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Maria Zack returns on A Warrior Calls to break news on the shadow government

by Oct 6, 2021

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Maria—as promised two weeks ago—has come back with bombshell information.
There is a huge action going on world wide…that the people do not know about…Now the world will start to learn the efforts and actions to save it.

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  1. Susan

    What do you all know about Costa Rica’s participation in all this muck?
    Are the Costa Rican Elected officials and Minister of Health going to be held accountable?

    • Adriaan Rudolph Fondse


    • Tania

      South Africa is part of this, our Government is doing everything in their power to mandate the vaccine, land expropriation, dissarming the people and so much more. It is sickening what is happening.

      • vicki

        According to the real experts.. Yes people will be dying off, they dont want everyone dying all at once because then tje rest would not take these injections. Scientists have been warning politicians for over a year about the dangers of these gene therapy drug injections.

      • Karin Nel

        So true Tania, South Africa were sold out to the NWO by FW de Klerk for an astronomical amount, just like Judas sold Jesus out for 30 pieces of silver. God bless

      • Penny Mohr

        I voted Trump because I thought he was partnering with RFK Jr to investigate vaccine damage but instead he reinstated gain of function & warp speeded the bogus gene altering genocide. He took $millon from Pizer. He handed the eletes wish list on a silver platter. 5g, mRNA jabs, & chemtrails equal covid genocide. He’s publically promoting genocide @ his rallies & getting booed. He’s in on it & were connecting the dots.

        • Penny Mohr

          I appreciate & support any movement wanting to overthrow this EVENT21. What can I do to help? I signed the FRIENDS OF THE ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION ACT & suggest all your viewers to do the same.

        • Jay

          I think you may have your facts wrong. Is JFK JR our VP and yes working together with Trump to get rid of the deep state etc etc. Trump said HCQ etc were the things to take but thanks to the dems etc they made them illegal to take and kept those drugs that worked away from we the people. No he did not take money from Pizer, are you kidding me. There was no silver platter. Trump was countering the chemtrails with Hydrochloroquine to counter act the bad chemtrails. Do real research. Don’t forget there are millions watching what’s going on and catching the lies.

        • Bart Baker

          no the reason why trump had to release the vaccines before he left office because the deep states plan was to shut down the world economy until vaccines were done and if trump didn’t have warp speed fauci even said it was going to take at least 3 years you have any idea how much damage that would of done to us financially like its bad enough having to shut down for 6 months but 3 years we would of been completely destroyed. its not trumps fault he was in a bad spot with the media making him to be the bad guy, if you havn’t notice trump has completely exposed the system its the peoples jobs to get rid of there state corrupt governments and take charge of there community

  2. Tam

    Will everyone who has been double “vaccinated” going to die from complications due to the jab?

    • k

      Since no long term studies have been done that is the big question we are all waiting to see. Those that got the shots have more than likely compromised their innate immune system. Some people have strong immune systems and it may take years of slowly deteriorating health but again maybe the damage caused from getting the shot will have a way to reverse the bad affects. Its too risky to get it in my opinion. All the test animals used in the few early studies all died not too long after they got the shot.

      • CK

        Some % of the vaccines are placebos, which is why many people don’t experience adverse effects. It means some people got two real shots, some got only 1 real shot and some got two. The boosters are probably all non-placebos.

        • Penny Mohr

          Since the graphite oxide injections aren’t about health but tracking & mind control why would there be placebos?

          • Penny Mohr

            I guess my comments are too controversial because they’re still waiting approval. Good luck on your mission. Off to find an unsencored site. Hope you don’t DEAL too lightly with these Jesuits..seems like they always come back

    • Jay

      Research medbeds.

  3. Karen McCaffrey

    Godspeed Maria!

  4. Darlene Van Emmerik

    I am so thankful for you and the people working with you. God Bless you all.

  5. Laura Bobolia

    To Maria and her husband and team of warriors…Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do. May God bless you and watch over you all and keep you safe.

    • D

      I would like to refer you to the following link: Dr. Fleming speaks about what can be done for the vaccinated at the final part of his presentation. There is always something that can be done. There is much room for hope.

  6. Josh Buckley

    I am terrified for my children and family we are so separated by this pandemic and so many just willingly submit how can you think something is safe when they offer you money to take it God help us

  7. Suzy Wahlborg

    I understand and believe that the ‘good guys’ have all the information they need to take down the Deep State, Shadow Government. I’ve been told that repeatedly by several blogs/podcasts for months. But the only question I have, which no one answers, is how is this information ever going to get to the masses/public. That is my only hope. Please tell us how this could happen.

    • Lee Conway

      I thank GOD for people like you Maria, good people that have access to influencers and information that is kept hidden from public view. Your work, by all accounts (what we’ve seen from your site) because no one in MSM will give it the light of day has been thus far on the right side of history from where I stand. I am troubled with his 36 month timeframe to “evolve an understanding” through transparency in a parallel government!?!? I’m sorry but this sounds vaguely familiar to “we’ll have to sign it to see what’s in there” (Obamacare). While I agree and recognize the “vacuum” would be created if we just dropped the truth bomb and wrecked these individuals lives overnight, I have a very hard time believing this mans sincerity considering, his wealth and influence AND the amount of time he’s been “preparing for ownership of said servers under 1 roof” ,that he doesn’t already have a plan for that vacuum and would have these same “destroyers of the world as we know it” work together to build this “parallel government”. I think these people that have put the world in the state it is currently in deserve prosecution for their crimes, and only then could forgiveness come. It is time and it cannot happen fast enough! I implore you to stay strong, keep the faith AND continue the fight for Truth AND justice!
      P.S. – Joe you know you didn’t win!

    • Jay

      A lot of people know and some are waking up. The media will not tell us because they are paid not to. Word of mouth is very powerful. More people know then you think. They just don’t talk about it. This is worldwide so it will take time. This has been going on for many many years so they can’t fix it as fast as we would like. The good guys are working as fast as they can. At the same time we were blind and didn’t know how bad things were and they probably didn’t know either. Research military tribunals. If you can find @warnuse she gives some info and there are others. Look at Gene Decode for one.

  8. Margot Hays

    Thank you for this information. I wait for the day of truth and the downfall of the ‘shadow Government’.

  9. Robin Brooks

    What kinds of volunteers do you need? I already spread the news from Maria (God bless her!) through my local Telegram group and to others. I am older and still work about half time, but I can do graphics and writing.

    • Fran

      I wish all those who speak OUT wanting volunteers, wanting people to join in … Would give a place on everyone’s WEBSITE to say what things… people can do … besides giving money. This might sound dumb or idiotic but “us dumb sheep” need guidance, directions and some times even told what to do. PLEASE have ph no’s, give people’s names, say what exactly you want specifically for us to do. SO WE CAN TAKE ACTION! Thx

    • Lee Conway

      I’ve thought of a perfect meme but sadly am not a graphic artist or I would have it gone viral already… remember the Vulture squadron? Walter Biden as Dick Dasterdly, Kamala could be mutley and then fill the rest of the squadron with Biden cabinet picks! The pigeon could be Maria or trump or the American people or people of the world. Remember dastardly’s boss? Never saw him just heard the phone calls….deep state!

  10. Sue

    Thank you for this video. You bring us great hope. We are writing a check to Nations in Action and mailing it to you today. We will pray that you can put an end to this world takeover and stop these Globalists. May God bless your work. Please send me updates. I will forward this information to my email list.

  11. Reiner Schmitt

    Amazing revelations. Everyone in their right mind should know about this.

  12. Brenda Parlee

    How do I get involved, I live in Nova Scotia Canada, and am very passionate about putting the world back! My daughter is going to be out on the street as Justin Trudeau is mandating the military take this jab! I have a 9 year old son who I fear will have no future! I am not rich but feel the need to step forward and do some good in this torn up world!

  13. Harold

    The UN?

    • Joao T

      That is exactly what I thought. I was in SHOCK when she mentioned the UN. The UN is the cabal’s military. They are EVIL!!!!

  14. Donna Bielawski

    Maria, you are such an amazing woman!! A true patriot!!!

  15. Carole

    Wow what an awesome interview ? everything you’ve talked about I knew that there were underlying evil people I know nothing of this world or the actual people but deep down I knew the only thing that kinda shocked me was the royal family but I shouldn’t have been shocked especially after Diana dying your both give me hope and I will share with all here in Australia thank you for been a saviour to humanity ? God is truly with us bless all that have put all this together and stay safe

  16. Charlene Hampton

    So is there any hope for folks who have been vaccinated? Is anyone working on an anti-vaccine?

    Is this actually The Mark or preparation for it?

    • Jessica Symes

      THere is hope! UNN (not the UN) people who you can hear talk at the United News Network (just had an incredible update in their life force meeting on 10/8/2021)

      is working on things to remove the blood clots and somehow get other stuff out.
      Nicholas Veniamin interviewed a super smart person who is also working on things. To get the graphing oxide and other metals out. I forget her name. In the last two weeks…

  17. Rick greig

    Bring them all down.canada is fed up with all this corruption,and expect better from our leaders

  18. Patrick Hedemark

    Wonderfully hopeful interview Madam!!

    Thank you.

    I hope to hear your next one. Hope it’s sooner than later.


    Patrick Hedemark

    • Ralie Swart

      Are South Africa going back to what it was before 1992? The whole world can see our counrty is third world now. G20 helped to sell out the whites. Can you help us to get it back please? We dont have anything in common with blacks. It is my right to be with my own people. Just look as the farm murders in SA. More than in a war. I v’e been praying for my country for 29 years now. God does not sleep. He will give our country back to the white tribe of SA. I do believe it with all my heart. We are children of 1838 vow. And we are getting our land back. Thank you Jesus.

      • Robin B.

        Seriously? Haven’t you grown out of conflict and hatred yet? When people learn to get along with each other, you can live wherever you want in peace. God will not give this to you until you are read in sporot.

  19. Debra Long

    Praise be to God, our only hope!

  20. Fran

    I wish all those who speak OUT wanting volunteers, wanting people to join in … Would give a place on everyone’s WEBSITE to say what things… people can do … besides giving money. This might sound dumb or idiotic but “us dumb sheep” need guidance, directions and some times even told what to do. PLEASE have ph no’s, give people’s names, say what exactly you want specifically for us to do. SO WE CAN TAKE ACTION! Thx

  21. Urszula Radlak

    What happened at the meeting Oct 7th, you talked about it on Oct 6th, 21?

  22. Beata

    God bless you all!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Joao T

    What??? Maria Zack, you are going to ask the UN for help??? Calling on the UN to do an investigation???? Are you serious??? The UN is part of the cabal. There’s no question about it. My goodness!!! The UN is their military! That is very disappointing. You both seam to know a LOT, but don’t believe you don’t know how EVIL the UN really IS!!! I am quite disgusted!!!

  24. Marie Hartfelder

    Thank You for such up lifting information…
    It does the heart good to hear that someone is finally able to get something done…
    I pry God will help you move quickly!
    So many people are being hurt, in so many ways…
    I will be passing this web page address on!

  25. Rita

    What about Australia?
    No mention.
    In Victoria it’s all upon us.
    Vaccine passports.
    Unvaccinated not going to be allowed to participate in “The economy”.
    Every worker to lose their job unless they are jabbed.
    We need hope.
    Curfews, mass suicides, people dropping dead of seriously ill with reactions. And the doctors are not reporting those figures. They just say it is coincidental.
    Police during Robert bullets into the backs of protesters running away.
    Independent reporters being hailed for daring to speak or report truth.
    The list goes on.
    We keep hearing about the US, Canada and France.
    But where do we fit in?
    Sorry, but we need help!

    • Kim

      Hi Rita I am praying for your country. I pray God will lead Maria and her team in the direction it needs to go. I hang on to every word they all say and am hoping and praying for this to be over today! God bless you Maria, thank you for everything you are doing.

  26. CW

    Maria, thank you for your work. You keep talking about Polygraphs, which concerns me, as there is plenty of evidence that they do not work. I hope there are also other ways of bringing down these evil people.

  27. Mike Gancot

    How do you figure the UN is fitting into this picture? They are the ones who are carrying out much of this crime! They are aching to come into our countries and force us to comply!

  28. c d

    People need to wake up, stop being sheep and or lab rats. Just STOP! Stop listening to the government. They are NOT looking out for your welfare. They want to CONTROL you. I’ve been telling people from day one, DO NOT TAKE THE POISON JAB! And folks that I do know that took it are regretting it. So PLEASE, do not give in. Stand up, fight for your livelihood. It’s very IMPORTANT you do not give in.

  29. Susan

    May the Force be with you!

  30. Cheryl

    May ALL the EVIL that has been ruining this world & bringing it’s people to our knees be stuck down by the forces of our Lord! And God bless Every Brave Patriot who is fighting the good fight to end this Tyranny, & help restore our Sovereignity & keep us a FREE people! Amen! Praise God! ??

  31. Lynda

    I finally feel hope and justification to all my suspicions! Thank you! I’d love to know if our prime minster of New Zealand is in on this

    • David S

      I am not sure how I ended up listening and watching this interview with Maria Stack, as I had never heard of her before this …. I noticed her mentioning the “pope’ at several points in this interview. Perhaps this is new information for both herself and the host Christopher James, but I can confirm that the current “pope” Francis is not a valid pope but is what we traditional Catholics call, an antipope. Francis is not a Catholic. he is a liberal Communist who pushes the NWO agenda, climate change , vaccinations, a New World Religion, etc ect. . Incidently, Francis’ five predecessors were and are antipopes.

      There is much more on the Catholic Church and what happened to the Church after Vatican II ( 1962-1965).viz my blog site below

      This was a really interesting interview revealing new info for me….thank you so much, Maria

      • David S

  32. Glee

    Hope she isn’t gaslighting us; but it has been 3 weeks since she claimed the fallout was imminent and…nothing. As usual. If people evil enough and powerful enough to wipe out whole nations, it is suspicious that she hasn’t been silenced. We’ve been conditioned to being lied to at every level. I hope she is honest, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  33. PeaknikMicki

    1 person buying intelligence data banks and secret meetings….
    Sounds like another Leo Wanta saga or something in line with Fulfords dragon societies etc.
    If anything manages to happen, it doubt it will be because of this mystery hero but more likely because Durham goes pedal to the metal on his indictments or we get conclusive resolution from election audits.

  34. Richard Charles Schaum

    When did deep state and social engineering start in America? I believe is started in 1781 when Cornwallis surrendered to Washington and Cornwallis went on to explain what would seem a contradiction:
    “Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.”
    Washington should have but never created a Doctrine of Conquest. This conquest document would have documented that a victorious nation (America) in war acquired sovereignty over the conquered nation (British Crown) and could exert its own legal and political jurisdiction chosen by its sovereign residents.
    The practice for creating a doctrine of conquest dates back at least to Roman law. Instead, George Washington allowed King George III to dictate his own Trilateral Treaty terms for ending the physical war.
    In this 1783 Treaty/Contract King George III claimed his Vatican capacities with the titles of Arch-treasure and Prince Elector of the United States of America.
    This 1783 Treaty doc is the only document that defines who won the Revolutionary War/War of Independence. By this contract the American Patriots lost all that they fought for.

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