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VIRAL VIDEO – Nancy’s Knucle Rub – Was Manchin Purchased?

by Mar 2, 2022

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VIRAL VIDEO - Nancy's Knucle Rub - Was Manchin Purchased?

Why does Nancy Pelosi appear excited while Joe Biden talks about toxic waste dumps impacting the health of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

We don’t think Nancy was actually excited about U.S. troop injuries, but her involuntary reaction appears to express her excitement about the topic. Why? Well, Nancy has been working an initiative on toxic waste dumps since at least 2005 ( We find it a bit odd that she wasn’t able to get it approved when Obama won a landslide victory in 2008 (claiming both House and Senate), but we digress.

Nancy eventually caught herself and attempted to save face by leaning over to VP Harris and whispering something that seems like, “massive travesty.” Well, we do hope that one day she will find just as much excitement about the prospect of actually helping soldiers instead of the political value of a piece of legislation.

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