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Maria Zack returns to The Right Side with Doug Billings

by Sep 29, 2021

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Maria picked up where she left off from her last special guest appearance on The Right Side.

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  1. Tracey Hooks

    I absolutely knew those few she named…were actually co trolling our country! Let’s not leave out the newest face of Walmart, the wife of the late Walden, and Disney’s Liberal CEO, and heads of top sales companies! Soros has his group “Move On movement” who played a huge part in the battleground states, at the direction of Stacy Abrams and her company “Happy Faces” who placed over 10,000 Progressive poll workers across the BG STATES, and personally trained them how to ballot harvest , and use illegal ballots and personal adjudication… to up Bidens vote! They also were behind the mass mail out of unsolicited votes; and Stacy Abrams Sister who is a Federal Judge in Savannah district in GA… (largest outside of Fulton county) made her own laws forbidding f the clearing/cleaning of old voter rolls, days prior to the Runoff election in GA, which was used to count “illegal names” stuff fake ballots for day’s afterwards… to force Bidens win! Stacy ran Fulton County’s fraudulent count and her judge sister illegally interfered in the laws and rules of GA voting process, both, to assure Bidens win! They had to utilize millions of illegal and fraudulent votes to make Biden win by less than 12,000! The prior exists, but the GOP GOV AND GOP SOS AND GA’S SAG, along with the GOP LT GOV… ARE ALL CCP AND ZUCKERBERG COMPROMISED! Ga SOS Rattfensberger is as paid over $5-MILLION FROM FBKS ZUCKERBERG, that was also shared with GA LT GOV,… all together the 4 top GOP’S in GA, sold out GA citizens for money! The Gov However, went a step further… he mad a deal with the devil himself, that involved the SOS I. ALTERING GA VOTER LAWS WITHOUT THE LEGISLATURES KNOWLEDGE! Abrams had 3 lawsuits against Gov Kemp… he needed them gone so he can run again in 2022! The steal deal of AMERICA’S history was made! Abrams agreed to drop the lawsuits, if They would agree to NOT COMPARE, STUDY, INVESTIGATE…or allow forensic audits on all ABSENTEE BALLOTS! These 2 selfish men agreed, since it’s usually 200K…and that would t raise any alarm! However, the devil the. Went to the Lt Gov 2weeks later, and made the deal to mail out millions of unsolicited and untracked blank ballots!! That’s when the 5 million dollars was given to him and the SNAKE DEMO.N SOS RATTFENSBERGER! Let’s also not leave out THE TOP GOPS IN THE ELECTION BD AND MQNY SENATORS I. NORTH GA AND THOSE WHO ARE UBER WEALTHY! They all wanted TRUMP GONE! I had a brother of a N GA (ROME) Senator , tell me that his brother (the Senator) helped i. The steal! He said there were more than we even knew. All about lobbyists, and money. They do t care about the people! It’s sickening g! And it’s all led by Satan!

  2. gregg prescott

    5020 CLARK ROAD #204, SARASOTA, FL 3423 is the address for The UPS Store

  3. Julie

    What will Maria do if Trump does not help them?

  4. Nacón Anime

    Solo aderezos estilo vinagreta, puedes encontrar todos nuestros aderezos en nuestro índice de recetas. ¡El enlace está en la parte superior de la página!


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