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Stew Peters Show: “Who Stole 2020, and Who is in Power?”

by Apr 6, 2022

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  1. Jacque

    I am so disappointed in Flynn. God said that we will be saddened and shocked at who is really with the bad guys when the truth comes out.

    • John Young

      I’m hoping Maria is wrong. To me there is nothing wrong with others planning to run for office because anyone could be gone tomorrow and we need leaders to follow Trump. I think Flynn and Byrne are patriots but I have no feel for Pompeo. Another potential bombshell appeared yesterday when Jovan Pulitzer posted to his channel that his team has cracked the code on the Maricopa election theft but it is so complicated they are still struggling with how to explain it at the 8th grade level to the public. Stay tuned for that!

      • Padma

        Respectfully disagree with you.
        Take a deeper look at Flynn & Patrick! They are Satan worshiping self promoted unpatriotic people.
        See Patrick’s 5 minutes video in his telegram page, they are full of it. I thought they are acting like bad guys no they are part of the cabal.
        Please read Lin Wood telegram page. We’ll know more. I’m still digging for truth every day!

    • Joyce N.


      • Joyce N.

        I’ve noticed so many people after the election fraud happened are asking for donations to fight election fraud and the only ones I’ve seen produce any evidence is Maria zack, Mike lindell, and stew peters show! All others are.. all talk and no action in my opinion. Maria zack mention there was money raised under false pretenses of helping her in her fight to save our our country and expose corruption, but they never gave any of the money that was donated to her cause , that is beyond evil! these are scammers that are swindling money out patriots that care deeply for this country and they are using the name of a true courageous hero like Maria zack and her team to profit off of. I am only donating to nations in action site, and Mike lindell site, stew peters show, any other I will consider scampers.

      • S

        Pompeo was a CIA director. I wanted to believe that he had a change of heart when he joined Trump admin but apparently CIA operatives are pathological liars.

    • Donna

      I believe you listen to the Prophets like I do.

  2. Danyeal

    Such troubling news about Pompeo and Flynn! It would explain what has happened though. Don’t want to believe it but she seems very authentic so I am inclined to believe her.

    • Michele

      I have been following Maria since approximately Dec. 2020 when I first heard what was only a voice recording of her while she was in Italy. At that point, she was only beginning to get information, and though there was no way to know if what she was saying was true, my gut told me she was the real deal. In every interview that I have seen with her since it all started, she has been 100% consistent in what she has stated, adding a bit more as time progressed.

      As for General Flynn, I trusted him, but now I am unsure. He is certainly entitled to run for office if he chooses, but why would he keep info from President Trump? Yet, he does seem to be fighting for all of the same causes that “We The People” care about. Why would he do that if he weren’t on our side? Hmmmm……Maria, do you think it is possible that maybe General Flynn has more intel than what we know and he truly is working as part of a bigger plan to get our country back on track?

  3. Carly

    Nooooo! Not Pompeo ! He’s my favorite! He can’t be one of the bad guys. I always feel like he’s the only one who knows what’s actually happening in the world.

  4. Jay

    2 years too late
    Flynn – byrne are scum
    Especially byrne he’s a commi

    Psy op after psy op
    I’d say fight but we will just end up with deep state new leaders

    Trump needs to put something real together and be a tyrant

    Gone on too long now
    America is finished

  5. Jay

    Flynn and byrne blocked Arizona from showing the frauds
    These 2 have stopped trump bringing out the truth since the election

    • Joyce N.

      I had a feeling about lin wood, Byrnes,Flynn, when I seen a video clip of Flynn speaking against trump, that did it for me, Lin wood claims he has so much evidence of what he claims but never reveals any of it, lot of people out there doing rallies or speaking ingagements and making a lot of money from donations in name of election fraud. Maria is the real deal and she’s a hero in my book. Flynn had the evidence and said nothing!. Don’t get me wrong.. I like Flynn and Lin wood, Byrnes to, but as time went by I had began to doubt they’re patriotism.

  6. Pharcas

    I’ve had a weird feeling about Pompeo for quite awhile. I’ve never trusted him. Had a gut feeling about Flynn too but I actually kinda liked him. I remember when the plane was tampered with and they tried to kill Trump. He’s had so many attempts on his life recently…. dozens in the past year and a half or so. Get your affairs in order… America is going to war with the deep state soon.

  7. Shawn

    Looking forward to seeing the documentation backing up all of the “bombs” Maria dropped on Stew Peters Show last week. I really felt Maria needs a couple hours of interview with Stew to explain everything fully. Hopefully that can happen.

    It is, however, important to have the receipts to back up all of this. At this point, almost nothing would surprise me. However, there’s so much information being rolled out, that its imperative that we are able to back it up with substantiated proof.

    It hasn’t been a week yet, so Ill be patient?

  8. Pam

    Please tell me that President Trump has been made aware of ALL this information and that he knows the truth about Flynn and Pompeo! Also, that he has already seen the proof!!

  9. Donna

    So many of these guy’s in our government are crooked Maria needs to check in with War Room Steve Bannon. He has the names & proff of most all the traders in our Gov. & that’s because he is in contact with so many of the real Patriots. Also she needs to talk with Lara the real Jouranalist can’t remember her last name. she learning real fast the good guy’s from the bad guy’s . There is a lot more crooks in our Gov. than Patriots but most don’t want to believe it.

  10. Jim T

    Maria, when I first heard your information about Italygate and the raid on the servers in germany, I thought it would be just a short time until people were arrested and the wrong would be righted. After much time, I have discounted this as bad theory, yet I keep going back to re-examine it. We’re you part of the group that said people are being arrested and shipped to guantanimo….and executed? If so, that makes it easier for me to discount this as pacifying fiction. Personally, I think Pompeo is a good Christian man, but I really thought Barr was a righteous dude also. I don’t need you to do a polygraph, I need you to show us some tangible proof. Thanks

  11. Barnabas

    Maria is fiery and intelligent, but I’ve not seen much (if any) evidence from her. When asked for proof, she resorts to “I’ll take a polygraph” and “I have over 30 years of experience.” That’s why she no longer appears on Doug Billings’ show: he requested evidence, she didn’t produce it, and he declined to invite her back. As Doug told her, “No one doubts that you are passionate” – but that’s not the same thing as providing actual evidence.

    I hope she’s right about the Italian connection, and that evidence comes to light. But her being angry at Gen. Flynn and Pompeo for choosing not to promote her intel is *not* the same as them subverting Trump. I agree with another comment that it’s entirely possible they had more intel than she did and were (are) working with a bigger plan then she could see. Or perhaps, like Mr. Billings, they simply chose to pass when they saw passion but little to no evidence.

    Time will tell. I continue to pray for truth, justice, and liberty to prevail.