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Meri Crouley interviews Maria Zack

by Jan 27, 2022

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  1. Crystal Gramates

    Maria. Thank you for all that you do to bring truth and justice out in the open. Please know I pray for you and your group in addition to all those other Patriots. I pray for all of humanity worldwide. I wish I could help you some how to save our country and our world. I live in Maryland. I actually started following you in NoV 2020. You are a godly warrior. Stay strong, Semper Fi, and God bless

  2. Sophie

    Thank you for doing what you do Maria Zack.

    Love from Australia 🇦🇺

    • Ken

      Honest politicians? Are you kidding? There’s no such thing. The days of politicians are over we don’t want anything to do with politicians anymore. We the people will govern ourselves

  3. Duaine Murtoff

    We are with you! Thanks for fighting for and with us!

  4. Susie K

    I hope that your report is going to be coming out in February – the truth needs to come out, names need to come out. The only way that things are going to be turned around is by bringing out what is in those databanks. The Shadow Government has got to be exposed. I have been following your work on this since last January when you talked about your meeting with Trump on Christmas Eve 2020. Thank you for all your efforts, please get this information released in the next month to get this ball rolling – no matter what comes out or who is exposed.

    • Uesau

      Susie, you are so right. I have had about enough of terms like “watch the movie” “look for what hapiend next week… “!!! Just expose them already NOW and send justice to the Traitors!!

  5. CJ Cabin

    What happened to Philippe Argillier and his databanks. Where is the transparency on this? It was going to save the world.
    You owe your followers an explanation, if you believe in transparency.

  6. CJ Cabin

    No I did not. Philippe Argillier needs to be explained.

  7. CJ Cabin

    RE: Philippe Argillier. Transparency and honesty do not need moderation.

  8. Marie


    Thank you for this amazing update.

    Wondering if arrangements have been made for Maria Zack and Philippe Argillier to connect with lawyers Reiner Fuellmich and Viviane Fisher of the CoronaInvestigativeCommitee. They just announced the start of The Grand Jury Proceeding on February 5, 2022.

    Thank you!

  9. Nebiyu

    If they’ve controlled every institution congers, suprim court, cia, fbi & so on including military how are you going to investigeting? I hear the same interview over & over again but there is no action they’re killing with the bio weapon & keep doing.