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Maria Zack and French Billionaire Expose Global Corruption with Databanks on the Stew Peters Show

by Oct 11, 2021

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Maria Zack and french billionaire expose global corruption with databanks on the Stew Peters Show.

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  1. TessBed

    Well…looks to me that corruption (shadow government) is not going to be exposed any time soon.
    If that person has so much info on governments around the world, how come they couldn’t prevent covid madness implementation.? The “Nationin action will not help us ‼️If They negotiate with criminals , instead taking more aggressive action, will not free the people of the world.
    So, people buckle up, load the gun and protect yourself ???

    • Debbie Ronan

      Will these people who commit crimes be punished? Will we know in our country’s who has done all these criminal acts or stole our election s ie Canada. When people have lost family members because of governments following
      these people who want to depopulate, I personally find it hard to think these people will not pay for their treasonous acts.

      • Laura

        Itooks like 19 days later after this interview RCMP submitted their first official open letter, 4 days later without any answer they rebel and turned a platform on fire and many provincial governments started to show withdrawal sign from their ascensiune on their high horses.
        Keep on eye on the news and read between lines.

      • Anthony

        You know what happens to criminals like this that even if their current operation were to be shutdown? They regroup and execute another plan. The people responsible need to be prosecuted, and whatever the outcome, given a punishment equal to their crimes. These are crimes against humanity.

    • Debbie

      I agree with you. If this person can stop this madness I believe he needs to bring it and these corrupt people need to be held accountable. The clock is ticking!!! And we are running out of time.

    • Jacque

      How do you suggest they go about it? We have a fully corrupt system. We can’t go to CIA, DOD, DOJ, FBI and our Supreme Court is also compromised. Enlighten me on any suggestions you have?

    • David Jordan

      he did say why he won’t expose them yet, negotiation so as not to create panic either side

    • Lee

      There is so much we don’t know, about the dark side and how best to fight it. We don’t have any idea what Nations in Action is up against.
      They only get one shot at this. The world depends on their doing it right and the right timing.
      Rather than criticize those who are in the war, I suggest we hit our knees and pray for their protection, and God’s will be done.

      • Jolanta

        Very WELL said…
        God, bless and protect us all?

        • Jane Walsh

          By the Grace of God the corruption is documented and is being exposed. My trust is in Jesus Christ. God bless everyone around the world who is standing against the evil that seeks to destroy us.

      • Persephone

        Amen. Well said Lee!!

      • Andrew Kommineus

        So True Amen.

    • Kay

      It is easy for him to reveal Bill Gates. It has been reported that Bill Gates was found guilty by a Military Tribunal at Gitmo and executed. I am sure he knows that Bill Gates is no longer with us.

      • Kubko

        I think you’re getting your news from that web site that has explicitly “For entertainment” written in its purpose. Check on that. They reported yesterday that Bill Clinton was executed at Gitmo, yet today’s news show video of him coming out of hospital a shaking hands with the staff.
        Bill Gates is still up and healthy as ever, you can bet on it.

        • Dean

          Many of the people that you are seeing in the news or social media (Clintons, Gates etc.)
          are not the real ones. What you are seeing actor/doubles look-a-likes. In case you doubt this,
          look at old photos of Bill and Hillary and make note of Hillary’s height next to Bill. Then look at more recent photos and you will see how much shorter the actor is next to Bill. But even if you look real close at their faces, you can tell that they only look-a-likes.

        • Denise P Centeno

          All MSM news is now News and Entertainment as of a few years ago. They are talking heads (puppets) for the Cabla and the owners that pull their strings

      • Karen

        It has not been reported Bill Gates has been executed by military tribunal. It’s been speculated, rumored, and presented as Fact. Maybe it is leaked Military information. We don’t know. Big Difference.

      • Lowell

        Who told you that story?

      • Adele Weingartner

        We just saw him walking his daughter down the isle last weeken! I think he is alive and well!

      • David

        Stop listening to the Q-tards.

    • Kay

      This world does not have 36 months. 36 months of allowing the Deep State to continue their reset agenda will achieve what they planned all along. They are murdering people with their bio weapon. The world will be over as we know it. Is this guy part of the Deep State? Where is our military? I thought they had a plan and they were coming before the end of this year. President Trump promised he would return before the end of the year. This is nothing less than some type of nightmare. So all the intel we have been fed from all the so called Patriots are nothing less than lies. We have been fed nothing but lies. There is no plan with Trump and our military.

      • John

        Why do you say 36 months? He said April 11/22. That’s 6 months. Sounds a little Q’ish to me, but I’m at the point of grasping at straws now, and this Philippe sounds sincere.

      • DF

        Kay, you’re absolutely right! Americans are being manipulated with lies and disease. There is a big plan in place and they’re accomplishing it through any means possible! Paying off the politicians, the judges, supreme court, the media, the social networks, ton of activists groups, Hollywood, etc. if they can’t pay them off, they blackmail them or kill them making it look like it was suicide. Biden has given so much to China and Russia already and done so much damage to our country already. It would take a miracle from God to keep us from being overruled by communist dictators. They are following Hitlers playbook and Americans are buying into it just like the Germans believed Hitler. It’s very hard to understand how Americans can’t see through their lies, gaslighting and words of manipulation. If this guy had anything to stop this communist train he would have used it already. You can’t reason and negotiate with communist dictators. God Bless everyone in the world!

    • Greg Gervais

      Anyone wanting to colaberate w DJT is of the Black Sun. I am affraid this is just another phychological operation.
      This man does seem to be somewhat of an insider with the black sun group.
      However, there is no negotiating with these people. They have no remorse. No connection to God or Source.
      I like to remain hopeful / but this has no proof of actionable items leading us towards liberation.

    • Laura

      He is still taking about another govern? Noooo!! Paralel, Shadow, etc. The ierarhic System is the problem….

    • Ruth

      I understand. Unfortunately yes this is Vital Information, but How do you Fight Something that is So Rampant!

    • Tim Mortrud

      If it support and trust you seek, the people would respond favorable to seeing somebodies head on a pike! Two would serve the cause better yet! Call your shot so we know who to thank.

      • Jim Rose

        stew is just hard hitting, not rude. argillier knew who he was being interviewed by, he knows stew’s manner, if he couldnt handle it, he could’ve left like Vernon Jones did in a recent interview.

    • David Baiche

      Philippe Argillier is a mythomaniac, a crook, an impostor or quite simply a patient. See the media from my country, France, which talks about him. Type Philippe Argilier Yellow Fly Rider vest. This man is sick …

      • Jim Rose

        Monsieur Argillier said the media has been against him but my gut tells me he is sincere and legit….the french media can no more be trusted than the lying U.S. media including social media…..I however DID NOT LIKE his need for us to remain ‘patient’ for 36 months…I laughed at that….if he can’t get this ship floating faster than 36 months, someone will find him and his ‘data banks’ and destroy both.

      • johane

        You’re ill-informed the sick one is your president & the mainstream who’s sabotaging him so you’re certainly not aware of the current situation and frankly, you’ve been brain watched

    • Jim Rose

      That’s exactly what I thought after listening to Monsieur Argillier. We must wait for 36 months??? Does he know how much CAN HAPPEN in 36 months????

  2. Carrie

    I wanted to see some sort of proof this was real. There was nothing. The guy seemed like a rambling fool. What was that all about. And why wouldn’t this guy let the world know the truth, so we can all know. He wants to control and work with the shadow government. We all know Bill Gates is evil, so he told us nothing new there. I’m not sure what this interview accomplished. I did like however how the interviewer tried to keep this guy on point. That must have been hard. There was no smoking gun of proof of anything. He is another controller. It’s not up to him to decide when to release this information. Like people are dying all over the world right now from the shadow government. If he has this kind of info he should come forward or stop talking about god. This sounds like he is doing what’s best for him. just strange.

    • Peter

      After listening to Philippe’s story I understand the risky situation he finds himself in and his conviction to make the truth known. From my observation it seems he has a compulsion to do the right thing before God. He seems to be a man of honor. This is my first encounter with the man so I can only access him by his testimony in this video and watching his presentation.
      But a true test of a man’s honor is when he follows through with his words. Time will reveal his real intentions. But at this point in time Philippe’s intentions seem honorable and for the good of humanity.
      There is a huge responsibility that has been placed on his shoulders and there is a price to pay in what he is doing. I think he has had a long time to weigh up the cost of the actions he will take. From my perception it seems he is playing it safe.
      My words to Philippe will be…”This is your test, your moment to live up to the challenge before you”.
      He has gone public and stepped onto the battlefield.
      I think of David and Goliath. While the armies of Israel hid in the trenches, David stepped up to the challenge. I respect Philippe for his courage.
      But David then ran towards Goliath. He did not hesitate. I am sure David was nervous, but he was driven by righteous courage saying “Who are you to defy the armies of the Living God”.
      So Philippe is standing on the battlefield. He is in the public view now. How long will he wait while people continue to be deceived and murdered. What would he do if it was his daughter that died at the hands of the men in the shadows? Wait?
      While he waits, fathers lose their daughters, mothers lose their babies and these shadowy figures stuff their coffers with trillions of dollars without an inkling of guilt.
      I ask myself what I would do. This is difficult to consider because I am not in Philppe’s shoes. May I share some thoughts and that is all they are my own thoughts.
      Out of the 38 I would pick one to target. I would do my research and create a strategy to expose him so the world will see that I am serious about doing something about this evil. This would put fear in the others and send them a message that any one of them could be next. This would also put the shadow members to the test on what they will do next. As the saying goes “Give one enough rope, and one will hang oneself.”
      I don’t think it’s time to be passive here.
      David did not hesitate and stand on the battlefield, thumbing his stones. He moved with courage and intention. He moved in faith in his God.
      So I say if you are going to stand up and be counted then take action or go sit down with the others in the trenches.
      It seems God has put this data in this man’s hands like God prepared David for his day in front of Goliath.
      I close by saying it’s time to run at the enemy. There’s a reason God called David a man after His own heart. David strove to do what pleased God not man.

      • Christopher

        Awesome comment Peter,thank you.

        • Elizabeth Dick

          This brave man and Maria Zack and Nations n Action has nothing to gain but to stop the evil taking over our country and also the world! I believe him and believe his work and his claims. They give me so much hope that the evil people are being exposed and will be defeated! He is a good and Godly man and may Our Lord be with him!

      • Carlos Osorio

        100 % with you

      • Sharon Lauer

        Thank you, Peter!

    • Rose

      Exactly, in the ladt two world wars, the Rothchilds and the Bushes played both ends. This could be another 9ne playing ys. Nothing luke making us expect something wonderful to happen, the carrot, and then deflate and depress us. Many will commit suicide for that kind of depression.

    • Steven

      Personally, I think this guy is a blowhard. This guy might actually be one of the 38 and doing this to put some feelers out looking to see what the good guys have. What troubles me is that he continues to say his group are not trying to start conflict but just bring back humanity. If this guy was at the meeting about coxxvid in 2015, as he said, I don’t trust him any further than I could throw him.

  3. Sally

    Wow I finally found you, the place that will save America, God willing.
    I don’t have much but will donate what I can to your Organization. Thank God for all of YOU involved!!!!!

  4. Eve

    Wow I just spent an hour and a half listening to that guy talk so much and say nothing. I have zero interest in Michael Jackson. He didn’t say a word about how he’s going to stop this Covid totalitarian genocide plaguing the world. I’m in the USA and pilots are grounding planes because they can’t work if they don’t get the shot. I’m just looking for hope for the sake of my two little daughters. And all this talk about “I’m not trying to cause conflict?” These mass murderers genocidal maniacs have already destroyed a year and a half of our lives and killed our fellow mankind. This guy didn’t even drop us a crumb. And he said 36 months? We’d be dead by then. I don’t think will survive another 12 months if this isn’t stopped. No offense, I wanted so much to believe in you but thanks for nothing ): We are all desperate for help and hope.

    • Rose


  5. Peter Maxwell

    Let’s get the shadow government on our side and all sing Kumbaya. “What a joke”. This is the most disappointing interview of the century. Hand those data banks over to someone with a pair of balls and stamp these evil tyrants out once and for all. There is no compromising with evil Tyrants you idiots.
    If you think we are not at DEFCON ONE now, then it is already over.???

    • Chloe Scarf

      hello from Canada.,
      I understand why Americans would think this guy a flake;
      we have a big French population up here, so i understand how odd he seeems. ,some of this is the French way.
      but please, go and hear The Warrior Calls interview of Maria Zack, last week; by our man Chris James.
      It may add a bit of credibility to all this seemingly outrageous claim.
      but mostly im sending you this link to introduce you to Chris James, because his work is arming people all over the world to walk into the local courthouse and TAKE BACK THEIR POWER. This is the real work in the sense that we cant wait around for some top down solutions., that has got us in this mess to begin with. we have to do the heavy lifting ourselves. its a ! a real learning curve, but one that lost and lots of people i know are taking on. God gave us this life, and gave us our rights. Time to act like we own it!
      Chris James, A Warrior Calls, has boots on the ground solutions.He will help you if you reach out, i have no doubt.

  6. James Kolb

    Hope these people do something about what’s going on all over the world. Not holding my breath!

  7. Laura Bobolia

    The interview with Argillier was disappointing. With the info he supposedly has, I expected a plan of action, especially one that is more aggressive. Giving those in the shadow government a chance to right their wrongdoing doesn’t serve the needs of our country in a timely manner.

    • Robert Kremer

      It’s clear that this guy proceeds carefully. Another clear reality is that one not ever disclose his strategy to an adversary. Yes? If you have proof the man is duplicitous, present it.

  8. Cindy

    This man is a snake. We want nothing to do with his parallel government and I didn’t like Maria Zack when she came around last time. She is a player with the Deep State. We

    • Dee

      Please prove your statement: “She is a player with the Deep State. “

  9. cathie

    Im not going to apologize. I do tend to believe him and will be patient and observe
    what’s what. I also personally have always felt there are others somewhere controlling our
    entire world. You can see it if you pay attention and are alert.

    I’m going to give him a shot and see what he does. I will also pray for this man as far as protection, continued integrity, and that God will use him to expose all else.

    I also understand what he means by a parallel govt. One that beats the shadow gov.

    Its worth observing.

    I understand what he is really trying to say. Surprised others possibly do not see it. Pray for decernment to know whats what. I always pray for that prior to listening to anything.

  10. Cory Gumminger

    This is the issue with most people today. Nothing is ever hood enough. If it doesn’t happen on your timeline, you lose faith and begin throwing a hissy fit. Don’t take the jab, stay informed and protect your own castle. This man did not get to this point by being reckless. We did! America will survive. Have faith in that and we will win this war! Thank god our troops did not have these attitudes when we fought at Normandy or in the jungles of Vietnam.

    • Judith Chantler

      Too true.

  11. Julie C

    I thought the first goal was to insist that the shadow government END the Covid 19 plandemic, the killing of all these people

  12. Daniel

    This is not a Transparency Plan at all… Just another hurry up and wait… over three years according to this guy??? And he is worried about stepping on toes by exposure ??? Again, not transparency but more control mechanics over the world. Transparency means revealing the truth and the whole truth and let things fall into place accordingly as they should regardless of who or what gets exposed or hurt, so we can finally move forward with clarity and honesty to manage things correctly. His drip, drip, drip approach of what he decides to drip release out is just transferring control from one upper source to another and not from the people of the world. Sorry, not on board with that. If we have to take over the deep state by force by the people uniting and refusing any of their authority over us by non-compliance, so be it. Independence and freedom. Then we bring them all to real justice.

    • Rose

      My thoughts also. Getting rid of manipulators by manipulating the info is actually NO different!

  13. June

    I think that she has some basis as common law is more important than people generally realise.The ignorance has been deliberately inculcated.Give them a chance but still prepare.
    Our common law group has a leader who has told us something was happening but kept it quiet because we cannot allow any disruption at a crucial time.
    So it may well be true.
    I have prepared to hunker down but willing to help out.

  14. Ms. Redhead

    Love you Stew but this guy talks a lot without saying anything. Perhaps he has one of those genius IQs that prevent him from communicating well. Was he saying 3-6 months, or 36 months? Once again, Biblically speaking, look to the fruits. What has he done so far. Honestly he sounds more like the voice of doom. I watched Maria speak on A Warrior Calls and was so moved and optimistic but not feeling it now.

  15. Claudia Wartington

    Interesting that this video keeps disappearing from brandnewtube, brighteon, and other similar platforms. That should give you a hint about how serious it is, I notice that you can’t find it where you just saw it 5 minutes ago. Please download this video if you can, rename and keep posting. If it is not true, that will come to light soon enough. One strange thing about the “New World” we live in, is that people sensor us constantly, we are not allowed to listen to “crazy” people such as these. Many of us conspiracy theorist know that one must trust in your heart, that is the Holy Spirit or God speaking to you. Let us also pray for Maria and Philippe, I believe they are in constant danger if there is any truth to this. I for one believe the whole conspiracy theory Maria and Philippe are presenting!!

  16. Dushka

    The people who have been doing this to the world are led by Satan! It is both naive and foolish to think you can or should negotiable with the devil! All of this info ought to be exposed to the light! If you want to be transparent, then be transparent!
    Also forgiveness is given ONLY upon repentance or change! God always requires this before he forgives, and so must we! He is the God of Justice and Mercy and Justice always comes first!

  17. Trox


    Like catching a serial killer in the act with absolutely no question of guilt then to tell them there will be no punishment nor disclosures if the guilty accept him as their parallel new president. WTF!

    Absolutely nuts! The guillotine is too humane for the 38…..

  18. Debbie

    WHEN?? Do we find out who the Shadow Gov’t soon? America and other countries are in a desperate situation. We need transparency NOW!!! America can not wait until 2024, we will not survive the SoCalled Biden Regime. Our Military is corrupt, Our Congress is corrupt, Some Doctors are corrupt, CDC/NIH is corrupt ETC!!! This needs to be disclosed Immediately!! If Mr. Argillier has the truth it’s time to reveal the truth.

  19. William

    Please People of the world…Listen carefully to what this Man among men is saying…also the website that is he has built for us full of hope for all humanity.
    If you total up all that has been happening this is a big jump for all of us to bring something new into our Heart of Hearts an build a new place there for the light of all…to blossom there for what can all do for evermore.
    True change takes…time…to clean up this mess we are all in. This is the start of what we all need!

  20. Daniel

    Why are you taking down all the non-agreeable comments left and demonstrating Censorship here on a topic of Transparency ??? How ironic. You have erased my comment and many others I saw earlier. You lost all credibility doing that and show everyone you are part of the problem, not the solution. Get a clue, read the memo, the people of the world have had it with the few at the top and all will be revealed and dealt with accordingly bypassing corruption protecting corruption players. Go ahead and censor this too if you want… but you inside doing it are not immune from the universal law of karma you will have to pay for in doing so.

  21. Kris

    I agree with several comments above! Why does this guy want to create a ‘parallel government’ and have Donald Trump join him. Having too much government and billionaire influence is what got us into this mess. How about just taking down the shadow government and allowing us to get back to what the United States originally stood for?

    • James Kolb

      Is Phillipe the Anti-christ?

    • Will

      You seem to share the thoughts of many including myself. Mr. Trump is the real President of the USA. and with out there help we are not going to have the power to bring balance back. Look at the last two world wars…with out the allied effort of then and NATO now the adversaries will win. I am seeking for something to truly resolve this beastly circumstance facing us all…this is only the start.

  22. Jeff Bryant

    The 38 people need to be named and prosecuted and anybody in our government need to be exposed.

  23. Rhonda

    I went to the RDU website and noticed everyone has to join or donate to the organization. Does this become the yearly amount of tax for the individual? And what happens if you don’t join? Who will be in charge and who do these monies go to? You the billionaire President of RDU? So you will replace the kings/ Queens/Rulers of the entire world?

  24. Francis

    It’s understandable how everyone just jumps at revenge right out of the starting block! Revenge will just attract a more violent response! Justice is the goal, but like many battles, a ceasefire must be negotiated to bring an end to the current atrocities first. The next step would be to give the “guilty” a chance of “rehabilitation’ for the better and then if the turn-around is big/strong enough then step three would be for the removal of the rest etc. You can’t think for a moment that you could walk into a mafia stronghold and expect surrender overnight. The awakened have a role to play too and it is our job to keep the pressure up at the grassroots level so that Argillier can do the right thing at his level. Why would he do anything if we just sit on our backsides and complain?! It’s a two-way street, and we are all part of this painful process! Like any train, it takes quite a distance for a (globalist) freight train to slow down, so my guess is that we may only see tangible change by Dec/Jan.


    A very passionate man. I agree with him that this will take a lot of time to right the ship. Yes, people worldwide are suffering from the covid measures and other evil doings. But in a few years… we should see some progress.
    In the meantime we have our courts (those that aren’t bought off), and our own voices and actions. We need to wake up at least another 20% who fell for the plandemic fear-mongering. Let’s stop dividing each other up, and work together against this crap!

  26. Alaine

    I agree with all the above comments. I wanted something much more substantial. To think of 3 more years of this, is not optimistic at all. If has been working on this for so long I would have expected Trump to have been invited long ago.
    Stew, I appreciate you trying.

  27. Dawn Remington

    I have known all about the Shadow Government & their horrific actions for many years. Mr. Aguilera speaks the truth. I love that he is forming a “parallel government” with President Trump. Maybe this is what President Trump means when he says, “we will be happy.” Thank you for having Mr Aguilar on. He offers HOPE.

    • Eve

      Huh? Forgiveness for global genocide? What these people have done makes Hitler look like Mickey Mouse in Disneyland. I do not forgive them nor will I forgive them for attempting to murder all of my fellow citizens and destroy our constitution in the USA. Furthermore, they want to do the same to the children and even to the babies of our world. No forgiveness. A public and lawful trial and those found guilty in a court of law need to be executed or other severe penalty of the law – ie life imprisonments with no parole EVER so that this will never happen again! I could forgive many mistakes but not this! This was no mistake. It has been planned for so long they had much chance to repent as they watched the entire world suffer their actions! They mocked and ridiculed those who tried to bring cures for the sickness and made elderly die alone in the hospitals. And masking little two year old toddlers?! Sickos!!!

  28. David

    For those of you who said you expected some form of plan from this guy, I suggest you do some research into attack and defense operations. Being involved in specific operations myself , I can tell you first hand that only an inexperienced operative would reveal either one in advance.

    • Eve

      Yes but if he was really going to do anything he wouldn’t have revealed anything at all. Either that or strike fast, reveal it all and let them try to spin it!
      The only thing I got from this guy (if he’s not completely full of it) is that he’s going to just make the databases available (like the Pandora papers) so that people can just rummage through it, he will not reveal it, he will let people find it.

  29. Nefeli

    To believe them or not – that is the question!!!!

  30. Jim Laurie

    36 months?? More bullshit. If he has information, he’s been got at because he was messaging the crooks that he will not release any data from the banks.

  31. Frank

    I agree it was somewhat of an anti-climax. Yet there is no precedent for this. We don’t need “proof” that Gates etc. are involved, we know it already.

    And what he says about not going to fast and cooperating etc. this is true and actually the one clear reason I have trust, to trust he is not a faker. The western world is entirely dependent on just-in-time supply chains that are in turn dependent on the current system, as dysfunctional as it is. A Black Swan could cause major disruption and societal chaos – so it’s bad now yes, but it could easily get much much worse if the shadow government cut off supply chains.

  32. Hopeful but Confused

    I’m left wondering if champions of the #italygate story like me feel like I do – bummed out. There are two storylines here. The first is #italygate. The second – the reveal of the parallel government, presided over by Phillipe Argillier. It’s the Italygate issue that garnered my attention. My guess is that it’s the same for most of the followers of this unfolding narrative, as the parallel government French connection info is new. Italygate is still of great interest to me.

    I was under the impression that the French billionaire has irrefutable proof in the databanks that votes were switched via Leonardo. After watching the video, I didn’t come away with that impression. I don’t think I can be blamed for that, as I think that is what has been implied. Am I wrong?

    So, I am left struggling with what we have here. It’s just not clear to me. I was expecting the French billionaire to be undeniably credentialed, someone like Frenchman Clement Fayat, who was have instant credibility as an established billionaire with worldwide credentials regarding infrastructure. So, forgive me for being skeptical about Phillipe Argillier. One on hand, his “open letters” dating back to 2020 reference databanks, so there is evidence to support his storyline. He does seem to be connected to high society, based on his pictures with Mike Tyson, The Black Peas, and Marla Maples. But on the other hand, there is virtually no information about Phillipe. I am having a hard time believing that there is a billionaire who flies totally under the radar. Anyone can get a series of pictures with celebrities if they pursue them.

    While the world may have shook when Phillipe acquired the other 3 databases, my world shook with this reveal. Things were sitting well with me before, but not now. Does anybody feel the same way I do?

    I’m also confused about the use of the databank info. Phillipe says he didn’t release the data on his own, but did respond to requests for the info. What’s the difference? Feels like word gaming to me. I don’t respond well to that. Also, while the Paradise and Panama Papers are referenced in terms of the database, it isn’t clear if in fact the Papers are related in any way to the database. There’s an inference, but isn’t stated outright. There is an inference that the issues at Facebook were somehow tied to Phillipe, but it isn’t stated outright. Were they or weren’t they?

    These inferences leave me feeling stuck.

    I’m also confused about coronavirus. To me, Maria seemed to claim that Phillipe was asked to participate in the scheme to use coronavirus as a biological weapon to support the efforts of the Shadow government. But when you listed to Phillipe, it doesn’t seem that cut and dry. In other words, you could make the argument that Phillipe assumes he was asked to participate in a coronavirus scheme. He mentions that he was asked to participate in a Bill Gates project years ago, but doesn’t say specifically that he was asked to participate in coronavirus project. It appears that maybe he is connecting dots that maybe don’t connect.

    As a side, I am wondering if Maria is connecting dots that shouldn’t be connected. Maybe her issues with the drivers license and insurance had to do with filling out a registration renewal incorrectly. Is it possible that Maria mistook a monetary offer as a bribe?

    Along those lines, maybe the offers to Phillipe for the databases weren’t bribes but perhaps simply offers to buy the data for business purposes.

    But, maybe its just the way the reveal was done. It seemed like the interview wasn’t “live”. It had more of a commercial feel to it than a tough interview. Also, I am left wondering how Doug Billings feels about this reveal, as, if I recall correctly, Phillipe indicated he would do it on “The Right Side with Doug Billings” show.

    Here are some questions that I would like to have answered:

    1) What is the purpose of having President Trump join the parallel government? You could argue he is already part of it by default, as I think he would support (and not stand in the way of) Phillipe’s efforts.

    2) What happens if President Trump doesn’t join the Parallel government?

    3) Did the data referenced in the Panama and Paradise Papers come from Phillipe’s (or his friends’) databases?

    4) Does the information in the databases include irrefutable proof that votes were altered via Leonardo?

    5) If so, has that information been given to Durham?

    6) If the players in the shadow government don’t join the Parallel government or don’t get out of the way of the Parallel government, then what is the plan?

    7) When Phillipe was asked to participate in the Bill Gates project, was he told that the project was tied to the release of a virus?

    8) Where does Italygate stand? Is it now just in the hands of Durham? If not, what can Maria and Phillipe do about it?

    9) Were the issues at Facebook tied to Phillipe or the Parallel government?

    10) What is the irrefutable proof that Phillipe is a billionaire?

    11) How did Phillipe earn his money?

    12) What is the irrefutable proof that he did consulting work for nations in Africa?

    At the end of the day, I have put a lot of trust in Maria. That is why I’ve been engaged in following her interviews. But, this reveal was a huge blow. But, maybe the reveal just wasn’t done well. I am confused. Prove me wrong.

    • SaveAmerica

      Trump has all the election fraud and the Italygate. They have it all. No worries. This interview was just showing the additional evidence. Pelosi went to the Pope for advice. I pray all 38 drop dead real soon.

    • Chrstian King

      Spot on !

      The Databanks are unpaid debt paper trails, that MIGHT contain incriminating information on the 38 Rulers as well.
      You can buy debt and all the documentation to prove its validity, but you can’t buy private business contracts to blackmail the 38 most powerful Rulers in the world. The sellers would leave themselves open to life ruining legal consequences.
      As such, it is most likely the Phillippe purchased debt with its associated paperwork, which in France is called La Databank.
      Phillippe said his Databank on its own is owed $3.7 billion.
      Not accepting $20 Billion MAY suggest the total value of the 4 Databanks even larger.
      Phillippe’s plan is the same one used by Aristocrats during the French Revolution(who were owed large sums by the Crown), which ended with them also at the Guillotine.
      The Databanks are the Fulcrum from the TV show The Blacklist, and it took Phillippe 7 years to come up with this UNIQUE strategy. I would have liked to have been a consultant in that cash cow think tank !

      Trump, through Operation Warp Speed, removed all safety protocols for the vaccination rollout in the U.S., giving the green light for many other countries to do the same.
      Trump has proven how easily he can be manipulated, so of course Phillippe will want a controllable Commander in Chief in his CLUB OF FRANCE.
      After all, Biden is playing that role for the 38 Rulers, and I must say it is working extremely well for them.

      Perhaps Trump is in a Databank ? WE WILL NEVER KNOW, because Phillippe said he will NEVER release the data.
      Instead, he will indicate through certain channels that he has information, and thus try to lure out some poor whistleblower to risk their lives and the lives of their families by trying to expose The 38. Who would be so stupid? NOT Phillippe !!

      All the 38 have to do is neutralize whistleblowers faster than Phillippe can trick them into speaking out. The 38 will make a public demonstration of the first few, and no one else will come forward.

      Today, the 14th of October 2021, Phillippe is allegedly having a meeting with representatives of THE 38. If the Vaccine rollout ceases within days, then I say:-


      Otherwise, who cares, in 6 months time all the children will be vaccinated, and no one will care who is in charge of the Titanic known as humanity.

      Singapore and Israel are already at the lifeboat stage RIGHT NOW.

      Phillippe in TV shows, this will play out with them taking your children, and you not only handing over your Databanks, but also, when THEY make you President of France, you will be their puppet.

    • Laura

      There is enough information online about Argillier’s life to validate his wealthy status, although much of it is in French. There are many extremely wealthy and influential people in the world who are not well known, but with social media as it is, we unjustly make assumptions and stereotype this class of people.

      Also,, based on their work, both Maria Zack and Argillier surely know the difference between a bribe and a business offer or other transaction. I think it’s unfair to assume that neither of them are telling the truth because we weren’t given all of the answers immediately. Matters involving extensive intel operations take time, patience and caution. Based on the depth of what they’ve said thus far, I do believe their information to be correct, although not publicly substantiated yet. Remember, we’ve all seen what some politicians and the mainstream media have done to people who came forward with the truth in various matters. Revealing such specific information publicly, especially in a way that would have a profound and lasting effect on society, requires much planning, coordination and patience in order to be successful. We are not going to get answers to all of our questions all at once.
      I’ll continue to pray for their success and their safety.

  33. Nuth’n Berger

    Why was this guy aired on Stew Peters show, despite all the “buildup” over the past several weeks on Doug Billings show, via Maria Zack?!? Wondering if Doug Billings uncovered some BS on Argillier, thus say’n “No thanks, I’ve had enough D-Bag’s on my show, who are only in it for their own selfish self interests!?!” (I.E. Charlie W, Simon P etc). Another big ole “Nuth’n Burger” ? was what this was!! ??‍♂️

    • Hopeful but Confused

      Doug Billings put out a statement on this yesterday. He indicated that he could have had the interview but declined it, indicating that he asked for proof and none was forthcoming. Seemed to suggest that Maria won’t be back on the show until she can bring proof.

  34. Connie

    For those who are disappointed in the course of action he has taken: Matthew 12:43 talks about the impure spirit driven out and finding no rest returns to find the host swept clean, so it finds 7 more spirits even more wicked to go and inhabit it. That is the same principle he is talking about. If you expose and remove them then someone more evil will fill the void.
    You must ask Holy Spirit for truth. If this is from God then it will come to fruition. My faith is not in men but in our Creator.

  35. Ron

    Having this data bank is awesome but saying that you’re hoping never to use it and it will take time for corrupt individuals to change their course in history is not supported because they’ve never seen anyone pay the price. One example at least has to be made for choosing evil over good otherwise all of the others will follow the path they are committed to.

  36. John LP

    Need 36 months to sort this out…coincidence? Political war games set to linger until next election and this is why we ALL have diminished faith in REAL resolutions. Keep fund raising though!! SMH

  37. etm567

    Did the shadow government succeed in erasing or damaging the rest of this interview, beyond about 30 minutes? Because I cannot play it.

  38. Neil J Harrington

    All good, IF he can produce the goods. But the world needs action right NOW. If this shadow government has
    been responsible for so much evil, arrests and tribunals should be on the way. THAT IS WHAT I CALL JUSTICE!
    I await some documents – and ACTION (not just talk.) I’ve been listening to talk for round five years, but nothing ever happens! PRODUCE THE INFORMATION, but not in 2022.

  39. Greg J Pethan

    I have followed Maria since #Italygate broke last December and trust her reporting of this occurrence thus far. Her credibility is bolstered by her life’s work and her total surrender to God. I am perplexed though about Phillipe and admittedly was disappointed. I trust him through association with Maria, and sense that he has the receipts he is talking about, but given that these were created by himself and third parties working with the cabal, they might not be as juicy as capturing the cabal’s own database. These evildoers would not knowingly expose themselves too much or they would have associates “killeried” or discarded to avoid any loose ends.

    It would be ludicrous to suggest that DJT would work along side of any involved in the atrocities that led to the death of millions, and possibly billions before the finally tally is in on the jab.

    Hopefully Phillipe will at a minimum be compelled to provide supporting information regarding #Italtydidit and could lead to a domino effect about other matters involving the cabal regardless if Phillipe releases additional information or not.

  40. Leah Bumphrey

    He may well be telling the truth, but what a disappointing interview. People are dying and in despair and he does not want to cause conflict… Thank goodness you stopped his résumé giving at the beginning but I still had to sit through 15 or 20 minutes of how he amassed great wealth by working with an African government… I will not sit through another one of your interviews after this one and I certainly won’t be sending it to anyone

  41. FreeAmerica

    I thought he was being honest. He confirmed what I already knew and suspected about the 38 people. I feel swift action is already in the works. Keep praying. It sounds like we have them by the balls now!

  42. Judith

    This is a great battle we are all in. A David and Goliath battle on an unimaginable scale. Humanity is at stake. It’s not the time for revenge. We all are playing our part.
    If Philippe has such data as he says this is tremendous arsenal to begin with. But only the greatest chess player can win this game. So far he has made very smart moves. I pray for us all.

  43. Pamela M.

    I think the majority of comments here are correct. Argillier talked for 1.5 hours and said absolutely nothing that we did not already know. All he did was make threats to un-named’ individuals allegedly in the shadow government, and while he may have information to expose them – he didn’t. That tells me he’s holding out for something. If he truly wanted to expose these people, he would not have given them the heads up. I believe he’s using the information he claims to have to publicly extort one or more individuals and relying on the public’s outrage to protect him from prosecution or death. Watch this man very carefully – he’s up to something.

  44. MEP

    This is my bottom line. No human person will save the planet. God is still on His Throne and orchestrates all. If God chooses to use this man in whatever capacity, that is up to God. So waiting for any human being to reveal a big plan to save the world is not realistic. God has the big plan, and we just don’t always know what God is gonna do or is doing. I’m taking this video and this man for what it’s worth….information I may not have known before. I DO agree that you cannot negotiate with Luciferians and the devil, so this bit about trying to get them to join “our side” or get out of the way to me is not reality.

    • Paul

      To any followers of Jesus out there, please realize that Satan has absolutely no authority over anything on the earth that we don’t allow him to have. Jesus destroyed all Satan and His demons works and schemes on the cross when he shed His precious blood. Oh yah, we don’t hear about that any more in the churches because they have been allowed to be taken over by the shadow government while the church was asleep. Satan is only given authority over the earth for 42 months when he is cast out of heaven and down to the earth, then Jesus will destroy all Satan’s works with fire. Read Revelation Chapters 12 and 13. The Saints have always had the power and authority through Jesus shed blood to ask, with just the faith the size of a mustard seed, to cast the mountain of works and schemes of Satan and his demons into the sea. Men have absolutely no authority or illegitimate government that we don’t allow them to have. Jesus has all authority. He is still the King of kings, Lord of lords, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the King of Glory and the Coming One. Jesus can do far and exceedingly more than we can ask or pray for. The Saints need to use the authority they have in Jesus blood, pull out their mustard seeds of faith and pray BIG. You can say to all these moutains to be cast into the. So start casting all these illegitimate governments into the sea. Cast all the mountains of unauthorized creations of viruses, plagues, poisons, pestilence, bacterial weapons, chemical weapons and any other unauthorized weapons that have been used to shorten the lives of people that Jesus has numbered everyone days. They are dying because we are mot taking authority. Jesus has already been working on this and the Saints can speed up the process if they pray with the gift of authority they have been given.

  45. Danny Salling

    I really want to believe, but with NO proof, no proof on Italy Gate, no proof still on this billionare dude… EBS soon? The only way forward is the military, if even that is possible… Congress does not care, the Supreme Court does not care… Negotiate with the 38? They are SO evil, they are not worth it, and can you trust them? Jail is too good for all but a few. This is supposed to be THE MONTH, we have caught them ALL, but does it matter?

  46. Freddy

    I’m so glad most of the commenters here are not in charge. I, too, am anxious for an end. However, no army reveals their plans to the enemy. He and Maria have made a significant number of them if everything presented is true. I would be cautious, too, as it would be so easy to spark a civil war in the US, the nation with more guns than people, and a populous better armed than the military. Simple critical thinking skills would help you see that 1) not everyone will believe it; 2) given the desperation level we are at, the crazies would become vigilantes and anarchy would ensue; 3) DT needs to be safe and healthy. There is a provision in the Constitution that allows the real military to take over; and finally 4) that this is international, and the ramifications worldwide could be catastrophic. Level heads are needed to prevent further implosion

  47. Hareley

    Mr ARGILLIER needs to speak with lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich who took on VW. Dr Fuellmich has collated much expert evidence for 18month & has jurisdiction in USA /Germany. With many connections in France.

    The shadow govt. includes foreign Royalty at the head.

    • Sarah Forde

      Does that royal person attend Davros meetings?

  48. AJ

    He Lost me when he started talking about Michael Jackson and Blanket. If this real, you can’t negotiate with these people.
    He needs to spill the beans or he will have an accident
    and end up like Epstein or MacAfee.. Besides, we don’t
    have 36mos. A wrecking ball is being taken to our country.

  49. Andrew

    Excellent interview and one that must be viewed and discerned alongside the revelation God is releasing in this season. Mystery Babylon is being systematically exposed and judgement will occur, but in His timing, not ours. The window of exposure started in 2017 and will come to a conclusion in 2024. Just remember, let God be God and trust He will have the last Word!!
    Phillip and Stew (and Maria) are conduits of Truth and I honour them for their stand and their courage. Prayer for them as they seek Him for wisdom.

  50. Elsa

    I have learned so much over the past couple of years – including whom not to trust. Smoke and mirrors. Maria – I’ve listened to you before. I feel 100% trust. Of course I could be wrong, but that’s what it says inside me. Now this French person. I trust you, Maria. You trust him. Plus he is offering proof of some of this claims – places he’s been, people he’s been with. And then I come to: how do I fit in all this? Finally, before I close: THANK YOU for all you are doing, have been called to do.

  51. Daisy

    Don’t say anything unless you’re willing to name all names and show all evidences.
    Stop playing games!

  52. Kim Ken fellow BELIEVERS… this is it!!

    YES….this all stops, they will be held to account…BUT>> it’s the ole double whammy fake out, spoke of in REVELATIONS…

    (the NWO is the harlot in the bible, who the anti-christ hates).

    “HE” saves the world…PEACE & SAFETY my friends…peace and safety (read revelations).

    The un-knowing world, believers as well as non-believers…will fall for his “saving us”…they will bow down to him in thanks…. he will be good looking, doesnt like the company of women, young-ish …..get it??

    HOLD onto your bibles folks….the END OF DAYS are in the last minutes!!!


    Run to the LORD NOW!!!!

  53. Sarah firde

    Hi this is Sarah from the UK. Thank you to all of you who are fighting for justice. I am so heartened to hear what Phillipe has to say. At this time he is our only beacon of hope.
    Ireland is gripped and largely believing the COVID vaccine hoax, that wearing masks will save them. Apparently like Australia they are pretty much under Marshall Law, so for those who are labelled anti vaxer’s they are facing huge pressures every day.
    The UK is creeping towards mandating the health care workers and this mandate includes most people including children and people with neurological conditions. As soon as a read it my blood ran cold as I immediately thought of the Nazies
    They have starting stabbing the children. If I had children who were still school age I would keep them away from school because parental consent has been removed.
    Our COVID figures have been manipulated from the beginning but recently figures were inadvertently released which prove that the jabbed are equally as likely to contract this bio warfare agent. The amount of people getting COVID is on the increase yet the UK government relaxes our freedoms more. It seems they want the jabbed to mix with us who haven’t been jabbed.
    But whatever country we come from we have to remember, there are a handful of very powerful and rich individuals who have accessed our governments around the world, the one thing we must not do is turn on each other, jab or no jab we are all human beings caught up in the tyrany. We need to show kindness and empathy for each other.
    I pray to God that Phillipe can bring an end to these evil plans. I pray to God thst he will continue to strengthen all of those who fight for justice, freedom and peace.
    At a time when my hope was fading, I needed to hear Maria, Stew and Phillipe and thanks to all those people who also bring evidence, you bring us all hope. Thank you and God bless you all. X

  54. Lucy

    If Philippe has information …but not giving details ..then what’s the benefit of saying ..”I have details”

  55. Karen

    Philippe Argillier, Billionaire Frenchman’s DATABASES

    This interview to me is the most exciting of all the intel out there I have seen. And I have researched and viewed a ton of information. More hours and hours than most.

    Basically the way I understand it, the underlying strategy by the French Billionaire, Philippe, against the Globalist perpetrators is, anyone who wants to step forward as a Whistleblower in anything connected to the 38 Globalists, responsible for all of this due to their actions, will be supported with every bit of recorded info in the 4 data bases collected that can be used legally against the Globalists, and those Whistleblowers can even use that info to present to the World.

    If the 38 Globalists step Up and do the right things to turn this around by working alongside the Parallel Government’s White Hats, nothing in those databases will be used against them.

    Thank You Maria Zack, Staff, and Philippe for your efforts standing up for Humanity. In God We Trust. ? ?

  56. Paul

    In the USA the citizens are the government, We appoint a person to represent us. His only job is to protect us from foreign and domestic enemies. We call him President. A President of a parallel government to Satan does not fit into our constitution. Right now we have an illigitament President and administrative sitting in Washington D.C.. The foreign and domestic enemies are in the hen house. Are we now supposed to trust the people who knew about the planned attack against the USA with a engineered virus, a poisonous fake vaccine, and the theft of our elections. Now we are expected to join that parallel government that let it happen. Can’t happen. You can show evidence of all of this right now and put an end to the war that has been declared against the USA. But you haven’t. If you don’t, then I am going to assume that you are just buying time for your demonic friends, since Jesus has already exposed them. They will go dormant and pop back up again at the next opportunity. War tribunals, or they fotfit all the wealth they stole or no deal. Satan comes in two colors, dark and light.

  57. Lowell

    I don’t know what’s worse, a self appointed President of a self created government, on another disinformation person telling us to trust the plan, which only perserves the special interests on billionaires. The same people, these people used to be used to work for as consultants and lobbyist.

    Spreading lies mix with truth, then repeatedly being discredited only does a disservice to humanity.

    The more I listen to you, the more you sound like a storyteller at best and compulsive liar in general. Worse case, which I suspect, is that you know exactly what you are doing, and your doing it to enrich yourself.

  58. Thana Kov

    In my point of view, you cannot negotiate with an evil shadow government for freedom.These 38 billionaires already damaged people in USA with a fraudulent election, anti-constitutional and tyrannical mandates and still do imposing the vaccines to increase the genocide as much as they can and, the same pattern is happening all around the world. These group of evil criminals should pay with pain what they have been doing to humanity for centuries

  59. Mary

    Recently I was lamenting the horrible state of the world. Then I recalled the bible story of the Israelites’ 400 years of slavery in Egypt and how God sent Moses (a most reluctant leader) to rescue them. It took 10 plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, and 40 years of wandering in the desert. But eventually they did arrive in the promised land. I then asked God to send another Moses. Who knows, maybe Philippe Argillier could be the 21st century Moses.

  60. Really?

    A Brilliant mind, anyone?

  61. Richard Courtemanche

    But, who can really counter these greedy moneybags? Congressmen! Anybody else! Mission impossible!

  62. John H.

    I have to say, this doesn’t sound like it would be helping anyone except the guilty. These 38 and countless other thousands that have been complicit in this genocide need to be brought forth and tortured on live television for months and months, and then extinguished in the most horrible way possible. The horror that they have planned for our people are just so sickening I can’t even think about it anymore. I just pray for our people of the world that have suffered and suffered for all of their lives with these luciferian evil demons poisoning our water, food and Vaccines and lying to us over and over and over they deserve everything I have stated TORTURE for as long as we can keep them alive then douse them on LIVE TV. People are suffering right now with their loved ones that thought taking the jab that they were doing this for humanity are dying and maimed so bad it is just awful, and it isn’t over, we have still more to come. And to think the 38 with all the money and power in the world. Philipp said they just got bored with us? SO THEY MAIM US MAKE US SUFFER THE MOST UNTHINKABLE DEATHS! THEY NEED TO PAY SCREW GIVING THEM ANY LEEWAY! AT ALL. NOW IS THE TIE TO BRING THEM DOWN ! And if we don’t succeed, at least we died trying for the good of Humanity. God, please help us in Jesus name Amen

  63. LEE

    To all those who are whining, judging, criticizing, and condemning:
    Consider working on yourselves to increase your vibrations, create peace…. and learn how to pray.
    “Think and focus” on what kind of a world you want to live in…not what seems to be.


    I’m confused!… I have no video here, and I have no script to a video!… and so, how is it that I’m witness to 109 comments to story that I (at least!) cannot see, hear or read?

  65. QHHT

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  67. Sabine

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    I like all of the points you made.


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