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NIA Newsletter – 2/8/2022

by Feb 10, 2022

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Kyle Kemper Trudeau’s brother regarding the Canadian trucker convoy 

Trudeau’s brother told Dan Wootton the Canadian trucker convoy had ‘created a sense of an opportunity for unity.’  When asked about his brothers reasons for his behavior to Canada’s citizens, Kyle explains that his theory is what many of us have suspected in regards to the “Shadow Government” and this threat from the “Pharma” industry. 
NOTE The World Economic Forum is suggested as Justin Trudeau’s direct influence as well as the Pharmaceutical Technocracy.


“Now’s The Time. This Is Called Prevention.”

Arizona State Senate Appropriations Passes SB 1120 Ballot Fraud Countermeasures; Paper; Ink.

Governor Tony Evers Panics After Judge Rules Ballot Drop Boxes Illegal in the State

This new ruling is “very disturbing to Wisconsin Democrats.”  On Wednesday Governor Tony Evers sent out a panicked fundraising letter attacking Republicans for eliminating drop boxes in Wisconsin.



Mainstream media propagandists falsely disparage inquiry into true origin of the artificial lab-created Wuhan virus.

New Durham Filing Reveals Russiagate Investigation Has Much More to Come



Smoking Gun Emails Reveal How Milwaukee Shared Government Election Data with Far Left Groups – Prove Existence of Massive Ballot Harvesting Operation –WITH UPDATE

Wis. Group Investigates 2020 Election

A group in Wisconsin uncovers information about a former Facebook developer secretly working to develop an app to track voters and ballots in Wisconsin. One America’s Christina Bobb has more from Milwaukee.

Speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America

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