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Unrestricted Truths: State and Local Elections with Maria

by Nov 2, 2021

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Maria Zack joined James Grundvig on American Media Periscope to discuss the gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey, and the latest moves by the shadow government.

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  1. Chuck Cape

    Now no sign NOR MENTION by you Maria of Philippe’s whereabouts, how come? What is he doing?

    Also, why nor update from you, Maria, nor from Philippe, presenting your invite letter to our real President Donald Trump? What happened to that? Trump’s reply???

    • a gamble

      Quite odd that these two are going to save the world with their “databases” but need to infomercial the news out in 45 minute sound bites and now they disappear. Guess they weren’t getting enough donations.

      Maybe try ‘act now and we’ll throw in save the turtles. But wait, we’ll even stop global warming if you donate now


    • HC

      Part III was just posted ten days ago. Philippe said in part III that his results would start to be evident in about a month.

      Also stay tuned for the multi-state case that will be filed with the U.S. Supreme Court by the State AGs regarding the 2020 election on Nov 23rd. Hopefully Philippe’s work will influence the outcome of that case in a positive way.

    • Ava

      Trump is part of this corruption evil cabal. Wake up people! He played us all! His job was to stir up division infiltrate the real Patriots the God loving American Freedom loving Patriots so the cabal would know where the real resistance will come from. Wake the F up TRUMP is a swap creature he had Kissinger the whole time in the whitehouse, he appointed Moncef Slaoui former pharma CEO for this bs warp speed agenda he fail to fire Fauci, he push the vaccine, he fail to do anything about the stolen election, he promised to lock up Hilary disclose the JFK papers… it’s up to the citizens and people like Maria, the enemy is astute and cunning Patriots need to pray for discernment may devil die and good prevail. Thank you Maria and Nations in Action! God bless you all that seek truth, justice and peace

      • HC

        Ava, you’re either naive, or a liberal troll.

        • John

          No, Ava is not completely wrong. President Trump has some serious explaining to do.
          He signed the Executive Order for the use of the mRNA Death Jabs. And He signed the Deal with Big Pharma Vax Companies. And he STILL FAILS to warn the masses of their Danger.

          And He Has Failed to Call Out the Great Rest. Gen. Flynn and Archbishop Vigano are the Only Ones Telling the Full Truth

          I Was Dismayed To Find President Trump Personally Authorized Study For mRNA Vaxxx Development. I Don’t Know What That Means. BUT I THOUGHT YOU SHOULD ALL KNOW

          And My Patriotism Can Not Be Questioned. My Articles Prove it

        • Laura

          People are dieing out there, They keep throwing with viruses, one more deadlier than the previous. Until the heads are not arestez and locked without any means of communication this war will not end soon. They follow clear war tactics and changing them with every counter attack from the opposition. Until I don’t one single head of this war behind bars or worse, I lost all my hope in any saviour. People were never able to stop governments with protests. There should be some forces coming through the back door, so this was looking like the light at the end of the tunnel…

    • rick rowbotham

      What ever happen to the Shadow govermnet plan when you said there was a meeting on Thursday and things would come down .

    • Anna

      Yes I agree, we don’t hear from you a d we need the truth to come out so much! Where are you?
      People are dying and you hold the truth ??? Why?.??

  2. Jacque

    I am so glad you gave that stuff to Durham!! I believe we will get somewhere with that! I Pray for you every night. Stay safe Marie!


      Durham slow walks everything, but gets paid every 2 weeks!. The US will be dissolved waiting for Durham!

  3. Goran Forsberg

    Am I the only one that thinks this is bs.
    Why do you post a video on the 10th marked with the 2nd?
    And why is billionaires still buying whole countries in Africa?
    Believe me when I say that I want this to be true, but it sure does not look like it 🙁

    • Charon Heuer

      We were confused with what was being said in relation to election info, but then figured out that this interview took place on November 2, 2021 which was election day. The reason why it wasn’t submitted to this site until the 10th more than likely has to deal with any kind of timing issues from the person who did the interview regarding when she would be allowed to post it to the Nations in Action site. In other words, Maria may not have been allowed to post it to NIA until at least a week after it was filmed and aired.

  4. Becky

    Thank you Maria!!’ I check for new updates every day!!

    • Paul

      Nice try Jacque. John Durham has been working his ass off. Can you imagine trying to get an honest answer out of Clinton’s demonic army. All of them now are abiding in the king with no clothes Ombama/Biden house to hide from prosecution. John Ratcliffe gave John Durham 1000 pages of unclassified information. If you are going to hand out credit, hand it out where it is due.

      • Jacque

        Paul, neither you nor I know if that same information on Obama was in those 1000 pages. One can never have too much information.

  5. Michelle

    I must have missed this but glad I found it now. I have to say more and more comes out at every interview you do and I thank you for all your work. I pray for you and for America and humanity every where. We need disclosure ASAP, this has gone beyond the time for release. I hope Christopher Wray will come out soon with information. May god bless us all

  6. Paul

    I must have missed something Jacque. The last thing I heard about Obama was on the Stew Peters show with Ally Carter. If you want to see a true brave human. I was so disturbed by what I heard, I was commanding things as I was praying.

    • Jacque

      I saw that Paul. We all need to stay in Prayer. I believe her. God is exposing them!!!

  7. Paul

    That’s what we have been praying for Jacque. Thank uou.

  8. LC

    Great video! This informative, well done Maria!
    I’ve heard ( cannot confirm of corse) the tragic concert was more gov theatre to take away or hide attention from the 1.2 tril$ bill, the shower diary, the 450 tho supposedly to illegals but most likely laundering to then finance demo elections, the 4th arrest of RG steel dossier, ETC… It sounds logical, is what I heard true?

    • PJ

      Hello All,

      I venture to guess that #1 on the top 38 list of Phillipe Argillier is Klaus Schwab Rothschild. I came across the following news today. If true, this will be huge and begin a cascade of arrests that will target the other 38. As any news developments will not be broadcast in the mainstream media we all have to watch for other clues and subtleties. Again, if true did Argillier and Trump finally connect?

      • JayLib

        Prominent persons cannot be arrested without anybody knowing about it.
        Think about it. They always employ and associate with many people. You cannot “secretly arrest” people of that stature.
        Assume that if it’s not reported, it didn’t happen.
        If it did happen, it will be reported. And not only reported, but officially sourced.

        • PJ


          I disagree. We are in an Information War where the U.S. Military Special Forces are working with other like minded foreign military agencies across the world to take down the global shadow government. Klaus was not arrested by local police and put in a local jail. Klaus was arrested by military personnel and taken to a military facility. Klaus will not get out of jail on bail. I could care less if the public ever learns based on your current thinking of how reporting news works. A majority of the public has no idea who this demon is anyway. Whats most important is the other global shadow govt lackies know he was arrested. Thats all that counts. Our current warfare is operating under totally different circumstances and the U.S. Military and partners are committed to eradicating all of these scum. We all want to take our world back.

  9. Lesley

    Maria, where is Phillip? What is going on? Hoping to hear some good news. We need Phillip to release stuff to get the accused arrested ASAP. I look on this site often to see what is taking place. People are starting to panic. We in Canada need the prime minister to be arrested for fraud, etc. Any bit of hope would be greatly appreciated. Or do you honestly think that we will continue the downward slide and that we are currently in revelation and there is not stopping it?

  10. Elizabeth Louise Solot

    I had the 2 jabs of the Pfizer vaccine back in February 2021. We were all so scared that we would be in danger of this deadly Covid virus if we did not get the jab! 3 months later, I had my yearly medical physical. There has not been or ever has been ANY heart problems or conditions on any side of my family – mother or father. But at my yearly physical, one of the tests I had was an echo cardiogram.
    The afternoon after my this test, my doctors office called to give me the news that they had found a heart abnormality. I had a “Chordae tendon rupture” in the aortic chamber of my heart!
    Why – after no heart disease or problems in my family for generations – do I now have this heart abnormality 3 months after my 2 Pfizer jabs?
    This is so evil and this truth must come out and be stopped!

    • Jacque

      People aren’t going to want to donate when left in the dark all the time!!!!

    • John

      Sorry to hear this Elizabeth. Hope you get some improvement soon.

  11. Ari

    Trump is also part of all this. Trump played the hearts and minds of all the true Patriots. He had Kissinger working with him the whole fucken time. He could of fire Fauci, he push the vaccine TRUMP IS Part of the corruption

    • HC

      Ari, you’re a troll.

    • murder by bio weapon and biological warfare hater

      To Maria: Maria If you haven’t seen it already, this video has credential. Listen to this man he has integrity. He states all the laws that were blatantly violated by the perpetrators irrefutable actions that were premeditated then realized AND the names and faces of the criminals involved in the conspiracy.

      To face savant: Thank you face, for this excellent post!

      To Everyone else: Everyone else, bless your hearts, you can thank face savant later, after you check out this vid then try to debunk the evidence and find out it’s undebunkable… haha, undebunkable 😉

      Then, if anyone knows an Attorney Genral or and Elected Senator (that’s not afraid to do their actual job because they took an oath to uphold the constitution and to protect the People from enemies, foreign and domestic) please show them the vid and send them the slides, it’d be the fastest and foremost federal racketeering bust… ever. Only an AG or a Senator can bring a federal alphabet soup agency to justice.

      Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
      The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
      The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.”
      (sry, I’m not trying to be condescending, saying people don’t know what integrity means, I just want everyone to be on the same page as me on my description of the BMF doing the speaking)

      An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.
      A group of conspirators.
      An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.”
      (sry, some people think conspiracy means some kind of theory) doh!

      “rack·​e·​teer·​ing | \ ˌra-kə-ˈtir-iŋ \
      Legal Definition of racketeering
      1: the extortion of money or advantage by threat or force
      2: a pattern of illegal activity (as extortion and murder) that is carried out in furtherance of an enterprise (as a criminal syndicate) which is owned or controlled by those engaged in such activity”
      (follow the patents, it will take you to the money)

        • murder by bio weapon and biological warfare hater

          Another good video! I’ve seen that some years ago when I discovered G Edward Griffin’s stuff. “The Creature From Jekyl Island” will make your head spin. I wanted to barf when i heard that sh*t

  12. Charon Heuer

    Someone from NiA needs to do an update at least once/twice a week and not leave people waiting in the dark for the next revelation. Please?

  13. Per

    Now when Austria considering mandatory vaccination maybe it’s time for Philippe to do something? Don’t think that Austria will be the only country in Europe. This thing have to come to an end in the name of Jesus!

    • Charon Heuer

      Austria, Germany, Israel and Australia are currently doing quarantine camps. Word is that they’re planning that here in the U.S. with secret building of facilities (Walmart stores that have closed etc). People are being picked up and as happened in Australia, the woman was never tested and was told they were ordered to pick her up and put her in quarantine.

  14. Dana klibert

    So concerned for you guys and praying for you.

  15. Bill Jackson

    What happened to you? It’s been almost a month since you posted anything. When it sounds to good to be true – it is!

  16. Becky

    We need an update please!!!!

    • Jacque

      No doubt! I am not going to waste my time on this site anymore!

  17. Jacque

    Has anyone seen anything from Maria Zack anywhere else? I am getting concerned about her safety at this point. If you have found anything please share the link. Thank you!!

    • Janice

      I am wondering the same and also am concerned. I go on the site every day hoping to see an update from Maria. Strange that she wouldn’t at least let us know if she is OK.