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Maria Zack Interview with Caroline Gaillaguet

by Feb 10, 2022

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  1. Nicole Dennis

    Whatever happened to Biden being arrested last July ! That’s just disappeared ! Nothing more was ever said about that ?? Why is that great Fraud-in-Chief still there destroying the country !!

  2. Becky

    Maria I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat to hear about the databanks can you please tell us a little that is going on please

    • Julie

      I would like to know this too.

    • Diane Pelak

      I would like to know too! Please update us!

    • afr malatesta

      Can someone tell me if Trump is good or bad
      I think bad. But his info is confusing

      • Donna

        President Trump has been chosen by God. God choses all that are to be President. Spoken by the prophets. 2 Chr. 20:20

  3. Jay J. Jacobsen

    I believe you Maria when you say that Biden paid Draghi money—just like Obama did prior to the 2020 prez election for the satellite help. But, I scoured the internet and cannot locate anything that corroborates this statement. When Obama split that plane-load of cash in route to the UAE, 1st dumping $14 million off in Italy for Renzi who then gave it to Leonardo S.P.A., there was corroborations on this. You also said back then, that you and your extensive team risk it all to follow the money trail even up into the UK on this for documents and proof which you, then, handed to President Trump personally at a Christmas dinner. There were photos of that. But your new reveal about, now, Resident-In-Chief Biden handing payments to PM Draghi just have no backing, other than your complete honesty as a person. I believe you, but the public needs more about this treason. Please share more.

  4. Karen

    Ditto. Crickets with no followup is disappointing.

  5. Doc

    Maria, thank you for the open comment section….have Phillpe contact Reiner Fuellmich who is presenting to the world court damming info to the world court in the prosecution of Fauci, Gates and Tedros…I think Reiner would find his testimony useful or else contact the lawyer in India who is going after a criminal murder charge against Gates…that would help the Train of Justice leave the station

  6. Peter G

    I do believe that revealing the answers to most of these questions would not be in the best interest of those involved. There will likely be, in the very near future, evidence of and action taken. We are all seeking breadcrumbs of info to satisfy our anxieties, myself included, but I for one am willing to accept the generalities of what is happening in anticipation of the whole loaf of bread.

  7. Donna J. Di Maio


  8. Donna

    How can you say that these certain people be investgated by the FBI when the FBI has been found out to be croocked