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NIA Newsletter – 8/26/2022

by Aug 25, 2022

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Nations In ACTION Update & Newsletter

Team Nations In ACTION, fueled by volunteers, is exposing the corrupt Shadow Government through our investigations while simultaneously providing substantive solutions and strategy kits. Please support & join our next phase to implement national grassroots advocacy teams to take effective action and ensure success.


  • 09/14-15/2022 Speaking in Dallas, TX (more details to be provided soon)
  • 10/13/2022 Whitfield County Republican Party in Dalton, GA

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NIA Investigation: Shadow Government

Shadow Government Architecture: The Vaccine Perspective – NIA Research Team

A deep dive into how the Shadow Government used Deep State bureaucrats to inject the world with COVID-19 “vaccines.” Never before seen data and analysis!! The Deep State is facilitating a massive transfer of public resources to companies owned by the Shadow Government. We discuss how the Deep State gets installed and how they are rewarded for betraying your trust. Investigations into how international public policy is being Sherpa’d into the U.S. by our own bureaucrats. We must cease U.S. funding of most international and multilateral organizations or we will lose our country for good!!

Watch the Video Here.


Eisenhower Warned: Military Industrial Complex would Destroy the US Republic

What did Eisenhower know about the Military Industrial Complex, what did he know about a shadow government, what did he know about foreign influence, and influence from the unelected.

Watch the Video Here

NIA Investigation: Election Corruption

Investigation Into U.S. Election Software Company Uncovers Chinese Coders: Owner infiltrated GA GOP and was a frequent candidate for office

A deep dive into a Michigan election company’s patents, employees, domain registrations, and internet archives reveals an alarming Chinese connection.

Konnech Inc., a U.S. software company based out of East Lansing, Michigan, helps manage the poll workers, poll locations, campaigns, assets, mail-in ballots, and supplies necessary to run elections in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

What did Wuhan China have to do with the delay of counts in Queensland Australia’s 2020 election? (during the plandemic)
So who is “Jinhua Konnech Inc”? This article touches on these topics and more.

Read the Article Here


Nations In ACTION is further vindicated through Clint Curtis Testimony: Algorithms Used to Steal US Elections Since 2000

12 years later, is this the problem we are still facing. Isnt the common denominator therefore the digitization of the voting system?

Watch the Video Here


NIA Election Exposé – What is ABVote?
… and why did Konnech remove them from their website recently?
“The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

Should such data be administered by foreign countries or partisan, politically connected organizations?

Read the Article Here

NIA Investigation: Covid/Vaccine Plot

Covid Truths & Vaccine Exemption Solution – Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat, M.D. Surgeon

Nations In ACTION’s Solutions & Strategy Summit: Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat, Surgeon, analyzes our health care crisis and provides solution for medical mandate exemptions.

Watch the Video Here.


Shadow Government Push: Unvaccinated Queensland teachers face pay cut

Hundreds of unvaccinated teachers in Queensland will have up to 18 weeks of their pay docked as a disciplinary measure for refusing the COVID-19 jab.

Read the Article Here


NIA Uncovers The Universal “Vaccine” / MRNA Therapeutic Injection that was planned and funded in 2013

DARPA Awards Moderna Therapeutics A Grant For Up To $25 Million To Develop Messenger RNA Therapeutics
Research to focus on antibody production for immune defense

Read the Article Here


Courage to Expose the Lies of Covid

Fearless Australian journalist Rowan Dean pulls no punches in his tirade against doctors, bureaucrats and politicians and their criminal ‘CoVID-19’ policies/rules/edicts of the last 2+ years.

Watch the Video Here

NIA Investigation: Satanic Slavery aka Human Trafficking

Is the Biden Admin Running the ‘World’s Epicenter’ of Child Trafficking: Former White House Adviser Aug 23, 2022

A former White House adviser, Stephen Miller, accused the Biden administration of turning the United States into the “world’s epicenter” of child trafficking due to the administration’s border policies.

Read the Article Here

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