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BREAKING - NIA releases OBAMA's $400 m theft tied to election!


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The Voice For The American Family

Working for the success of our nation's families by advocating for government accountability, transparency, the rule of law, and the Godly principles upon which our great nation was founded.

Nothing is as it seems…

You are being deceived by your own government. Buried beneath layers of greed, treachery and propaganda is an infrastructure, a “shadow government,” created by powerful individuals who seek to control the world. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is very real and Nations In ACTION is committed to exposing the truth.

38 of the worlds most powerful individuals control more than half of the governments on earth. The “elected” government is merely a façade. In most cases, people working in government are completely unaware of the existence of this entity. If they suspect it exists, they have no idea who is behind it.

Nations In ACTION stands for truth and transparency in government and we are determined to not only expose the truth, but end this ungodly reign over our lives and restore power to the people of every nation.

When you understand the truth, everything begins to make sense.


Election Fraud Notice

Since the first suggestion of election fraud in 2020, Nations In Action has been dedicated to communicating the truth on what did and did not happen to our great nation. We continue our commitment daily to be at the forefront of actions to hold those questionable accountable to their actions.

about Nations in Action

We Are Leaders

Our team of experienced leaders are advocates for families and communities. We protect and defend against government intrusion, over-taxation, burdensome regulations, lawlessness in our communities and other laws and actions detrimental to families. We show up, educate, train, influence, speak publicly and provide evidence where appropriate.

Established In 2017

Nations In Action was born out of the need to address the collapse of the civil society with families struggling to maintain faith, values and virtues. As government escalates their wanton and willful fraud, waste and abuse, which has pervaded our political system, Nations In Action exposes lawlessness and advocates for accountability from our legislators.

Our Mission

The Mission of Nations In Action is to educate and advocate on behalf of the American Family and to help them and their communities thrive. Of utmost importance is to influence legislators to end public policies that are detrimental to families and communities and promote those that celebrate freedom and liberty for every American.

Our Top Priorities


Public Servants work for We the People and it is abundantly clear that without transparency in government, fraud, corruption and utter lawlessness become the norm.  We demand transparency from our government – local, state and federal alike.


Whatever happened to the rule of law?  We the People  watch as government workers are proven to have lied under oath, targeted individuals, engaged in corruption and never is anyone held to account. That is unacceptable in America and it must end.

Fraud, Waste & Abuse

Have you heard about the $600 toilet seat and the trips to Hawaii?  The lobster dinners, special health insurance plans, conferences at $700/night hotels?  Congress is spending OUR hard-earned money to live large while many Americans struggle. Enough!

You Can Make A Difference


  • Rewards be offered for information on voter fraud and corruption.
  • All claims of fraudulent voting in your state be investigated, reviewed, and any illegal activity be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Loopholes within the state voting system be identified and corrected immediately.
  • Cameras to be installed at polling places, trackers on ballot boxes and ensure a law enforcement presence at all voter locations.
  • Whistleblower protections.


  • All poll workers sign a legal document stating that they did not witness nor participate in any fraudulent activity in conjunction with their election work.
  • Rewards be offered for information on voter fraud and corruption.

Run PSAs explaining what constitutes voter fraud and that it is a felony.

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