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Great Awakenings LT. Scott Bennett interviews Maria Zack

by Jan 25, 2022

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  1. Cduv

    I sent 3 links to you back when Trump lost, people reporting the election interference. The links have all been deleted. You can find parts of it on bitchute.

    Was it ever confirmed? General Mcinenery said it was electrioncally manipulated. Italy gate. – General McInernery

  2. Jacque

    What are the consequences for the SCOTUS that are refusing to see this evidence and act on it? Do we have any agencies in power that aren’t corrupt that can do something about it?

  3. Rita

    You did not share that which you saw in Biden’s speech. Could you do so? Thank you

  4. Lauren

    Thank you for all the info. It troubles me that nothing obvious seems to have changed with the shadow government after the information provided by Philippe Argillier. We know there are forces at work trying to restore our great nation but when can we expect an update from Mr. Argillier?

  5. Lovie

    I lv how she is making it clear that there is corruption with both party’s. The two party system is broken. How can Americans ever vote again like some are pushing us to. Our voting system is broken. It’s senseless to vote until we fix what happen in 2020. I also have been patiently waiting to hear an update on Mr. Argillier. Thank you for all you both do.

  6. tiredofthemedialies

    Thank you for laying it out.. Especially your assertation that these filth should be executed.

    We seem to have been overcome (worldwide) by the new ‘reconciliation movement’ which thinks they (the filth) should just go to prison for a while.

    If the sentence for raping and killing a child is the death sentence (in some States) then what should be the sentence for deliberately inflicting multiple sclerosis, cancer, heart attacks, sterility, and much more , upon victims.?

    All their actions have contravened all of the Articles of the Nuremburg Code, Geneva Convention, Helsinki Agreements, etc. and all perpetrators have undermined and tried to bring down the State.

    Remember, that all these ‘crazy angries’ exhibit the psychological ‘Dark Triad’ traits. (Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Sociopathy.)

    The World cannot continue or survive with psychopaths and avowed eugenicists in charge.