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Global Leaders Strategize on Ending the Shadow Government: Part II

by Oct 18, 2021

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The Strategy Sessions: Part II

A Message to the Shadow Government; Altering their Agenda.


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  1. Yelena

    Thank you so much for this huge light!!!! Kisses from France!!!Yelena

    • Joyce N.

      I can understand what Jacque is saying, I don’t think it’s a simple as arresting them and throwing them in prison, they have bought off so many high officials, even doj, fbi, cia and many many more the corruption runs so deep and has reach so many levels of state and government that it would be WWIII.. if they do back down it will only
      depend on how much the database is worth to them, I see no reason not to use everything we got to try and stop these evil people, so we use database and we continue moving forward with what the general and the other gentleman’s was saying we need to do. Will the shadow government back down.. It just depends on how powerful of a tool the data base is.

  2. Danny Salling

    This is BS… Sure, Give the shadow government 10 days to signal joining us… but we have to move forward on Covid and vaccines, we have to move on CRT, we have to move on election FRAUD – NOW – etc. There is no reason to wait on the shadow government to “join” us… they need limited time… or melt them down, enough it enough.

    • Cheryl Papke

      Totally agree.

    • Carey

      Can you just get on with it and end the madness and corruption in the world already please.
      People are taking this jab and dying while you all sit around talking. Let’s get going!!

      • Tiffiny

        We all have to do our part also, not continually expect the big guys to solve all the problems.

    • Anna

      Yeah I hear you! We are parents whose children are going to be jabbed and they can come to our houses any day and force it..we don’t have guns in Canada as many as in US. Something has to happen now and stop this coersion and getting healthy strong and smart people murdered with shots! Please please stop it!

    • Mike Lee

      Juz arrest the 38 & ship them to Gitmo & let them be court martialled under US Military Law

    • Don K Troxell

      Agree, all BS. If Jacque has the goods on the 38 enough to stop this madness and genocide on mankind and does not immediately disclose these databases then, he too must be held equally accountable for every single death and destruction that happens from the time he purchased those databases until it ends!!! He is equally guilty! There is No is excusable justification for him to do otherwise!

      • Ronald G Eheman


    • Teni

      nobody is asking the shadow government to join us?! Philip is forming a parallel government to counter the shadow government and ask the shadow government to step down and go back to their life. No contention no war just leave us alone. He’s asked Donald Trump to join him in the parallel government, to help such things as Covid vaccines, Plandemic, etc. because the shadow Government is telling all other governments what to do. There are 38 of them all billionaires all telling everybody what to do.

    • Cheryl Papke

      The third session they talked about ASAP to all meet together in confidence. May God Bless France and America, and reveal wisdom and direction at every step!

  3. Ceels

    People with too much power and money – you guys go physically fight for a change. Just before you set out with your bombs and killer frequencies, shut msm-everything down! Shadow govt, deep state…? They’re all lunatics who hate life. Let them kill each other. Preferably quietly and quickly. Enough of your hateful agendas and psycho games! You’re all shite! And selfish Americans are always only interested in their pathetic, lazy, greedy selves. This is bs totally. Out of here.

  4. Cheryl Papke

    thank God for our Generals!!!!! Stand for the Constitution. TIME IS UP! America is now standing for the Constitution and the rights of Americans. We will help the world when we clean the vipers out of our country! I understand the peaceful way but that is naive these Shadow Government individuals have not cared for life, only power and control. Their Bored??? Really then maybe life is not for you!!! Unbelievable!

  5. Cheryl Papke

    Oh! And now they are going to release ANOTHER BIO WEAPON??? (did not come from your discussion got info from somewhere else) Give them time? I think not!!!!

  6. Sarah

    Oh dear Phillipe….Has he done ANY research as to who and WHAT these beings really are? The Cult only answers to one shadow being (and it’s not the devil). YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT AND WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH. It’s kind of cute how gullible he is.

  7. Goran Forsberg

    This is bullshit! If he had on a database what they have done they must demand that Biden step down right away! All vaccine mandates must stop! Vaccination must stop everywhere. If not this is nothing but a distraction. It is nothing but a waste of time!

  8. Dale Thomas

    The American people do not want proof of the fact that these people have changed. We want proof that they are DEAD. They have committed crimes against humanity and death is the ONLY answer. I would rephrase Gen. McI’s question to read thus: Are the data banks more powerful than a bullet? Mr. Phillippe has been talking for at least 3 weeks in my hearing. That is at least two weeks too long. Millions are dead from covid and the vaccine. Millions more will die from the vaccine. There is not forgiveness for this or any of the former atrocities. I would say to our Generals, we do not have ten months. We may not have ten days. Bring forth our true leaders and get this thing done. Enough is enough. Stop the BS. Start the war. And I am not among the warmongers. Consider the powder keg that is building in the US and the world.

  9. Philippe

    No more patience, you have to give the shadow government a precise deadline (1 or 2 weeks) to immediately first cancel all their deadly rules and laws that are against the people, taken under the pretext of Covid-19 – for example the mandate vaccine and the mandate mask.

    They must also immediately stop the implementation of their great reset plan in the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Australia… and elsewhere. If they really agree to cooperate towards a better world, why would they need to continue on this?
    This shadow governement must decide soon whether they are prepared to go in our direction or not.
    They just need to be clear and decide before the implementation.

    Otherwise you will disclose details of a first name of a foreign President who acts on behalf of the shadow government, with factual evidence of his rigged election, his NWO roadmap and his criminal actions.
    If possible start with France where a criminal government is headed by a satanist psychopath (pedophile too?).
    Philippe is in France and can obviously see the level of corruption in our politics, justice and administration!

    Then disclose another name if they do not cooperate… UNTIL THEY STOP!

    10 months or so is TOO MUCH!
    We are in a WAR. People are dying every minute because of all these criminals.
    Enough is enough!

    Don’t expect an awakening of their consciences. They are not even human.

    Philippe a Fake? Someone sent by the shadow government to get enough time to reach a point of no return with their great reset plan?
    The data banks are a fake?
    I assume that you have already checked this but in case…

    In the absence of a very strong event and a major signal we can still doubt.

    • Pam

      Take down an Australian government politician first. Small nation who is really suffering right now, as a shot across the bow for the bigger countries. Of course I think they should ALL be exposed. Every last one of them, dealt with like the first Nuremberg trials. The evil they have already inflicted is monstrous, and they have raped the planet ruthlessly to accumulate their wealth. Their attempt to murder en masse is beyond forgiveness.

      Thank Goodness for you Philippe. I would work night and day to restore us all to a safe and hopeful future. There is nothing more important.

  10. Cheryl Papke

    Respectfully General McInerney they are not the “Democratic Party” They are Democrats!

  11. Forde family

    Ugh..thats a bit concerning. Hum…Asking these evil people to join? Join what? Something not clear yet? That gives me GREAT pause. I understand giving a chance to make things right…but their “agenda” is so far developed, so deep, so evil like a cancer…I doubt any would turn from their evil agenda. I”m very alarmed by this.

    Therefore, I too would appreciate not only “hearing” but actually SEE the evidence at this point. I would like names. I would like to see real proof..I DO want these evil people taking down for the lives they have taken, the blood on their hands, the pedophilia, child trafficing, the drugs, the theft of American taxpayer $ thats been laundered and used for terrorism, on and on….

    I appreciate a good hearted attempt. However evil is evil. Realistically, the only way I can see even ONE of these globalists’s heart’s to turn away from these evils; would be if they are indeed confronted with what is known about them, how they were possibly blackmailed, threatened or just plain seared conscience to no return. If one or some can be courageous enough to “admit wrong” come clean and tell what they have done, or how they been possibly threatened, wouldn’t that being brought out in the open, give them an opportunity to overcome others manipulating them? IF they come clean, their wrong doing, or possibly dealings or disgusting behavior becomes exposed, then would it not be a sort of “relief” for them? That a person in this position would be broke free from all this, breathe, deal with the consequences, then move foreward to do some GOOD rather than continuing into a legacy of blood on their hands? My prayer is for even one heart to change…not holding my breath however when right now our Country has basically been sold out already. People have died, families broken, economy tanked, by what these 38 PLUS have done ALREADY.

    I am all in for this group to be defeated. So much good can be down w/that sort of $ yet the think they are gods which there absolutely are NOT. Their agenda is NOT wanted, NOT welcomed, and WILL NOT prevail.

    We have a huge God that knows all, HEARS ALL conversations even in dark rooms w/closed doors. HE SEES everything. HE will reveal every lie, every participant in HIs timing. I pray Phillipe is on the side of the LORD; however future actions w/the databanks will show what is really what.

    One last thing, most of us already have a pretty good idea of who the 38 (and I say PLUS) are in their lust for power, money, etc they have indeed already exposed themselves to the public and we will fight back w/God leading by whom he chooses.

    Right now many are “vetting” the so called “voices of truth”. Praying for discernment who is real and truthful or who is trying to continue in various ways to continue to deceive.

    Time will tell. Although, we don’t have a lot of time…Still, Lord willing, God controls that too.

    in Closing, I do see this as a war. As a chessboard war w/all engaged players making moves and countermoves. I do understand that information has to come out in a certain way. Still, I do NOT want to see the evil guilty ones NOT be brought to justice and face consequences for these people have done. Horrendous crimes of humanity. They do not deserve a pass by any means…

  12. ford

    They let in terrorists from M.E also via the disasterous open boarder crisis as well.

  13. forde

    Californias recent recall election was also filled w/fraud. NOBODY wanted Newsom. Not independents, not conservatives, and not even many many Dems. Our state too needs a FORENSIC audit as well

  14. Stacia

    Yes time is of the essence, we need to start getting this info out to more people, the world is not waking up fast enough for me. Once people are evil it is hard for them to play nice, I have no mercy for the atrocities that have been inflicted on mankind, the deaths and suffering caused because they’re board and want to watch the misery….may god have mercy on they’re souls, for me I want peace and harmony, it is our god given right to live this way…..

  15. Kim

    Again, to think the shadow government will just simply give up their agenda willingly and do what you say is a fantasy. Why would they? And what is to prevent them from stabbing you in the back (literally!)?? How can you trust such an old, deep cabal of evil?

  16. Nanc

    This is great if it comes to pass. There is so much information out there it’s hard to trust what is truth and what is non truth. Is the shadow government the deep state one and the same? The USA is sinking, we fall the world falls. I can’t phantom God letting this happen. What can we the people do to help besides prayer.?
    We are as a collective consciousness waking up but if information is truth then let it happen, please!!

  17. Rick Hrdina

    From what I see is the Shadow world gov’t(and all or most partners) is definitely satanic with their endeavors for decades. Despicable crimes against Gods people in so many promote evil. Can they change?doubt it. Are 38 plus going to give in to what we demand? no, theyll lie, deceive and kill because that’s who they are (narcistic garbage).Just do not feel comfortable letting them know what they deserve. Have to move forward in Gods will – pray

  18. Randy

    At least our generals own a pair

  19. Jacque

    You are asking a group of mass murderers to join you. Do you seriously think that is going to happen? They don’t do nice. I cannot believe you are not going to take action. If you are scared say you are scared! Give the data banks to someone that isn’t scared!!!

    • Dushka

      Give them to Donald Trump!!

      • Sue

        I like it 🙂

      • JACK SHULL

        The man so proud of his vaccines???? Wake up!

    • BAB

      Totally agree with Jacque! It seems like Philippe Argillier is extremely naive to think these 38 evil people will either join in on making things right in the world or just “go away/get out of the way”. Are you serious??? They will stop at nothing to get what they want! And this is evil, satanic driven. Satan is the one behind it all and they are his puppets just as the nation’s governments are the shadow government’s puppets. I am praying for God’s justice for their evil to come quickly! And it WILL come, because we know how the story ends – the book of Revelations in the Bible tells it all!

  20. William

    The NWO is carrying out a genocide of 7 billion people. Why would they care about data banks? The CRT and covid lockdowns are pathetic ways to justify forcing us into FEMA death camps. Mark my words.

  21. Bryan

    We don’t have 10 months!!! The food and supplies are dwindling. People are losing jobs daily for not getting the jab. People taking the jab are dying at high rates! They are coming for the children now. Illegal immigrants are infiltrating the USA. Biden is human trafficking right in front of our eyes!

  22. Cheryl Papke

    Not interested! You are missing a VERY INTEGRAL POINT, we are a sovereign nation, with a great Constitution, and we have some cleaning out of our nation to do. and right our ship. I would not trust those individuals, we don’t have the same values or morals.

  23. Joan

    It’s noble to want to get these evil people to change their ways but I agree with the other comments. You don’t bargain with evil people You expose them for who they are. You allow an international court to decide their fate. You take all their money and give to the people of the world who have lost loved ones and have been damaged by these people. Every day, people are being coerced into getting the jab and will die from it. And think about the children that are being hurt by these people. Why would you give these evil people anything? I was so hopeful when I saw this site that someone had the truth and was going to do the right thing and share it with the people of the earth but now I’m deflated after watching this video. You may get a little change from some of these people but don’t be naïve into thinking they will change or will change enough. They may change for a short period but they will always be plotting on how they can turn the tables and then we will be right back to where we started. They will never stop being evil. Give them a short amount of time (10 days tops) and then expose them to all the world. Please put us flawed but good people of the world above these evil people.

  24. Daniel

    I personally fully agree with Phillipe, its time to transcend and do the first step of human evolution (technology hasn’t been a revolution, we’re still Monkeys with satellite technology to swipe tinder dates using satellite technology 99% don’t even understand). Real revolution starts with one self, hence every revolution (attempt) in the past has failed. The first revolution will start from within.
    With that being said, fighting power with conflict, will just continue the vicious cycle. Fighting power with power will ALWAYS continue and it gets worse. History until today has proven that. Going in with force will only create such a clash that it will be a loose-loose situation for everyone.

    Agreed, that Restrictions and mandates need to be slowed down drastically, like a “time-out” to give room and time for to create something new, since that doesn’t happen over night.

    When we give into our petty feelings of rage and anger, we’re still operating from our neurotic minds (which btw. brought us into this entire situation in the first place). Forgiveness is new and even though I’m not Christian (but religious) there is a lot of wisdom in the words of Christ mentioning “turning the other cheek”. That’s not a sign of weakness, quite the contrary, it’s a sign of strength, taking one hit and overcoming that pain to give the other person a second chance to proof that they’re better than that. That takes true strength and character – and btw. The bible doesn’t say that you should infinitely keep going on turning cheeks, but it’s referring to give someone a second chance and that’s the strength, virtue and true greatness the current “leaders” haven’t shown yet but if we (humanity) doesn’t give that either then the cycle will keep going on and on and on in the name of “justice” which is currently nothing but a more self righteous word for “revenge”.
    If It’s true what Phillipe is saying, this is an unprecedented case and the chance for humanity to grow up and to have the first real revolution.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a speech from Charlie Chaplin in “the great dictator” at the end and it’s a message which is more fitting to our time than ever before.

    It’s time to stop the Psy-Ops, the conditioning, the hypnosis and overall TO PLAY GAMES. Playing games creates inevitably a winner and the looser. And guess what, the looser is not going to take that, so it goes on.
    Let’s finally stand up and grow by doing the work with inside of us and forgiveness will be the key which creates the precedent.

    Trust me, I’m affected by the current war-fare through restrictions and force as well, a lot actually including my family, but I’m willed to go that step and forgive and let go of the neurotic mind and let go of any feelings of retaliation because I’m better than that.

    Just my thoughts.

  25. CheeMiss

    Hi Maria,

    Maria, people are dying everyday due to the 38 globalists agenda. Philippe needs to expose all of them asap. And if Philippe still chooses not to, then you’re part of a lost cause and wasting your time. And this is all just a whole lot more of hopium that accomplishes nothing. At the end of the day, Philippe will be the one who ends up with blood on his hands too!

    Those Generals and many others could have those 38 globalists “arrested” in a heartbeat as you well know, and save many, many lives.

    And Philippe should also give you the evidence you need that shows the election was stolen from
    President Trump.

    Maria, common sense people know you’re stuck between a brick and a hard place and that you’re hands are tied.
    We know that you’re trying your best. Sadly, Philippe is living in a dream world of converting criminals into choir boys, yet he holds all of the evidence. This is beyond irresponsible on his part.

  26. jODI

    Unbelivable!! These constant delays need to stop in their tracks. These satanic evil Shadow thugs don’t give a damn – they have their agenda and marching orders. Thousands lost their jobs refusing the jab and thousands died FROM THE JAB. millions of illegal aliens with drugs, sex trafficking, murders crossing our US border freely, etc. stop this madness now! Not in weeks or months. Satanic Shadow thugs will infiltrate and kill. We have been waiting a very long time for justice Enough already!

  27. John

    I’m afraid I agree with the above comments. Many lives are lost daily, livelihoods destroyed – makes me wonder what Mr Argillier is really protecting.

  28. Linda Hawkins

    Why would these data banks with such incriminating evidence be sold??? How & why would this even be possible????

  29. Patrick Girault

    Murderers do not change, they are still killing us and expecting a redemption from them is childish



  31. Grant

    This smells of BS. The Elite kill opposition for much lesser infractions; why don’t they just get rid of Phillipe for inhouse treason?!! It’s like Klaus Swabb snitching on his cronies.

  32. Brigitte

    People 99% are desperate, get sick, die, lose their job, possessions, all our rights are taken away. These are deranged 1% satanic psychopaths who have been oppressing humanity for thousands of years. Know your history and you understand the future. Don’t believe they will do this, they have no empathy, no moral sense and will never give up, they just have a plan of destruction, everything is gain of function for them. And what about their millions of corrupt supporters, scattered around the world, in governments, the foundations, the banks, WEF, NGOs, the courts etc. There are lawyers like Reiner Fuellmich, then Dr. David Martin (patents), all kinds of scientists such as Dr. Michel Yeadon, Judy Mikovits, Lee Merritt, + thousands etc.. free journalists, who daily explain the corruption, and yet nothing changes. We don’t have weeks, months anymore, I’ve been following this sick gang for 20 years, it’s impossible to give these criminals time pardon, time for action, it’s now or never. The world burns.

  33. Dommo

    I cant believe that you are taking this approach. Jacque is correct, you are asking a group who have no empathy at all for the human race, to change their way. That will never happen. I know you mean well but why have these 20 min strategy sessions. I hope that you have a true strategy going on in the background because this approach wont get you far. There are people suffering all over the world now, so there is no time to waste.

  34. M. Swafford

    I have a serious question. If we truly have the evidence, why are we not acting?
    The US Constitution states that “We The People” have the right to get rid of tyrannical government.
    Why are the state’s not simply saying, we no longer recognize this government? Why are we not simply saying, “We The People” don’t recognize this administration?
    If the majority of state’s and the people were to do this, the current government has no power. We simply have to declare it!

  35. Frank Leibold

    If a person is from the bottom of his character very unethical, a thief, a murderer and very covert hostile he might withhold his crimes as long the pressure in the environment is higher than his inside pressure to suppress his environment.
    If a character has become so evil, he considers all the envirement as evil as he is and in his confusion he thinks he has to kill the others before they kill him. Without a confession about their sins and taking fully responsibility of their past doings including doing repairs for them it change in character is not possible.
    But actually it is easier, in the moment the out ethical person find his point in life where he lost the proudness in himself and he rehabilitate this, he becomes again a good person

  36. Alexandre

    Hello. May be we should not do something bad that we will regret the rest of our life…

  37. Chris Klopfenstein

    Thank you for the update Maria. I pray for your safety as well as for the whistleblower.
    Nothing prevents GOD from fulfilling His Sovereign plan. THY will be done! ??

  38. Melinda

    Enough of the waiting why would you let the cabol join you if you have the upper hand PLAY THE CARDS

  39. Dee

    just wanna say that I appreciate your courage.
    Your putting your life on the line for ours. And that’s pretty amazing, considering everywhere we turn, they want us dead.
    We do appreciate you, but honestly.. we’re scared. Honestly I’m not that scared of death as I am scared seeing my children get hurt, me getting ripped away from them. I can pull the trigger, I practice at the range, but my kids… that is super scary for most people I know .
    The majority of us here in southern Oregon come strapped.But nothing could be as bad as being separated from your innocent 5 year old child. I pray to Alohim, archangel Michael, Raphael, mother Mary and a million warrior protection angels that your consciousness shifts in positive light, that Alohim,Michael abs Raphael are creating a white vortex of light around you, Jesus is reconfiguring your dna, Jesus is operating in you at the highest power, Jesus is in you for 3 days.. take those, D’s, abs R’s, take ‘em out take ‘em out take ‘em out,follow the energetic threat abs rip those root chords right out-you say “Look up”.
    I pray you wake up from this mind control and snap the eff out of it! I pray that also you heavenly creator protect those who are worthy abd are ready to change and protect this planet, in Jesus name,

  40. Becky

    I respect the fact you want to give the 38 a chance to play nice. I believe they should be brought out in the open!!! Crimes against humanity should be charged against them! Meanwhile people are losing jobs on a daily basis for not taking the vax.

  41. Will

    So with all the comments there needs for an example to come forth…if all the Data Banks (DK.) have information on corrupt people or public elected officails, Judges. Ministers…ect. Then perhaps pick a country (Canada) and release enough information to show the World the power of DK. then we will all see how quickly the crimes against humanity come to an end? The information scatter throughout the online sites is far different than what the mainstream media is releasing…the DK. can flood the truth to everyone in the country (Canada) and the people can see the Truth for themselves and arrange for proper arrests and trials!

    • Lisa Mayer

      If this shadow government is true which I have every feeling it is because of my own research and connecting all the dots. My husband and I are about to lose out jobs, many people suffering, dying, losing jobs and everything we’ve worked for 45 years. My husband and I were supposed to retire. Please help us in Canada.

  42. Cornelis

    No more waiting : ACTION- Kick them out

  43. Allison Judd

    To much TALK.. the Military has the sole Authority to take down this Administration.. WHY ARE THEY NOT
    TAKING THEM DOWN. WHY ? There’s the Answer. This Military is being Attacked by these SHOTS. These Vaccine’s are a BIO_ WEAPON, Gene Therapy… They are Sieging America. By these Vaccine’s. HELLO PEOPLE ! THE Military has become Compromised.. Their end goal by Design by Bill Gates, Fauci, WHO, NIH, Soros, and many more. OBAMA, Klaus Stous… is the Main Leader.. The Clintons… the Vatican, more and more.. They all have their Marching Orders to fullfill the Great RESET… GET THE MILITARY IN ACTION.. OR WE ARE DONE..

  44. Richard

    Amazing information that needs to be used ASAP…information is useless unless used. The only power strong enough to take on this deep state is US military. “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Primary oath is to Constitution. Is there not enough information for them to move forward on behalf of the American people? High treason? I pray everyday that something massive behind the scenes is being worked on and will come soon, but I fear we have not felt enough pain yet to wake up enough people. God Bless America!!

  45. Laura

    I find such a bad idea to negotiate with the enemy. I don’t think SunTzu would agree with this tactic and secondly there is not such thing as conscience for people willing to kill people.

  46. cheryl Olson

    Seems as though Phillipe is trying to protect the shadow govt evil monsters by not releasing their names or example from databanks. People already know the names of many of these people. Why is he trying to deal with the devil or is this just a scam. What difference will Trump’s involvement do? Something is not right with this.

  47. Ray

    Its to the point of not knowing who you can trust. Is this all part of a smoke screen to push us further down the rabbit hole until it’s to late. I don’t know.

  48. DK Gibbons

    This information needs to be presented to OANN, Brannon Howse at Worldview Weekend TV, and other networks that have a broader audience. This would put more pressure on these corrupt individuals to cease and desist and turn themselves in.

  49. Tim Mortrud

    I don’t get it, if the data banks are so powerful show it! I DON”T BELIEVE! Show us the power of your data banks!

    • Kato

      Has anyone looked at the website that Philip has that talks about his dream is for a One World Government?? Doesn’t that set alarms off to anyone? The 38 people that have created shadow govts he doesn’t want to name because he doesn’t want to cause them trouble?? Really?? They have committed crimes against humanity and he doesn’t want to cause a problem for them? Hmmm…..just asking for a friend. ?

  50. Voula

    If these databanks actually exist and this database man does in fact have the conscience he claims to have, then he would be moving today to stop the injustices around the world. What he is saying makes no sense. Why would the “Shadow Government” who planned all of this, put it into motion and has escalated it in the most sinister way watching all the devastation around the planet without any remorse stop now?

    With all their power, money and control they would not be allowing this man to travel and speak so freely if he had what he says in his possession. They govern the whole world, how hard would it be for them to disappear him?

    This man should stop playing with peoples emotions and sanity, and either put out the evidence or go away. We have heard enough bullshit over the years that has built up our hopes only to be let down time and time again. A good conscience would not be working with the evil, it would aiming to stop it in its tracks as soon as possible.

  51. Rick Rosenberger

    What I did not hear was the satanic side of all this. There is one. Philippe here seems to think some of them will repent of their sins. Perhaps but it is a major mistake to give such an enemy time to react. In fact his naiveté brings a certain level of suspected BS to his claims of a “Data Base” that can prove anything to anyone. If we do not see results within a month I contend it is all BS and another PsyOps operation.

  52. Charla

    I agree with Laura. These people need to hang for committing crimes against humanity. Remember Germany and don’t let this happen again – so they all need to go!

  53. Melissa

    This is awesome! Good to have the adults in the room.
    We’ve all got opinions of course but realistically, this whole mess we are in is not going to be resolved by armchair warriors/philosophers/’military strategists’.
    I personally have no idea how to put things right, but these brave people are working with their network to devise a strategy to secure victory for all of us – the whole freakin world! Huge task and enormous responsibility.

    I want to say thank you and Godspeed!

  54. Mary

    It is time for justice. I do not believe the 38 are trustworthy, no more trustworthy than Adolf Hitler was. If these tyrants want to live they need to surrender to the International Court of Justice and admit their Crimes Against Humanity. All their stolen wealth needs to be confiscated and returned to the nations. May God have mercy on their souls.

  55. Sharon

    This just seems wrong and shady. You are deferring to them. They’ve had enough of that. If you have the info then use it to force them to change. They will never do it willingly. We are OUT OF TIME AND PATIENCE!

    • Clark Russell

      As the saying goes, “Mans biggest weakness is his ego and lust for power”; hence their ultimate downfall hopefully

  56. Anne Fallible

    How naive to think for a second that this degree of evil is interested in reform. List your demands, starting with lifting COVID vaccination mandates, child vaccinations, lockdowns and job threats — and if they do not meet those demands, leak, no pour out the details, recordings and video of their misdeeds. Destroy their reputations, authority, and most of all, their anonymity. Stop pussyfooting around while innocent people, including children, are injected with lethal poison.

  57. James

    There should be no soft touch to these elite scum, hit them hard with all you have got, they need to feel the fear of the whole world against them, they have murdered millions already! Don’t you understand they have caused wars before this and people have died in their millions at their hands! All the protocols we have unearthed are their long term plan and TOP DOWN LOCKSTEP PLAN!

    No pussy footing around, release their names, addresses and give us all directions as to where they live and where they hide. Time for action now, no backing down Philipe. Think of the millions who have died already because of the vaccine rollout, look at the Australia coons in government! They need to attend the next Nuremberg 2.0 and no one gets a free pass. We need to put the fear into them, the same as they have done to the people. They are scum, liars and scammers stealing taxpayers money the world over. NO BACKING DOWN!

  58. Ronald G Eheman

    Does this include satanic pedophilia if not why not




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