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A Minute with Maria – 8/3/2022

by Aug 3, 2022

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Is the Biden Administration Going to Abandon Taiwan?

Nothing like a good distraction?  What was happening before the Pelosi’s Taiwan trip?


  1. House passes the CHIPS Act (will negatively impact Taiwan)
  2. Increasing questions about Biden’s health (COVID? Memory?)
  3. Whistleblowers exposing DOJ and FBI ignoring alleged Hunter Biden crimes (Hunter Biden laptop)
  4. Atlantic Council efforts to increase conflict in Ukraine stalled
  5. Resistance against draconian COVID measures increases (court losses mount)
  6. Stock market in decline
  7. American economy in recession
  8. Inflation at historic levels
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  1. Jacque

    Have you watched this video Maria? You look funny LOL…. the video is stretched…..

  2. Dedrianne Hartgers

    I do not see your evidence you promised Stew Peters you would produce, where is it?

  3. Jay

    Maria, I always tune in now and then. I’m a little late for this, seeing it now on 8-7-2022. We know nothing happened except China is now refusing to talk with anyone anymore in the USA. China was ‘punishing’ (?) the USA with the shun treatment. Dave, at x22 Report, had a theory…China was supposed to do this! The World Economic Forum WANTS communication breakdown.

    I heard another theory from 8kun anons: In 1949, the Mao Tse Tung communists kicked the leader (Chiang) of the Republic of China out, who then exiled in Taiwan. Chiang died in 1975, but surely the ROC lived on and still claims to be the rightful government of China. It is likely the Communists really wish to root the ROC out of Taiwan for good and wish the USA to have a hands off policy when China acts.

  4. Vicki Muncie

    What happened to the evidence of the stolen election from President Trump? It is looking like he could really use that about now.