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Maria Zack at December 2022 European Conference

by Dec 30, 2022

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  1. Charlotte Bice

    I heard this video tonight (December 2022 European Conference) and heard you mention Ron Paul being so wonderful in helping in Congress. Please talk to Dr. David Martin – He put out a video way back on the fact that when Ron Paul was questioning Dr. Fauci in Congress (way back when) that he had everything he needed at the time to take him down – Dr. Martin had sent paperwork with all the proof of Fauci’s involvement in this Covid SCAM, the PCR test, and injections, etc.; and Ron Paul could have stopped it right then and there – but didn’t. WHY????? So don’t give these 2 guys in Congress so much credit (as you do) – please check this out more too!

  2. Craig Bice

    Here is that video with Dr. David Martin where he mentions Ron Johnson and Rand Paul. He says Rand Paul “could have delivered the knock out blow” because he – himself (Dr. David Martin) personally delivered these papers to Rand Paul’s office. Marker 42:50 – 49:43 He also mentions Ron Johnson in these Markers.

    Hopefully you’ll view the whole video – well worth hearing, but starting at Marker 42:50 is the most crucial!

  3. John Y

    Wow, great presentation with problems and solutions! Let’s hope some of this transparency can be implemented soon and serial black box election theft by both parties can be exposed before 2024. The shadow government and the CCP seem to control both parties at this point and time is running out.

    • Nebiyu

      Hi Maria,
      It’s good to contact Dr.Shiva Ayyaduri MIT PHD

      • Nebiyu

        Watch “Dr. SHIVA LIVE: Elon Musk Is Concealing the Government Portal Until Elizabeth Warren Legalizes It” on YouTube