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Maria Strollo Zack And Nations In Action On Election Integrity, Covid, The Shadow Government And More

by Jan 25, 2022

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Maria Strollo Zack And Nations In Action On Election Integrity, Covid, The Shadow Government And More

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  1. Jacque

    Glad you are safe. Praying someone in LE will take action or some news media will start picking this up

  2. Bob Hagen

    Dear Maria, Good to see you. I wonder how Philippe Argillier is doing? We seem to be running out of time. Cam you comment? God bless you…. Bob

    • Julie

      Maria, I tried sending on it’s own but for some reason it doesn’t show up and I can’t seem to get it to you. I am also VERY curious what happened to PHILIPPE ARGILLER and the 4th database of information??? Once again I feel like we are being lead astray and given false hopes as our planet cries out. At this point, anyone that has information and withholds it, is suspect. ARGILLER’s reason for not exposing everything was that “he didn’t want to hurt anyone or cause chaos”..???? What, like he didn’t want to hurt the 39 people controlling the world, who are responsible for the world’s anguish and heartache THAT’S RIDICULOUS AND UNBELIEVABLE!!! We are being LIED TO ON ALL FRONTS.

  3. John Young

    It sounds like egos and personalities are hurting our cause. Have you sought or received assistance from Patrick Byrne? He is hyping a conference on February 5 in Tampa.

  4. Goran

    How can you not have money for this? Do you not have a billionaire working with you on this with his databanks? Does he not want to help you with money also?

  5. Julie

    Maria, what is going on with Philippe Argillier???? I thought his database full of information was going to help us. I feel like it’s one more “endless rabbit hole” that we’re being lead down. We have a planet that is crying out. We are constantly given the same song and dance… “We have to wait, things are happening”. I just listen to one of the interviews you gave on January 20. I’m even more discouraged to know that what was once 60% shadow government controlled is now 90%

  6. Susie

    I caught on to this whole thing – on twitter a year ago and the audio link of Maria giving the information on Italy interference with the election. I started to dig and go down the rabbit hole. Was really encouraged when she met Philippe – but why is this taking so long?? Are you all going to each individual to let them know you are going to expose them and see if they will confess on their own so that the domino effect will occur with others involved and put the blackmailing to an end? I can’t get my husband to listen to your interviews anymore because he wants to see action and all he hears are the same words – that it is going to all come out. Well WHEN? It’s got to come out now! What was Federal Special Prosecutor Durham’s reaction to the information you passed on to him? Is it going to take another 2 years ( that we don’t have by the way) to get any report out of him – just like everyone was hoping he would do for the Trump “Russian” connection investigation? Thank you for all you have done and your team and others helping you – you have made great sacrifices and are a target. Get your reports out to the world! Have an international press conference and let ‘er rip! Is Philippe hedging because everything he wants to occur isn’t exactly what the US wants to do?