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Palm Beach Republican Club With Maria Zack, Jeff Clark, Steve Friend

by Feb 21, 2023

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  1. Yancey Cobb

    Jacqueline Berger’s AZ Senate testimony probably spells out why the weaponization/cover up. Appreciate your willingness to lead this Nation. Maria Zack for President of the America First Constitutional Republic party

  2. Jay Jacobsen

    In Wisconsin, the RINOs have control. There is a ‘selected-via-fraudulent-election’ Assembly Speaker who is doing everything to keep elections in Wis fraudulent. The Republican party is compromised. The nation’s other GOP need to understand that there are some really nasty, anti-American forces within the GOP party. PRO-American Republicans need to look inside their party and root them all out. If not, then I suggest a NEW party form that is for our country. I want ALL Republicans to seriously consider this option!

  3. Denice Tinsley

    Can anyone get this video to play? I even went directly to rumble and still can’t get anything.