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Maria Zack gives an explosive interview on Now is the Time with Meri Crouley

by Sep 16, 2021

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Maria Zack joined Dr. Meri Crouley as a special guest to share new explosive intel on the theft of the 2020 Presidential election.

Watch the full interview here:

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  1. Sara Mmmm

    HELLO MARIA!! I am a fan that has much hope when I hear your interviews and know first and foremost that our almighty is at work!! My only concern is that will the corrupt media acknowledge this leader from France that is coming forward with this earth shattering information?? It sounds like there’s no choice to address what is coming but the question remains???

  2. Daryl Hannon

    I hope this is true and something good happens fast.

  3. Jesse Smith

    Finally someone who is willing to talking about what this is all about, Its the Children, Child trafficking, the underground Dumbs, Adrenochrome, Hollywood, Washington, DC, Pedophiles, It all one big cover up to keep the truth from coming out! This is 100% all a bout the Children.

  4. Toni McLennan

    Maria, your efforts to shine a light on the unbelievable corruption and evil that’s happening on a global scale is SO inspiring!
    I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since the plandemic started because the more I learned about what / who was behind what’s happening the more it shattered every belief I once held about how the world operates. Boy have I been living in ignorant bliss!
    Although I now see the world through very different eyes, something magical happened … I discovered that my angels and God are real.
    Maria, with you at the helm of this fight against corruption at every level of politics / judiciary / religion / policing / military and intelligence entities, I am sure that good will prevail over evil.
    Thank you for all the incredible good you do in the world … you will long be remembered for courageously and selflessly putting yourself in harms way to help save the world.
    God bless you!

  5. Ken Severson

    At last the good guys are winning! Glory to God almighty.

  6. Sharlene Mullikin

    Thank you and God Bless you for your patriotism and your drive and will to continue this fight. I am praying for you and all that are working with you to remove the corruption that surrounds us around the world. We are so appreciative of your determined work and mission. I support you and pray President Trump is returned to office as soon as possible. Please stay safe and Many blessings!