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Maria with Rick from Blessed to teach in AUG 2021

by Jun 8, 2022

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  1. John Young

    You are correct that only God can save our nation and defeat whatever cabals are controlling our world. My question is what has Phillipe Argillier done to support the 2020 election fraud effort? Is that a dead end and is there any hope of an investigation and prosecution of Leonardo and its employees and the employees of the US agencies like DoS who enabled the cyber attacks and vote manipulation. How does it support or relate to the whistleblower cyber data provided to Mike Lindell that has yet to be revealed beyond supposed vote totals by state and county on his web site?

  2. John Young

    So this video is ten months old and mentions George Bush and something he needed to confess about 9/11. That is a story I’ve never heard and don’t remember anything coming out last summer. Was that buried or delayed? More information on 2020 election fraud comes out every day yet almost all politicians are completely silent and complicit in that fraud. Since both Raffensberger and Kemp won their primaries (or the machines won it for them) it seems Georgia remains captured. Arizona’s politicians are also captured but there is hope if Kari Lake can win the governorship in November. Are we resigned to hope for a Red wave in November before any real progress can be made? Five months is a long time …

  3. P. Bassich

    Mandates are unconstitutional … “All laws, rules, and practices which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void”, per Marbury v. Madison.
    You can read about the real law (common law), the Supreme Law of the Land in the Common Law Handbook, which is sold on eBay.

  4. Ivy

    I have the same questions as John Young has on here..some hope would b nice at this time.