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Significant positions within national governments around the world have been compromised.  It is now up to local communities to ensure the protection of individuals from discrimination based on vaccination status.  The Nations in Action Alliance (“NIAA”) is offering expertise to local communities which recognize the critical need to protect its citizens against the overreach of the national governments.  By passing local ordinances and legislation, individuals will no longer be forced into receiving products labeled as vaccines to maintain employment or enjoy other God-entitled freedoms and rights. The occupants of national leadership positions have failed in their most basic responsibilities to their citizens and the NIAA is at the forefront of correcting this injustice.

Vaccination mandates threaten the spiritual, physical, and economic well-being of local communities.  National governments are now leveraging their economic power to bully and force individuals and businesses to comply or face unemployment, bankruptcy, or competitive disadvantage.  It is now left to local communities and individuals to push back, and the NIAA is here to help.

The survival of local governance is at stake.  Individuals should never be forced to choose between an unnecessary medical procedure and their God-given rights.   Peace and security at home and abroad is now threatened as hundreds of thousands of good-hearted and God-centered service men and women are forced out of military institutions.   Emergency service systems are failing as police, firefighters, and healthcare workers are being threatened by political occupants.  The threat of millions and millions of workers becoming unemployed overnight threatens our local housing markets and tax revenues, which are essential to keep local government services operational.  This is a local government emergency.

The local response is the global solution.  The NIAA has a proven track-record of promoting, preserving, and defending individual freedom around the world.  To protect citizens from discriminatory actions based on an individual’s vaccination status, we are making our template proposal available here.  Local governments were elected to protect the rights and freedoms of their communities.  It is time to stand up for God and freedom.

Join us.  If you are interested in joining NIAA’s letter calling on local officials to enact protections for their communities, please sign up here.  Once we receive your request, we will add your name/organization to the NIAA template letter, which you can use to send to local officials in your area.  Feel free to spread the word about this urgent solution.

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Template Letter for Local Officials

Template Ordinance for Local Officials