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NIA Shadow Government – Philippe Argillier, owner of the four databanks

by Aug 3, 2022

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  1. Darla Jean Ferranti

    Hello Philippe Argillier,
    Many thanks for your presence; we have been praying and thinking for you and Maria.

    Data Banks are in good hands with you; not to make a decision based on indecision.
    When flying balloons in competition, my instructor told me; don’t run in to be first; wait to watch what the wind is
    doing to all up front. We won every competition with this strategy.
    There are groups doing good things like crypto (on a DECENTRALIZED) manner; but still open to infiltration by bad.
    People need health, clean water, clean food, good employment and roof over their heads with good neighbors.
    It takes a NEW MINDSET in US and the media needs to go.
    You need to keep yourself and family safe and pure.
    The truth will always be there; always!
    Thank You for the trials you’ve taken and I for one am very thankful for your presence in the world.
    Much Love,
    Darla in Florida with the best Governor in the World, Ron DeSantis

    • Face

      Well said, I appreciate you Philippe and Maria also. I’m so happy to see an update with Philippe its been a long time. I will link this video around some of the sites I visit.

      Unfortunately, the truth is there but the world doesn’t get to hear it unless people have the will to look for it. Humans are broken by these lies that effect us in every part of our lives.

      Its hard to Imagine if we had actual medical healing, free energy, clean nutrient dense food resources, no geoenginearing weather manipulation, no wars, a real education, and like cripto currency money that could not just be printed or added out of thin air.

      A world with integrity!

      I’m glad Philippe suggested an audit. We need to put together a petition, Americans demand (this list of people) be audited immediately.

    • Susan McCulley

      So ecstatic to reconnect with Maria and you today. It’s been a long quiet wait. Please know I’m sharing your information. Thank you both for all you do.

  2. Pat

    Hello Philippe. Thanks for your service to humanity. Sorry you couldn’t get through the French elections. You couldn’t make yourself to the public it seems. Surely the lamestream media won’t take any chance!

    Something I do not understand though. If the databanks are so damageable to people in high places, why did you not use them as leverage to gaining access to the french media, at least on some program, somehow, somewhere? And if you can’t use the data, then what’s worth having it in the first place? I surely can’t wrap my head around this one! You tell me! Cheers, keep the good fight.

  3. darla jean

    There are many humanitarian projects being thought of and filed for; but Phillipe is right in knowing what will they do with the funds..

    I have a great idea how to help homeless; but I need consults and a team.
    However; they don’t need to be the weatherman to know which way the winds blow.

    We need to create new ideas and people UNITE>>
    First stop the killing of innocent people and get rid of those killing the innocent.

  4. darla jean

    you make a country or state a product by utilizing what there is at hand. That’s simple Geography that has local commodities and skills and education available.
    MENTORS AND FUNDING is paramount. Business Operations..

    Keep yourself Phillippe Healthy and Safe..

    You don’t know who’s watching and willing.
    We are here..


    This great man offered several invitations to see his information that can make an impact on the world in just a few days. However, even the politician acted like he did not even hear him. How much longer with Philippe make these offers before he just gives up? He is begging someone to work with him and because he has the solutions at hand. He is willing to give them to us. No one seems to be saying, “I will meet you tomorrow and we will work together”. This is unacceptable. Who is going to work with him and not just asked meaningless questions?

  6. Angela Imbrenda

    Hello Mr. Argillier,

    I live in America and do not have a solution to suggest, however, I am so glad to finally listen to the gentleman that Maria has spoken of so highly assuring her audience that the databanks are in good hands. I hope there is someone in our country that has not been tainted with corruption, that cares not only about the people and the planet, is courageous, and must have the heart of Maria.
    Thank you for coming forward!

  7. Chuck Cape

    Where have you been, Phillippe?? I wondered what happened to you. Now word from you in a long time. How come?

    So now, I ask what are you doing to rid the world of these Communist Global Elites?

    • William

      Please understand as I am also trying to learn why this is taking so long…something needs to be in place (is something that I Am feeling) we all need to find when the time is perfect. We all are working souls trying to allow the light of Truth to spread into all levels of the World. When everything is in place all will be known…we are all waiting for when?


    Philippe’s frustration was palatable. If I could do anything to assist him in implementing his plan I would do it today. However, it appears he needs someone in authority in the U.S to take action on his plan. However, if those of us that are just average citizens can do anything constructive to assist him in implementing his plan to fix this country and world we will be here. He only needs to somehow tells us what to do.

    God Bless America.

  9. White Rabbit

    Put me in touch.
    Can help with strategy.

  10. Nebiyu

    Philippe was new on 2015 their plan covid 19 for 2020 what saden me is when they’re injecting 6 billions mrna poission & dying millions where was he? Since 2016 – 2019 could have been stop all this damege. He forgot regarding the main steam medias funded by Bill gate how can he was waiting for 2 weekes to tell regarding the data bank ofcours they don’t want disobay their boos.If he really have those data bank it’s good time to give for RT.

  11. Jack Strong

    Philippe are you saying if you were made the President of France you would divulge the contents of the databanks? Couldn’t you advertise the contents of the databanks and obtain the presidency that way? Many people know you have them now. People are hungering for the TRUTH.

  12. Esther Sims

    Philippe, my sincere prayers are with you. I trust God will direct your path until we see our freedoms restored. I am so glad I have followed Maria since I received an e-mail with a video of her regarding what happened in Italy from a friend of mine in the Czech Republic early morning of January 7, 2000. I had only time to quickly watch it before it was taken down, but luckily, I jotted Maria’s info down. I actually found the video later and shared it with several friends. I continually look for news from you and Maria. When I see news, I am thrilled and share it.

    I love America and my heart has been broken with what I have seen the past two years. You give us hope! Plus, we have hope in our God that he will never leave us and will work things out for us.

    God bless both of you!

  13. Lorie Danette Miille

    Praying for America and the world these global elites have nothing but bad intentions! I was hoping more people with influence would join Phillip We are living in scary times. I never thought I would see America fall. God Bless America!

  14. John Y

    Phillipe sounds a bit like a richer version of Patrick Byrne in that he is very honest and idealistic. He invited media to show up in Paris but no one showed. Just like Patrick met with the J6 Committee and assumed they would listen to his truths and act in a fair and non-political fashion to resolve the current political strife. That is the last thing they want. And transparency and human rights is the last thing the shadow government wants. I hope somehow he makes the right decisions to help humanity.