting involved at your local level?

  29. Kathryn

    Maria, I would love to share this, but truly there is no real information here. It’s like some people on a zoom
    Call speculating. These videos will not be taken seriously. I am confused with all of your messages. On Doug Billings show you said that you would break big news there. And nothing. On Stew Peters, Phillip came out and made some wild claims that no one can really prove..

    Now you are on your very small platform that no one knows anything about and you have 3 sessions that were all filmed on the same day. I was really hoping that you were for real. There is no real information here. Everyone is dancing around topics and I fail to hear any real plans.

    Normal people are hurting and being killed off in the modern day has chambers called hospitals. Children are being threatened with death shots, our next generation college students are all going to die off because of the death shots and the middle class are becoming destitute because of China’s grip on our country.

    I am no loysure what you all are really up to, and I only have so much time to be informed. The media is still hopelessly corrupt and need to be shut down. We are done with all of this.
    Take care, if you are honestly trying to help Americans I will be praying for you, but these sessions are proving to be fruitless.

  30. Kim

    Please please this all must be stopped. They are coming for the children 5 and up. I am in Canada and we are up to our eyeballs in mandates. So many have had the covid vaccine and so many still asleep. I pray in Jesus name that this war be over for the sake of humanity.

  31. Anyraya

    If no action is taken NOW, there will be nothing to save in 2024.How could Argillier be asked to be president of France in 2022 while almost no one knows him there… Is it his goal in fact? First me and we’ll see about DJT later?
    Time is of the essence ALL OVER the world while people are dying/murdered… and now, it’s happening to the children so… the end of this comedy is urgently needed…

  32. Hopeful but Confused

    I am wondering if it would be helpful if Phillipe explained the difference, if any, between a database and a databank. I am getting signals that they may be two different things. I have questions like:

    1) Is there a difference between a databank and a database?
    2) How does somoeone go about building a databank?
    3) Why did Philippe start a databank in the first place?

  33. mark Southam

    Can we understand how Phillipe can suggest that he wants to work with people who:
    Committed crimes against humanity
    Stole an election off the American people
    enslaved the world in debt

    he seems to be no different from them – No justice for we the people.

    Who elected him?

  34. Eric

    Yeah…. Sure…. Total bulls#!*+…. Nice try… no conflict ? You must be joking. Donald Trump ? Also joking… you may impress those two old generals Phil….
    Let’s see your actions…
    So far …. Just empty words…
    There will be accountability. There will be justice. There will be Truth…
    No conflicts ? Too late for that now..
    You smell like misdirection. Hopeium…
    If I’m wrong, then prove your actions.

  35. James wall

    You guys need to hurry up before they put the unvaccinated Australians in quarantine camps, heres proof they are IT IS NOT GOOD

  36. cjcabin

    Maria said at the outset of these negotiations that globalists were warned to cease the vax program, or there would be a data dump of damning evidence. That was 9/1/21.
    As of October 21/21 we have had 3 “fireside chats”.
    No cancellation of vaccine program.
    No data dumps.

  37. Laura L Niles

    What would be the future consequences of President Trump being an ally with Philippe? With so many on the shadow side, how would one stay safe and/or alive? Can we trust a “contract” with the shadow side? I’ve yet to see good and evil work well together. If this works, how can it be lasting? For starters, there can be no requirements from the shadow side upon President Trump or Philippe.

  38. Ken

    Why are you showing these that were obviously done one the same day in such segments? This is a waste of time I’m sure you must have more than this

  39. Jesse Smith

    I disagree with Trump coming back in 2024, We need to fix 2020, We will not be around by 2024 as this nation is being destroyed everyday and people are still taking the death jab and thousands are dying everyday.

    • Daniel Salling

      The Bible shows us how to deal with groups of people who are evil, especially those who harm and kill children.. you kill them ALL. Stop playing footsie, the time is NOW.

  40. Damien Ronalds

    Lets all pray that his plan works, I commend & thank all of you for your hardwork. These are some scary times. Unity has never been more needed. Seems like the impossible needs to happen, I live in Canada BC & have slowly watched people change over the last decades. We need to change the way we live & get back to community. Caring for 1 another instead of avoiding each other. Relying on cell phones & apps & video entertainment, social media, AI, is not the future of humanity. We need spirituality no matter what this means to an individual.

  41. John Taylor

    The big problem is the power of the media over the population. TV is the biblical false prophet. The ratings of CNN are falling and falling. The popularity of Biden is collapsing. Yet still I feel people are unaware of the gravity of the situation we now face.
    Two really important things we need now are:
    – A media channel people can rely on
    – Fixing rigged elections. How can we have an honest outcome of 2022 elections if we don’t fix the system.
    Failing to fix this will result in a repeat of 3030 in 2024.

  42. Janet

    I personally feel that the info should be disbursed throughout the world and not just left in the hands of two people. Just like McAfee did. Keeping it in the hands of several people who no one knows had the files and then lets see what happens. we cannot allow those filthy murderers go scot free when they’ve destroyed so many lives in their boredom.

  43. James

    Cmon Man, Philipe you said that the deep state got Trump out, 2024, it will be too late! 2020 needs to be reinstated, it was taken from trump, even Soros said that at Davos! Remember??? Stolen Election needs to be dealt with for crying out loud!

    Hit those elite scum hard, if you have data, let it out now! This is too much cloak and daggers, the people don’ need to be fooled again!

  44. Tawanda

    I checked up on the name he gave regarding the person in Africa. It confirms there is movement of this person Bollere, removing himself from Africa which gives some level of credibility. I personally am observing closely, watching to see if any results before developing an opinion.

    I did see yesterday that Merkel from Germany is going to be out. She’s Shadow. I thought to myself, hum, this is interesting. Therefore, I will continue to be interested to watch the UK now.

    Durham is pressing forward w/more documents as well. 81,000 pages in regards to Sussman.

    We do need to pray that the AG in Arizona DOES HIS JOB and brings charges for those they KNOW and have EVIDENCE that election information was DELETED. I watched the hearing myself. The MSM totally is lying about what was in the first report. It is even more damaging now w/evidence.

    Wisconsin now has evidence of election tampering. So no you have a second state. Keep praying. The wheels are moving in the right direction..patience.

  45. Brox

    these are children playing games… idiots really…

  46. David Baiche

    Philippe Argillier is a mythomaniac, a crook, an impostor or quite simply a patient. See the media from my country, France, which talks about him. Type Philippe Argilier Yellow Fly Rider vest. This man is sick …

  47. Pedro

    The citizens of the world need to take back the planet from the psycho-pedo oligarchs, forget about all the smoke and mirrors like this one!

  48. Mary

    I don’t doubt Maria’s sincerity and appreciate her hard work. I don’t believe you negotiate with evil. They have no intent of helping humanity

  49. Guffman

    Looks like you’re losing followers fast here Maria. You touted these data banks as game over for the whole globalist syndicate – at the highest levels – two full months ago now. Nothing has been done. Nothing has been shared. The world and its people continue to be destroyed day after day.
    I wanted to believe you like everyone else here but as time goes on, you’re unfortunately only giving your critics more credibility, not yourself.

  50. RonE

    The propaganda has to stop if people are going to wake up. Maybe it’s time to take over all local news stations and work our way up.

  51. cecile

    Hitler, Mussolini, and the guy in Japan were just a few against the whole world. It still took 6 years to stop these insane men.
    who cares about the election, we are talking about people being forcibly injected with a deadly substance, this experimental drug, they call a “vaccine”. and now they are talking about injecting little children with that. THIS IS WHAT MUST BE STOPPED RIGHT NOW, and those people should be exposed and taken down to the In End of discussion!ternational Court in De Hague, and even be executed for their crimes against humanity, just like the Nazis were!

    • Cecile

      to the International Court in De Hague, end of discussion!

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    detailed information you provide. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed information. Excellent read!
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