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NIA Newsletter – 2/22/2022

by Feb 23, 2022

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U.N. Plane In North Bay Canada?

  • So where are the imported “police” arriving from?
  • Are UN Troops In Disguise as Canadian Police At The Ottawa Protest?
  • Are the people posing as police imported from foreign nations?

The “International Police” “Peacekeeping” and “Peace Operations” Program
The International Police “Peacekeeping” and “Peace” Operations (IPP) Program deploys Canadian police officers from police services across Canada to United Nations “peace operations” and other stabilization efforts around the world. The Program is administered under the Canadian Police Arrangement (CPA) which is a partnership between Global Affairs Canada (GAC), Public Safety Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). In March 2021, the IPP Program was renewed for five years, until 2026.

Deployed Canadian police support “institutional reforms”, the re-establishment of the rule of law, and the consolidation of peace among other activities. Supporting the development of professional policing services around the world creates a “safer” and “more stable” global environment. Canadian police, in cooperation with international partners such as the United Nations and the European Union, or bilaterally with a host country, pave the way for this long-term development.

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GOP Senators Skip Votes That Would Have Ended COVID Mandate Funding, But Also Closed Government

The GOP senators who could have helped pass amendments among Democrats’ thinned ranks reportedly went to Munich Security Conference.

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United Attacks on Nation Sovereignty

How does the United Nations fit in with the World Economic Forum’s shadowy plans of collusion with unelected councils and global tyranny in politics, finance, and “health”?

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Stossel: Corporations, Celebrities Groveling to China

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Visible Vaccine Status Pre-Planned in 2019

Why would Georgia Tech have been developing a skin penetrating invisible ink marker in children to show “vaccine” status…
This may lead on to the obvious question: Were the 2020 countermeasures pre-planned?

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What Is In The mRNA COVID Vaccines?

This 14 minute discussion about what we know and more importantly what we don’t know is critically important to hear.
Dr. Larry Pavlevsky M.D., Dr. Robert Reinders M.D., Dr. Alvin Moss M.D., and Dr. James Neueschwander M.D.

Watch the Video Here

A HIV Variant? Pull the Other One.

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Is It Time For World Order 2.0?

QUOTE “With diplomacy changing shape at such a fast clip, it’s time to adopt a new world order, according to Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations. In his new book, A “World in Disarray”, Haass argues that the world has entered an entirely new phase of international relations, compared to the previous 400 years. “

QUESTION How many people plotted or knew about this international collusion of government and corporate pupeterring; towards a hostile takeover and orchestrated pandemic?

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Zuckerberg’s Company CZ Biohub & Gene Editing

Zuckerberg’s company CZ Biohub is using CRISPR CAS9 which is gene editing technology and related to the MRNA injections that they are calling vaccines!

What is considered a conflict of interest, when it comes to promoting Pharma, silencing public debate or backing politics?

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  1. Elizabeth solot Dick

    Maria – How are you dear friend and what is happening with Phillippe? Are we making any progress with getting the truth out there? You are always in my prayers! I believe that you hold the keys to the truth! I am a staunch Catholic, but I know that the Vatican is corrupt, and that Francis is most probably working for the “wrong side”! Those of us who do not sit on our brains know the truth and we know that you hold the proof of that truth! Please keep plugging along – right is might and right is on our side!

    Love and prayers to you, your family and your team!