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VIRAL VIDEO – Maria Zack’s Earth Shattering Testimony

by Mar 15, 2022

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VIRAL VIDEO - Maria Zack Drops Earth Shattering Testimony

Italy, China, Satellites, and more

Maria Zack releases never before heard information on the 2020 election. What happened in 2020? What happened to the Italian witnesses? Who benefits from election INSECURITY?

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  1. Michelle

    You are a god sent Maria. May god Bless you, America and all of the World. This is mind blowing information and can not be ignored.

    • leashia hoehn

      OH MY GOSH!! We wondered who gave trump the information anbout Leonardo and the Italian connection!! We are praying for you! My God keep you safe and love the patriots who are striving to help you

  2. William Davis

    I am truly gobsmacked at the level of intentional deceit committed by so many among us, many of whom are citizens! What the heck??! The degree of planning and coordination that went into this effort to undermine our elections and usher in the globalist agenda we now know to be “the great reset” is simply astounding. While I recognize we are living in some interesting times, this series of events is far beyond anything I could have imagined.

    • Anne Gambino

      Yes far beyond any of us could have imagined Trump opened up a lot of eyes that’s why he is hated so much

  3. Dave Ross

    KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

  4. Bryon Wrisley

    Just finished listening to the testimony, and am so relieved of the tremendous progress. I tried to inform the US Capitol Police of Maria Zack’s findings in person on 1/13/2021 and was told that this department could not do anything about it. I asked where should I go with this. The officer said the FBI. I assumed the FBI already had the information, and I did not take further steps. I Demand as a legal born and raised US citizen that all possible FBI resources come to the aid of Maria Zack and her investigation on her terms.This fraud should not be allowed to be swept under the rug, for the sake of American voters. Thank You! Maria Zack.

  5. Elizabeth solot Dick

    Maria – I have been on your side and have been with you since you prevented evidence since I heard your testimony on Doug Billing’s Right Side program!
    What has happened to Philippe Argillier and his purchase of the Data Banks? There seemed to be hope given through his involvement.
    Also giving hope was the support of Lt. General McInerny. I hope he is still involved.
    What can we do to help with this Maria? Let us know – we are on your side! Please keep spreading the word about this abomination!!!
    President Trump should be on board with you and do whatever he can for your protection!

    • Corinna Hamilton

      Definitely needs witness protection!!

  6. Denice

    I’m surprised with the reaction and lack of questions from those receiving this information. With all the details you supplied, they seemed non responsive. So disheartening. Perhaps additional interviews, plastering this information everywhere will help get the word.

  7. Jane Anderson

    Hearing from you always encourages me that God is indeed working behind the scenes in ways we don’t know about. He moves in mysterious ways to perform His wonders. Thank you, Maria, for all your hard, little known, and under-appreciated work. Your reward in heaven will be great. I and others with me will continue to pray for you and all those working with you that truth will prevail soon. God uses seemingly small and foolish things to bring down the apparently great and the so-called wise. Make it so, Lord Jesus.

  8. Cheryl Henderson

    And once again, more evidence is provided but we have no one in authority or power to do anything to change our current situation. Only God can save us from the evil corruption that runs our governments.

  9. John Y

    Unfortunately, despite the lawmakers in the room, my guess is this will be reported like a tree falling in a distant forest … there had to be many RINOs in on the planning and approval to put this plan into action. We have seen the result since and it won’t stop.

    • Maria Zack

      John – we have built a plan to end the corruption in the party and with politicians. We cannot stop now as all eyes are on the fraudulent situation and who allowed it to happen. Those culpable and quiet are suspect! It is our hope to hire staff to build the state networks to end the corrupt system and rebuild an honest government. We are a very small organization but will continue as long as God directs us. Keep us, politicians and this great nation in your prayers. They must be forced to come clean!

      • Bonita Earls

        When was this testimony?

      • John Young

        As a newly retired DIA contract specialist in Roanoke, Va perhaps I can assist even if on a part time telework basis. But the job is huge and there aren’t enough courts and prosecutors and jails to house the hundreds, if not thousands of knowing participants that had to be involved.
        P.S.; I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be best to leave out the charges against Biden and O’Bama in future public and private testimony. Maybe even edit it out of the current video. That is likely why even Lindell and Byrne leave you out and deflect when asked. If the feds ever investigate and prosecute they can save them for last.

      • Sam

        There is an organization run by Mr. Jeffrey Prather that is in all 50 states and numerous countries. Look him up on – his organization is called Team America. They did a lot of behind the scenes work at the AZ audit.

        Perhaps you already know about him. But he does podcasts and interviews and the folks in his nationwide organization would be ready to take action on the knowledge you have to share if you were a guest on his broadcast.

  10. Neva Lent

    Maria is the epitome of courage and intelligence. Shes qualified, prepared, accurate, and no one could have presented this information better than Maria. The question is this, what will Congress do about this information?

  11. Kevlar

    When was this hearing? Old? Recent?

  12. bob f

    Just a Patriot stopping by to say God Bless you for your courage, efforts, and sacrifice–prayers to you and your whole team’s safety and strength.( hiring?)Your testimony was fantastic.. and when you mentioned Durham–I believe thats the key here–If you arent aware of patel patriot and his devolution series–highly recommend you check it out–and I too believe that young staffer was murdered on that highway.No other explanation for that violent fire..that smelled of an OP–Notice how quiet Kelly went?Also , wasnt he dating the gov”s daughter?-I was at 1/6 in a security capacity, vetted by w/h 3 weeks prior,worked the VIP entrance to the Elipse and I can 100% confirm there were some very nafarious actions/revalations leading up to, and including the most insane 24 hours of my life–I have been told -I am “cleared” by the agents interviewed me on 5 sep occasions,, well over 15 hours.. Im an Honest Man –and I believe they agreed, however I live now looking over my shoulder..moving soon, getting outta here to safer area,need to share my story.. but only in person.If interested.. will be in the fla area me..if not I understand–please please, please stay safe!

  13. Michele

    Thank you Maria! I am praying for your safety. I have followed your story since I first heard a simple audio recording of you back in December of 2020. It was when you were first getting information. I pray that the people in authority who have the power to act will do so! BTW, I shared this video on TRUTH. It has been re-truthed over 70 times so far, which is a good start considering Fakebook would most likely delete it. Take care, and thank you again!

  14. Rebecca Fite

    Maria, I ditto Elizabeth solot Dick’s comments above. I have been following you since Doug Billings! I tell everyone I can that will listen that is, about all of your findings and your important work. I worry when I don’t see anything new from you in awhile. However, I too wonder what has happened to Phillipe Argillier? Trying to think in the world of all of these happenings, I kind of thought maybe his coming out turned out to not be a good thing for him and what he was trying to do? Is he still progressing? Lastly, I have been on your page and volunteered numerous times to help in any way needed. Only once did I get a responding email asking what I could do and then never heard anything back. I would be very interested and hopeful to be a hired staff to work on the state networks too. Please please contact me if there is Anything I can do. I am in Pa if that info helps. God Bless you and all you do!

  15. Karen Bracken

    Why Kansas??

  16. Joyce N.

    You can look out for this to be called conspiracy theories, one professor in Kansas has already started the big lie that it’s a conspiracy theory already! This is how they persuade they’re dem supporters to believe they’re lies, this is not about dem or Republicans, it’s about our country and who’s runni g it and who’s attacking our country! Apparently it’s foreign and domestic terrorist!

  17. Hezekiah

    Lets go a step further back and ask who started communism. Who has transferred wealth to China through currency manipulation… When you understand who controls the central banks, you don’t have to leave the country to find out who is ultimately behind this

  18. k. ford

    Maria you were telling the truth all along. I never doubted. This is unbelievable. You have an enormous amount of Courage. Thank you to you and all your contacts involved. I will continue to pray for what your are continuing to do and expose and most importantly for your and others protection. God be will you to the completion of your God given roll.

    I hope your and all other American patriots are working together somehow to bring those to justice and the consequences that should follow. Thank you is simply not enough. Run the race w/Endurance. We are with you, most importantly God be with you.

  19. SurfTavarua

    Several things were stated by Maria since the election that beg for updates:
    1) What is the status of the alleged Italian investigation of Obama? What is the proof it exists?
    2) What fresh news is there from Italy concerning the Obama-Rizni Connection and the mysterioys characters from the State Dept and Leonardo SPA?
    3) Do we have any news that the military is looking into the Coup involving foreign governments?
    2) What is Phillip Argillier’s work to date on exposing the world wide pedophilia network?
    3) How is it even legal for Phillip to own so much private data on people without their permission? Is that good? Doesn’t that seem reminiscent of the totalitarianism we are all concerned about?
    4) All references of Phillip concerning God never include Jesus; it’s always about light in a manner consistent with eastern mysticism. This is disconcerting. It seems very vulnerable to false doctrine and deception…Luciferianism actually. Yet, his concern for children resonates with me. His admiration for Maria’s work is heartwarming. I’m hoping he is a good guy sympathetic to Christian values. Help us get to know him better, please. I wish Him well if his goal is to thwart evil.
    5)The yawning gaps of time between video updates is very frustrating. But what I’ve heard from Maria inspires me to pray for God’s protection and guidance for her and NIA.
    Please PUBLISH more of what you already know. What isn’t fresh news to Maria and NIA may be new to your followers.
    “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6
    6) There was a lot of talk from General McInerny about military operations in Germany after the election where the bad guys protecting computer servers used in the Obama Coup were taken out, etc. Is there any information available to clear all that up? Etc. Etc.

  20. Bill

    Maria is an excellent example of what real consciousness looks like after being “red pilled”. None of this information would have come to light without her trust in God to guide her.

    Maria’s conviction to seek out the truth allows each of us a rare opportunity to further spread the truth to those that are asleep and under the hypnotic control of World governments!

    True Patriots bleed for their country to protect their Freedoms!

    True Christians fight to protect God’s children from those that intends harm!

    Cowards run or look away from the Truth, hiding in the shadows in an attempt to escape a reality that doesn’t exist, but is rather built by the deception of Satan and his followers!

    God is using Maria and others like her as a wake-up call to the rest of us…spread the word…he has blessed you with critical information that will test your psyche from this day forward!

    Good luck and trust that God will protect you and his children…without him, all the “Truth” in the World will be in vain!

  21. Sarah Forde

    I have been watching what is happening in the US from here in the UK for the last few years. I watched the Philippe Argillier interview and I held such hope that his evidence would stop the roll out of the jabs through the ‘banks’ of information he held. It has been quiet since this time but of course I do not know what goes on behind the scenes. Why do I watch what happens in the US? 3 reasons.
    Firstly, I care about the whole world we are one people, the innocent who want to live in peace, to be able to practice whatever religion and we all deserve truth from our governments, we expect truthful elections and we definitely do not expect to be murdered by our owns government, except in certain countries like China and God help us all if China takes over our Western world. I detest the whole of our UK parliament, they are all in on the whole plot. Boris Johnson is evil. He has an upper class accent which hides his real character and intentions. Our political system like yours is broken. At least the US has its constitution’s protection, “if your government turns against its people you can remove the government”. We have not got this in the UK, so unless our police start to do their job and protect the public we have little hope until the next election but I believe our country will fold before another election is allowed to take place because they monitor the public, they know what we know. This is how bad our situation is here. Our police at ground level may intervene but the high ranking police have already intervened and stopped the evidence given to the metropolitan police. I know this is UK news but it would help all of our causes if your prominent shows like Stew could highlight the case. Mark Sexton and his team gave 6 hours of evidence was presented to the Met police citing crimes against humanity, the sergeant accepting this as substantive enough to give a crime number. From the TV interview the head of the Met gave, it said to me she would investigate ‘all’ allegations given and I don’t think she was just referring to ‘party gate. The head of the Met resigned having lost the confidence of the mayor of London. The mayor of London who’s brother is a high ranking police officer in the Met police!’ The deputy chief of the Met has since closed the case which included evidence from worldwide experts including Mike Yeadon. We are in perilous danger here, we have no weapons, we are in striking distance of Europe.
    2. The US must hold, if it doesn’t the whole of the western world goes too. We are depending on America and all of the experts around the world working so hard fro us despite the great danger to themselves.
    3. With great shows like Stew Peters, Dr Jane Ruby and many more, you have been exposing the truth especially about the origins with Fauci’s involvement.

    Maria you are doing a fantastic job, thank you so much for exposing the truth about the stolen election. President Trump is the real president and he should be reinstalled and he should build a ‘safe’ team around him. And I think he has been advised by some very bad advisors to keep stating he did a good job with providing great vaccines, I hope he drops these advisors.

    I hope Philippe is ready to expose whatever evidence he has, evidence is key to turn public opinion but of course the media is key too but lets face it like the resistance in WW2, we found ways around suppression of truth. We have criminals in our media in the UK too which is why it is even more important for these who are awake to listen to world news, it affects us all.

    Keep exposing the truth Maria and your team. Best wishes, Sarah X

  22. Lana

    Maria Zack, has so much proof. Now do something about it! 100% President Trump WON.