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Maria Zack joins Christopher James on A Warrior Calls

by Sep 6, 2021

Maria joins Christopher James and holds nothing back on who is involved and who are the real criminals at work.

Follow Christopher James, where the TRUTH will be found and the Solution moving forward.

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  1. Kristy

    Thank you for the update. According to Kim (United Network News), the p3 lodge is no more and the “Heads of the snake”, so to speak, are Klaus, R.Weiss, and a Mr. Black w/an Italian accent. I’m sure Gates is up there, too. He is black sun. They are taking out the bad guys from the top down. Prayers for all of you working behind the scenes.

  2. Kelly Clayborn

    Wow, I just accidentally came across this video and I’m blown away. This needs to be spread far and wide. I would like to know more about crimes to humanity especially Covid and the jab as bio-weapons. Along with the trafficking and sexual abuse to the children. I can’t believe how Satan has entangled the whole world. I know there is going to be chaos due to the world trying to wrap their heads around all of this. I’ve passed this video to my social media friends & family. I would tell them all (800+) but they all think I’m nuts. I tell my like minded people and pray for the rest. It’s gonna be devastating and I will be there for them all. Provide comfort, love & understanding that will help them deal with what’s unfolding as I know it. Thank you both for everything you’ve done to help save our world. God bless you both and your families & stay safe! 🛐💕🙏💕✝️


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